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Thursday July 2nd 2015

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Show begins at 4pm

Show begins at 4pm

Today's Joint meeting of the commission and council event will be a highly orchestrated event. BPM Marketing - who designed the Chamber's magnet campaign, but is now working for Commissioner Valentino - has been calling around town asking people to speak out in favor of Gene's plan. Apparently [...]

Chamber accomplishments

While Commissioner Valentino has been bashing the Chamber on WEAR TV, I thought it might be helpful to find out what the Chamber has actually accomplished over the past five years. Here is the spreadsheet on the Chamber's economic development efforts: [...]

New City Charter near completion

The Pensacola City Charter Review Commission is almost ready to release their proposed charter. It calls for a strong mayor will be "exercise the executive powers of the City and supervise all departments." He will serve a four-year term. The City Council will become the legislative branch. [...]

Too much to think tonight

Gene Valentino is an accomplished actor. I remember watching play Billy Flynn in the PLT production of "Chicago." Though I tease him about being too verbose, I expect the Commissioner to be in rare form tomorrow at the joint meeting of the county commission and Pensacola City Council. It's a role [...]

Inner City Soccer update

Steve Sharp has been working hard to bring youth soccer to the inner city area. Although the Pensacola City Council chose to move LOST funds away from soccer and use it for bathrooms for the new tennis courts at Roger Scott, Sharp and his group are forging ahead. In all fairness, many of the [...]

Former SRIA board member says he was micro-managed

Former SRIA board member says he was micro-managed

IN interviewed Kelly Robinson to find out what really happened in 2007 when Commissioner Gene Valentino removed him for the Santa Rosa Island Authority board. The heart of the problem was the proposed changes that would allow condo-hotels on Pensacola Beach (A Hotel of a Problem). “I [...]

Docs rated online

Several online doctor rating sites are popping up on the Internet. Several have ratings for local doctors. Ratemds.com - lets you sort by name, city. Angieslist.com - you have to register to see ratings Checkmd.com - a newer site that doesn't have many ratings yet. The St. Pete Times [...]

Bill McCollum will run

Bill McCollum will run

Republican Attorney General Bill McCollum will announce today in Orlando that he's going to run for governor instead of seeking a second term. I like Bill and have had the opportunity to interview him several times for both the paper and IN Your Head Radio. He has down a fine job as Attorney [...]

Commission hands off with consolidation

NorthEscambia.com reports that the Escambia County Commission will not help the Consolidation Commission as it works to develop its plan for unifying the local governments in the county. “I don’t want to spend time; I don’t want to spend minutes, advertisements, and any of those [...]

What people read this past week

TOP POSTS OF THE WEEK ENDING MAY 16, 2009 1. DOJ: ECSO is 20 years behind 2. Did Hall and Valentino violate Sunshine Laws? 3. Wood: Hall called about PEDC 4. Another city study for $25K 5. Kids Soccer lose LOST funds 6. Bingo parlor never came to planning board 7. “Bloods are here” [...]

Comparing Escambia County to St. Lucia

Comparing Escambia County to St. Lucia

Comm. Valentino singled out St. Lucia as "Recognized Winner" (page 4). In my research online, it appears the key to the revitalization of the St. Lucia economy was that in 1996 the U.S. Government gave St. Lucia $242 million package of which $104 million was used to build infrastructure and help [...]

Summary of EDCs named by Valentino

Summary of EDCs named by Valentino

Both the Chamber and Commissioner Valentino are proposing economic development be done by a private non-profit corporation. A big question is how the board will be appointed. Here is a summary of the board structures of the Economic Development Commissions (EDCs) that the Commissioner mentioned in [...]

Other cities mentioned by Valentino

In reviewing my notes from the Thursday, May 14 meeting with Commissioner Gene Valentino and County Administrator Bob McLaughlin, the Commissioner mentioned several other cities that he had studied. They aren't in the presentation synopsis that he sent the County Commission and Pensacola City [...]

Mobile County

Mobile County

The Mobile County website is one of the least informative. It lists accomplishments but has little about structure (See). I did go through the county budget and found $485,703 for Economic Development, of which $352,905 goes to the Mobile Chamber of Commerce. Based on this, I deduced that the [...]

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