Note of Congratulations

September 6, 2006

applauseCongratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! In my opinion, IN and your blog made a tremendous difference in this race. You’ve gone from fighting the “man” to being “da’ man!” This is a great night and a new day for Pensacola and Escambia County.

This is truly a time to celebrate and take a victory lap, but they should know that this is also an opportunity to lead by example. The young professionals have shown that they are serious, motivated and ready to take this city to the next level. Now, they bear some responsibility for what the city will be like when it reaches that level.

As it turns out, there is an excellent role model to follow in that regard. Vince Whibbs was as gracious and good-hearted person as there ever was. My guess is that he would have been thrilled with the outcome, but I’m sure he would have urged civility and reconciliation afterwards. Fortunately, I believe most of these younger people are inclined toward graciousness anyway. Real winners typically are . . .

Jim McClellan

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