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Wednesday July 30th 2014

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Answers to Gulf1.com questions

Answers to Gulf1.com questions

There's no point in sending this to Gulf1.com - even though I answer all his questions. It's obvious Mike West ("Dr. Wallace") doesn't want a real debate on the waterfront park, but I welcome his reply. I do suggest all pro-park supporters to cut-and-paste these answers to your letters to [...]

Gulf1.com blasted again….only reply he’s not listening.

Gulf1.com blasted again….only reply he’s not listening.

Roger MacDonald tried to take "Dr. Wallace" AKA Mike West to task. Again his points fell on deaf ears - West doesn't want anything to happen until the plant is moved so he makes up questions to avoid the criticism. (Be sure to read my note at the end) 2473 Maritime Park by Roger MacDonald Boy, [...]

Early Voting Total as 8/29/06

As of COB Tuesday:  3,292 David H. Stafford Escambia County Supervisor of Elections (850) 595-3900 David_Stafford@EscambiaVotes.com

Cleland claims Davis under swiftboat attack

Cleland claims Davis under swiftboat attack

From: Former U.S. Senator Max Cleland   I am writing to you today to bring your attention to some very disturbing news.  Jim Davis, a loyal Democrat who has spent over 17 years in public service working for the people of Florida, is now the subject of a disgusting smear campaign financed by [...]

Rod returns

Press Release: ROD SMITH TO VISIT PENSACOLA – FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 1   Pensacola, FL – Democratic gubernatorial candidate Rod Smith returns to Pensacola this Friday, September 1, for a meet and greet breakfast rally with area supporters in Northwest Florida.   The [...]

Escambia Co. indicators set…now let’s get to fixing things

August 29, 2006            FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                         ESCAMBIA COUNTY INDICATOR REPORT RESULTS RELEASED   PENSACOLA, FL – On Tuesday, August 29th the findings of the Prosperity Pensacola Committee’s Escambia County Indicator Report were [...]

Gulf1.com underfire

Email sent to the Independent News: From: "Thomas Lunsford" <tlunsf@hotmail.com> Date: August 29, 2006 11:15:25 AM CDT To: <opinions@inweekly.net> Subject: FW: LOE Input (I hope I'm sending this to the appropriate email address at your site. Apologies if it's the wrong address, [...]

More faulty research from Elebash

Here's retired professor C.C. Elebash's latest paper on the Community Maritime Park: 2465 Downtown Crowd by C. C. Elebash Yes, there is a “downtown crowd.” The “downtown crowd” is a loosely knit group of people who either work downtown or have financial interests downtown. It is [...]

Message from Nancy Fetterman and Anna Whibbs

Message from Nancy Fetterman and Anna Whibbs

It's long, but worth the read: As the widows of Mayor Vince Whibbs and Vice Admiral Jack Fetterman, we are writing this message to the citizens of Pensacola. We are deeply grateful for the encouragement, love, and support our families have received from this charming community in the last few [...]

Political rally at UWF

The UWF College Democrats and Student Government Association will co-sponsor a Voter Education and Political Rally on Thursday, August 31 from 11:00-1:00 in the Great Hall of the Commons Building (Building 22). All federal, state and local candidates are invited to attend, regardless of their [...]

Real Katrina Facts

Real Katrina Facts

The population of New Orleans is less today than in 1890. Less than half of the city's 460,000 have moved back in the past year. HOUSING: Homes still are without power - 60%. A third of the streets have hurricane debris that still hasn't been hauled away. Rental rates are up 40%. HEALTH: 6 of 9 [...]

Get Congo native and $2.3 mil….just send bank account info

I am Mrs. Grace Khan from United Arab Emirates. I am married to DR. David Khan who worked with the embassy of the Democratic Republic of Congo for seven years before he died in the year 2000.We were married for eleven years with an only child. He died after a brief illness that lasted for only four [...]

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