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Not the best defense for Herman Cain (video)

November 10, 2011

“For every woman who says I harassed them, “thousands” say I didn’t.” -Herman Cain

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  • Eric November 14, 2011 at 3:31 pm

    George , I agree with much of what you wrote but not that the Dems are concerned about Cain gathering some black votes. Frankly, black voters or leaders haven;t shown any assistance to Cain and his recent trials and tribulations or previous rise near the top of the GOP nominees. Cain has not cowtailed to the requests for additional entitlement funding and has been unfairly harsh to the black population when he is really , I think, trying to say, quit asking for what’s not your and go work hard for your piece of the pie.

    It is hypocritical of black leaders to not come out in some defense for Mr. Cain, but George you are correct here, also, as it is about politics and politics is money to repubs and dems alike.

    I do not understand people not coming in Cain’s defense, regardless of color, becasu the way the accusations have surfaced and been sensationalized in the media has been juvenile and ill-spirited.

    I would think black people would want to support Cain if being respected has anything to do wioth their decision. President Obama gave minorities a huge slap in the face when he told them to ” take off their slippers and put on their marching shoes” paraphrasing.

    Why does he really think poor people stay in their pajamas all day? Why didn’t he say “take off your work clothes” and march? He’s just that much out of touch with reality.

    I’m not pro-Cain but certainly have seen black leaders rise to defend actions much more egregious than Cain’s (thus far anyway)

  • George Hawthorne November 14, 2011 at 10:09 am

    Greatescape and Eric,

    I aam not saying ANYONE is racist, everything is not “colored” by race. This is a political issue and the attacks against Cain are based in the “politics” of Dems vs. Republicans.

    The reason you haven’t seen Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton come to the defense of Cain is purely based in their political alliances with the Democratic Perty.

    Cain is the Democrats worst “nightmare” because he has an ability to gather support with the Black voters. Afirican Americans have traditionally voted Democratic and it was this voting “block” that essentially elected President Obama.

    However, African Americans need to develop relationships with both Parties and vote with the “person” that best falls in line with the policy issues that affect African Americans.

    Therefore, I look at every issue that arises in politics with a bit of skeptisism because there is always a politcal motivation behind such issues. For instance, I see the Romney “Mormon” issue as a political attack that is not based in “religion” but based in “politics.”

    Let’s not always “rush to judgment” when someone says something about someone without looking at the motivations of the accusers and not waiting for the situation to develop further with more factual information.

  • Eric November 13, 2011 at 8:49 pm

    I wonder where the black leaders are in defending Mr. Cain. Understandably, the accusations portray him to be a real arse but the lack of evidence and the manner they are accusing him make the allegations suspect.

    But where is the NAACP and the ACLU in this matter as they are quick to be vocal in many instances involving Black individiuals and others who may be getting taking advantage of. Is Al Sharpton defending Cain on his MSNBC show? Where are the Jessie Jackson’s when a brother needs their kind words?

    Cain isn’t helping his cause with the way he and his handlers have responded but in the scheme of things he’s not getting a fair shake

    If there’s racism with the Herman Cain situation I believe its by fellow black people who haven’t come to his aid. It goes to show that politics and money trump looking out for your “own”, in my opinion.

  • Greatescape November 13, 2011 at 7:59 pm

    George — so all the women who have come forward are racists & are lying while Cain is a saint? He initially denied all accusations & then admitted that complaints had been filed against him. Oops. Trust me, men who are in positions of power behave much differently when they are alone with a woman than when they’re in church or any other public setting. I don’t care about his “public persona.” My dad taught me that my character was defined by what I did when no one else was looking. Do you know what Cain does when you aren’t looking?
    On top of everything else, how chilling that Cain’s high powered lawyers told other women considering coming forward that they should “think twice.” That’s what women are told — don’t talk about it, don’t file a complaint. Victims of sexual harssment feel ashamed, afraid & vulnerable. And men use those feelings to shut us up. On top of everything else, Cain made a joke where he wondered whether or not Anita Hill would endorse him. And that’s funny?
    If you don’t care about these harassment complaints, do you care about his allegiance to the Koch brothers?!

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