Oliver’s final report recommends mayor take control of maritime park

May 17, 2013

The Independent News has gotten a copy of consultant Randy Oliver’s final report on the Community Maritime Park–the one that the mayor didn’t share with the Community Maritime Park Associates Board of Trustees.

The report has two recommendations not included in the draft that city circulated back in February. Oliver recommends that the CMPA board be replaced with the City Council or CRA (which are the same people) or have the CMPA report directly to Mayor Hayward or City Administrator Bill Reynolds.

“Currently there is no one governing body responsible for decision making,” writes Oliver.

The second recommendation is to make one person accountable for all activities at the park. He suggests that person be the mayor or city administrator.

These two recommendations are in line with what Mayor Ashton Hayward told supporters at 5 1/2 Bar what he wanted earlier this year – so Hayward and Reynolds should be pleased.

The one recommendation that they won’t like is Oliver writing that a Request for Qualifications should be issued for the operation of the park for non-baseball days. The city has chosen to privately negotiation with SMG, the company which handles the Pensacola Bay Center and Saenger Theater, even though the CMPA board had voted to issue the request.

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