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Saturday January 31st 2015

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Voter stats on House District 3

The voter registration books are closed: 78,814 registered voters 35,450 Democrats 31,120 Republicans 10,139 No party affiliation 2,105 Other

House District 3 GOP update

In the mail we got a letter (handwritten, but mass produced) from Nan Hart and a glossy flyer from Carol Ford -endorsing their husbands, of course. Very effective, touching pieces. Scarborough also sent a mailer showing he has Don Gaetz support. Nothing from Banjanin or John Mayer...was [...]

PSO Rubardt candidate for Ft. Myers job

According to Ft. Myers News Press: "Pensacola candidate used to the public" Peter Rubardt, 48, is music director of the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra, where he has served for 10 years. A graduate of Juilliard and a Fulbright Scholar at the Vienna Academy of Music, Rubardt conducts the Southwest [...]

Keep comments on point.

I try to let the comments on this blog flow freely. However some comments have been more personal attacks -done anonmyously of course - on others posting on this blog. Guess it's because we're in the middle of a heated campaign season and politics can bring out the worst of some. What has set [...]

PYP Summer Internship

...part of our 2006 Ballsy Plan III PENSACOLA YOUNG PROFESSIONALS ANNOUNCES SUMMER 2007 INTERNSHIP PROGRAM, URGES COLLEGE STUDENTS TO APPLY Come summer, college students will be sweating a different type of heat: the pressure to land summer employment. It can feel like a Herculean task for [...]

Aqua Teen Hunger Force has local link

Aqua Teen Hunger Force has local link

Cartoon Network and Turner Broadcasting found themselves in hot water over a suspicious package scare in Boston that turned out to be a publicity stunt for their upcoming movie for their cartoon “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” One of the creators of Aqua Teen Hunger Force is Matt Maiellaro, a [...]

Springfest, Inc speaks out

Springfest, Inc speaks out

One unexpected visitor to the Hawkshaw Music Fest press conference was Bobby Marcus, Springfest board president, who let us and media know we aren't Springfest and they plan to bring it back. He was particularly upset about us jokingly calling Hawkshaw (in the IN, not at the press conference) "the [...]

Hawkshaw is born

Hawkshaw is born

Yesterday's press conference for our new downtown music festival - the Hawkshaw Music Fest - was huge success. The News Journal did a great job of covering and actually put us on the front page - above the fold. About 70-80 people attended. We'll have the web component up by next week - you will [...]

Banjanin attacked

Banjanin attacked

We received a mailer attacking Tom Banjanin - "Thanks to Tom Banjanin, our property taxes have gone through the roof!" It was paid for by Northwest Florida Conservatives, Inc. with a Navarre, FL post office box. Banjanin has nothing to do with Navarre's property taxes. The directors of NW [...]

Mail Call – Thursday, Feb. 1

Mail Call – Thursday, Feb. 1

Hart: 1)wants good schools for his grandchildren (paid for by Florida Main Street Merchants again)  Second mailer: on Business and economy with a PNJ "People on the Move" headline from April 7, 1985.....would have been nice if he had a more recent news clip. Banjanin: "The Experience We Need. The [...]

Campbell mailer

DeeDee Ritchie endorses Liz Campbell for House District 3. Being a registered Republican - which doesn't mean I vote GOP every election - I've not gotten any DEM mailers. This was emailed to me today. Click to read: Campbell flyer

Wyche hawks advertising for WBQP

During the Community Maritime Park debate, the Independent News made a public information request for the emails of Councilman Marty Donovan. Buried in those emails was this one from John Wyche - Democratic candidate for House District 3. In it, Wyche offers to get a Save Our City viewpoint [...]

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