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Saturday April 19th 2014

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May have missed this

Two Escambia High School students were in a gun battle off campus on Friday. One was shot, after he couldn't get his gun out in time. The shooting happened at 1:45 p.m. at the Creek Apartments in Warrington. The 15-year-old was shot in the leg and taken to Sacred Heart Hospital. ECSO reports [...]

More jobs cut

NorthEscambia.com reports West Fraser Timber Co is cutting 69 jobs at its facility in Citronelle, Alabama. The announcement comes just weeks after it shutdown its McDavid sawmill. Read more.

GB native in Taco Bell ad

Watch the new Taco Bell ad with two buddies eating tacos while watching their buddy be chased by bull. The guy in the green shirt is Kevin Wheatley - GBHS grad and director/writer/actor of "The Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell."

Moby misses point on airport hotel lease

PNJ columnist Mark Obrien missed what I think is the real point about the airport hotel lease approved by the Pensacola City Council. The issue is not a "Clash of the Hotel Titans". The issue is what is the proper process for such deal of this magnitude--which could be argued as being as big or [...]

PNJ updates Solutia layoffs story

Last night when I posted that Solutia had laid off 780 workers, the pnj.com was reporting 200 in its headline online. The confusion is over contract workers (such as Landrum workers) and the full Solutia employees. Here is the breakdown of the layoffs/firings: Solutia employees laid off [...]

Solutia lays off/fires 780 people

This includes employees and the contract/leased employees. PNJ and WEAR TV 3 are only reporting about 200 people, but our sources inside Solutia tell us that the total people losing their jobs is 780. You can call them employees or call them contractors. Either way it's 780 people without [...]

BTW: Halcorp lease passed

Halcorp got its 2.5-year lease extension last night. The Pensacola City Council passed it by a vote of 7-3, with Councilmen Wu and Wiggins and Mayor Fogg voting in opposition. The seven who voted for the extension included John Jerralds and the six council members that received campaign [...]

Sansom got NWFL State College $200K…quietly

St. Petersburg Times reports Rep. Ray Sansom did get his new employer $200,000 in the current budget to help Northwest Florida State College create a permanent home for its leadership institute. Previously, Sansom had earned about $84,000 as a representative for the Alabama Electric Cooperative [...]

State must cut another $2 billion

The word from Tallahassee is that state economists will announce today that the state's budget deficit could reach $2 billion for the year ending June 30. The GOP lawmakers are lounging with their families at Watercolors at Santa Rosa Beach - thanks to state lobbyists making donations to the [...]

Common Cause questions Sansom hiring

The Daily News reports that Common Cause Florida, a political watchdog group, see House Speaker Ray Sansom's new $110,000-a-year job at Northwest Florida State College as potential conflict of interest. "There's a potential perception that he's using his influence as Speaker of the House to [...]

Nobles: I think we’ve dealt fairly with everyone

Nobles: I think we’ve dealt fairly with everyone

Jack, the Pensacola City Council dealt more than fairly with Julian MacQueen, Al Coby, Frank Miller (see last post)...everyone but the citizens. The citizens deserve to know what really happened, how it happened and who made the decisions that led to the council and public being told about only [...]

Council approves airport deal anyway

By IN Reporter Sean Boone Airport deal lives after city hiccup After a week long fiasco described by Councilwoman Jewel Cannada-Wynn as "The clash of the hotel titans," Sandspur Development was ultimately awarded an 11.44-acre airport property lease at Thursday night's City Council [...]

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