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Saturday November 22nd 2014

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UWF wants to accelerate maritime museum

In a letter to the CMPA board, UWF President Judy Bense asks that Site A be delivered as an acceptable pad ready construction site by August 2010. “However, we recognize there may be additional unplanned costs associated with accelerating this site. Therefore, in the spirit of cooperation the [...]

PAC man is back

PAC man is back

Charlie "PAC Man" Fairchild is back. His latest political action committee (PAC) will be the one opposing the proposed new city charter. Here is a list of the PACs Fairchild has been a part of over the past six years: 8574 CITIZENS ALLIANCE CITIZENS AGAINST TRILLIUM SAVE OUR [...]

Caton upset with blog

A friend called last night to let me know that Don Caton wasn't too happy with me and this blog for publishing his pension benefits. Caton served as city attorney for 34 years and 3 years as an assistant city attorney. His pension is a public record. We actually first published it on our April 2008 [...]

“I would run.”

I've done an informal poll of teenagers and their parents to find out how the teens would react if they were somewhere they weren't suppose to be, doing something that they shouldn't and law enforcement drove up. "I would run" was the most common reply. Why? "Because if the cops catch me, I'm [...]

Construction at CMP

Construction at CMP

The site work has begun on the Community Maritime Park. Ed Spears sent me this photo. Here Ed points out what is on the site: fun stuff10-8-09

Protest today

By Sean Boone It started as a few dozen young adults outraged over the death of 17-year-old Victor Steen. But by the end of the informal meeting held at The End of The Line Cafe on Wednesday evening, an organized group had emerged--ready to speak out against what many believe was an act of [...]

Buzz: Charter, consolidation, promise

The proposed charter for Pensacola may be a tough sale in the black community. All three council members are against it. They see African-Americans holding the city manager, community development and city clerk positions. They don't readily see a reason to change government. There is also a buzz [...]

Hard to justify Taser use

Officer Ard made a stupid mistake by shooting his stun gun from his vehicle at Victor Steen. The fact that it's not in the policy manual might help him with his superiors, but common sense dictates shooting a stun gun from a moving vehicle at someone on a bike isn't a good idea. Why Ard chose to do [...]

More on Steen death

Report by IN reporter Sean Boone The incident last Saturday morning that led to the death of 17-year-old Victor Steen has undoubtedly been the talk of Pensacola--and with good reason. The manner in which Pensacola Policeman Jerald Ard attempted to subdue the young black male on his bicycle [...]

Buzz: City retirees form PAC against Charter

We are hearing that John Fleming -former City Attorney, Robert Payne-former asst. City Manager, and Don Caton-another former City Attorney- are forming a political action committee to fight the proposed city charter. Caton gets annual retirement checks of $73,824 from the city pension fund; Fleming [...]

Taser victim had myspace accounts

Taser victim had myspace accounts

Victor Steen, who killed last Saturday after he was allegedly tasered by Pensacola Officer Jerrald Ard and then run over by Ard's patrol car, had two Myspace accounts: F.M.P 4 me and mines and another whose name violates the rules of this site and is closed to the public.

Buzz: PNJ building sold

We've heard the Pensacola News Journal's office building on Romana has sold to a local doctor. The tenant will be University of Phoenix - which is similar to Virginia College.

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