Occupy and Dems march on Rubio tomorrow

November 16, 2011

From Santa Rosa Democrats: Occupy Pensacola Rally & March

The Occupy Wall Street protests have become an international revolt by the working and middle class challenging the super wealthy and their control of our government. Where is the rant in Santa Rosa County, one of the poorest counties in Florida. Only a few of us have joined the growing hundreds gathering in Pensacola. The events there have been peaceful and friendly with many organizations participating. This is not a time to “let George do it”. “If not me, who?”. Thursday, the assembly will be at Pensacola City Hall followed by a march to Sen. Marco Rubio’s office at 1 North Palafox St. You can expect to march to drum beats by talented young folk. There will be lots of home made signs. Lets go 99%ers of Santa Rosa County!!

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