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Occupying the Court

March 22, 2012

Two people who were arrested outside Pensacola City Hall last year will be heading to court soon.

Dr. Melody Castro and Rev. David Burden were arrested Dec. 16 while standing on the green space near city hall. During that time, city officials were embroiled in a semantics battle with Occupy Pensacola protesters over where the Occupiers could camp and what exactly constituted a ‘sidewalk.’

The pair appeared before Judge Thomas Dannheisser this week. An April 2 date has been set for jury selection.

According to an Occupy Pensacola press release: “The plain clothed city police officer that arrested Castro and Burden refused to provide his name and badge number when the two were placed in custody. When attempting to leave the space, they were threatened with resisting arrest … An accurate definition of what constitutes a sidewalk on or around the city hall property is yet to be clarified by the City or the Federal Court.”

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