Pace ministers rally against lawsuit

February 2, 2009

Area ministers will a rally today at the Pace Assembly of God Church to respond to the recent lawsuit the American Civil Liberties Union filed against the Santa Rosa County School District.

The PNJ reports: “Pace Assembly of God Senior Pastor Joey Rogers and ministers from different denominations and representatives from Pace High School’s Student Government Association are expected to attend.” It’s uncertain whether any rabbis, Muslim clerics or Buddhist monks have invited.

We wrote about the lawsuit (Faith No More, Sept. 18, 2008). Here two specific incidents involving Pace High School that are part of the lawsuit:

Pace High math teacher and softball coach Dustin Gray preached to students about “instant reply” and “Judgement Day with the Lord” at a First Priority meeting during the 2006 school year.

Pace High history teacher and girl’s cross-country coach Clint Martin has preached to cross-country students and other students before school in the parking lot with use of a bullhorn.

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