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Wednesday September 2nd 2015

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Bay Co. airport in court

A three-judge panel from the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan will hear arguments from three organizations that challenged the Federal Aviation Administration’s approval of the $330 million Panama City-Bay County International Airport in late 2006. The Natural Resources Defense [...]

Paul censured

Paul censured

Escambia County School Board did the right thing in censuring - i.e. expressing its disapproval of - Superintendent Jim Paul for his DUI arrest. Censure is a rarely used by any of our local boards, commissions or councils. I believe they should do it more often, especially to express disapproval of [...]

FL Attorney General on radio

FL Attorney General on radio

Bill McCollum will be on IN Your Head Radio today to discuss Guiliani campaign and the interim state grand jury report on gang violence. NewsRadio 1620 AM - 1 to 2 p.m.

Campaign Theme songs

Sen. John McCain has a new campaign song, "Take a Chance on Me," by the Swedish disco grouo Abba. For some reason, his old song was Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode." Here are some suggestions for the other GOP candidates: Mitt Romney - "How do you like me now?" by Toby Keith Fred Thompson - [...]

Bush and GOP Congress killed US economy

There are some startling numbers that show how badly the Bush Administration and the GOP-controlled Congress hurt the US economy. Unlike Reagan, Bush and the GOP leaders cut taxes, but didn't reduce spending. This is one reason why nearly everyone is talking about a national recession. According [...]

How to find dream work

Ran across this blog post over the weekend. It's a logical guide to finding work you love. At age 43 I found writing after years in accounting, information systems and business management. While running an independent paper has its challenges, I do love writing. See if this helps you: How to [...]

New wrinkle in healthcare

Have you been late on paying your medical bills? Well, hospitals may start refusing treatment based on your credit history. A new medical bill payment reporting system, MedFICO, will be available for hospitals by the end of the year. It will compute for doctors and hospitals a patient's ability [...]

Why is Florida primary important?

It's the first large presidential primary closed to Independents. To win, the candidates have to appeal to the parties' most likely voters. For Democrats, it's the South Florida liberals. For Republicans, it's the Christian right. Their messages will be modified for these crowds. Read Washington [...]

Foo Fighters sell out Civic Center

SMG knows how to book good bands for the Pensacola Civic Center. Press Release FULL HOUSE FOR FOO FIGHTERS ! Pensacola, Fla – One of the best rock bands on tour gave the Pensacola Civic Center its first sold out show of the new year on Sunday night. Over 8,000 hard core fans [...]

County finally checks into drug program

County finally checks into drug program

The daily newspaper reports today the Escambia County commission may renew its membership in the National Association of Counties so that the BOCC can offer discounts cards for the poor to use at area pharmacies for their prescription drugs. The article and the commissioners praise the program: [...]

What ever happened to condo-hotels?

Last spring, Pensacola Beach, the Santa Rosa Island Authority and the Escambia county commission debated and studied for weeks whether to allow the new lodging hybrid - the condo-hotel - on Pensacola Beach. One SRIA lost his position over it. The Escambia County Commission approved an ordinance [...]

Marty, give us a solution

Pensacola City Councilman Marty Donovan spoke to the PNJ on Sunday about the red clays discharges into Pensacola Bay during and after heavy rain storms. From the PNJ: "The Florida Department of Transportation is responsible for the runoff, and it's been an ongoing problem since the [...]

Proteins help dieting

Diets high in protein may be the best way to keep hunger in check, according a study soon to be published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. Researchers found that protein does the best job at keeping a hunger hormone in check, while carbohydrates and fats may well deserve their [...]

70’s icons pass away

70’s icons pass away

Two icons of 1970s television passed away. Suzanne Pleshette played Bob Newhart's confident and sexy wife, Emily Hartley, for six years on the popular 1970s sitcom "The Bob Newhart Show." She gave geeky kids like me hope. If nerdy Bob Newhart could land a hot wife, just maybe I could [...]

Stay civil, stay on point

We've got a few people writing multiple comments on the Paul posts under a variety names. All are attacking Jim Paul. Obviously, the intent is to make it look like there is a huge crowd calling for Jim Paul's resignation. Keep your comments civil and quit using multiple names when you comment on [...]

Studer profile

Studer profile

I realize that are those out there who may be wondering why Quint Studer would counsel Jim Paul on alcoholism recovery. Here is a profile I wrote on Studer in July 2005: Read Fire Starter

Escambia County School ZT policy

Here is what the Escambia County student manual says about drugs under Zero Tolerance. There is no special section for alcohol: Drugs: The unlawful use, possession, or sale of a controlled substance as defined in Chapter 893 Florida Statutes by any student while the student is upon school [...]

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