Open Letter to Tom Banjanin – …from the Hawk

August 31, 2006


Dear Commissioner Banjanin:

I passed you on Creighton Road today and I should have stopped — in order to ask you a couple of questions.You were standing on gravel, just off the road shoulder in the middle of your urban district.

I will confess that I have campaigned with my friend Grover Robinson. But as I passed you, the questions in my mind were much larger than politics. I have noticed that City of Pensacola thoroughfares have proper curbs and sidewalks.

I also found that Florida DOT intersections (the ones with horizontal traffic lights) have proper curbs and sidewalks. As to my questions, why were you standing on gravel? Why can’t Escambia County build sidewalks to protect pedestrians? Do you have a plan for building sidewalks or do you think the status quo is acceptable?

Should the Florida DOT stop building intersection sidewalks if the county has no intention to continue the paths? Do you believe the lack of sidewalks has contributed to pedestrian/bicycle fatalities during your time on the County Commission?

Disclaimer: I tried to send this message through my cox.net account, but can’t get the thing to work. If you believe this is an inappropriate use of UWF email, I encourage you to complain to University administration.

I look forward to your response,

Richard R. Hawkins

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