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NRA gives Nobles A rating

April 26, 2013

Press Release—Jack Nobles, former small business owner and community leader, today received an “A” rating from the National Rifle Association (NRA) and was hailed as “pro-gun” by the United Sportsmen of Florida. An “A” rating is the highest rating a candidate can receive from the NRA and means the candidate is solidly pro-gun.

“As an avid hunter and strong supporter and defender of the Second Amendment, these ratings from the NRA and the United Sportsmen of Florida are extremely important to me,” said Nobles.

“I appreciate these organizations recognizing my solid commitment to protect the freedoms guaranteed to us by our forefathers. When I am elected, I will fight tirelessly to ensure our Second Amendment rights…and I’ll tell liberal extremists like Mike Bloomberg to stop trying to destroy our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.”

Nobles is an active member of the NRA. He is a Republican currently running for the State Representative in District 2. For more information about Nobles, please like him on Facebook at www.facebook.com/JackNoblesforDistrict2 or visit his website at www.jacknobles.com.

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  • Martin Randall April 27, 2013 at 5:54 pm

    Yee-Haw!!!! So glad our boys in Tallahassee believe in packin’ heat and having shoot-outs at the breakfast buffet! Yes sir, 32,000 gun deaths every year, why the soultion is obvious, we need more guns! The NRA and its money grubbing political hacks like Mr. Evers and Mr. Nobles know what is best. We should not rest until every child over the age of 18 months is required to own a gun. Every granny and granpap needs to have a sawed off shotgun and every middle aged and young adult should be required by law to own at least two assualt weapons, five automatic pistols and a missle launcher, just in case Bambi comes sneakin up on them.