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No Dollar General Update: Spanish Trail residents claim the zoning change request was not posted clearly

November 18, 2013

Over the weekend Pensacola City Council received emails from citizens in the neighborhoods surrounding the intersection of Summit Boulevard and Spanish Trail, where the city planning board approved to change the zoning for a parcel owned by East Hill Baptist Church from residential to commercial. Some have protested how the hearing was posted in the property.

I am a resident of the Lavallet neighborhood off of Spanish Trail for nearly 30 years, and just learned of an attempt to change zoning on a parcel of land at the corner of Spanish Trail and Summit Blvd. to C-1. Apparently a Dollar General store is interested in locating there, which would be out of character with the residential neighborhoods in this area. I feel it could only cause property values to decrease. In addition, despite passing that corner almost daily, neither my husband or I ever noticed a sign posted regarding the proposed change.

It was apparently spotted by one person laying flat on the ground, and perhaps it was that way for most of the time it was supposed to be visible. A Facebook group has been formed, “No to Dollar General” and has almost 500 members in just a short time. Many people haven’t heard of this issue as I myself only heard it on the news this past Friday evening. Please vote NO on this zoning change.
Thank you for your time.

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