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Friday October 24th 2014

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Tice arrested for grand theft

Press release Pensacola, Fla--The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office has arrested Henry Cabell Tice, 61, on warrant. Tice faces one count of Grand Theft over $10,000 related to financial dealings with Byrd Billings’ business Worldco Financial Services. These charges are related to a criminal [...]

Tice is being questioned at ECSO

From ECSO: Press Release Pensacola, Fla--The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office is currently questioning Henry “Cab” Tice, in the conjunction with the Billings Murder case. More details to come.

Gonzalez charges set for grand jury (updated)

On July 31, the State Attorney's Office set the charges on Patrick Gonzalez, Jr. to second degree murder not premediated. The same goes for his father and all the other suspects. According to asst. State Attorney Greg Marcille, the second degree is the highest charge that their office can set [...]

City of Navarre?

The Daily News reports that Navarre residents are considering whether to incorporate. In 2006, the chamber paid $50,000 to Government Services Group to determine its qualifications to be incorporated. Citizens met last night to hear about the next steps to becoming Santa Rosa County's fourth city. [...]

Nodine won’t run for Mobile mayor

Mobile County Commissioner Steve Nodine has apparently decided not to run for mayor of Mobile against incumbent Sam Jones (Read). Nodine tried to use crime as the catalyst for his campaign trial balloon. He was shot down by local officials and the media for hurting the city's image internationally [...]

WEAR reports Tice will be back on Thursday

WEAR TV 3 did broadcast a report by Dan Thomas that states that Cab Tice is a person of interest in the Billings case. It's a video version of what I reported last week. Thomas did talk with an employee of the Eddy English Auto Sales who said that Tice is out of town and will be back by Thursday, [...]

Questioning the DROP of Rusty Wells

This email has been sent to the Pensacola City Council. DROP stands for Deferred Retirement Option Program. City employees are allowed to announce their retirement date and begin collected retirement checks (in an escrow account) while they work for the next five years. ----- Original Message [...]

Pilot in Ecuador killing is Fausti

Thanks to faithful readers of the blog. More has been discovered about Brandon Fausti - ex-husband of Tabatha Gonzalez, wife of the suspected killer of Byrd and Melanie Billings. A follow up article was sent to me on the two men, a Navy sailor and Navy helicopter pilot, that faced court-martial [...]

Sordid tale of woe from T. Gonzalez’s ex

The ex-husband of Tabatha Gonzalez, wife of the Patrick Gonzalez, Jr, was convicted of trafficking cocaine in September 2004. Judge Linda Nobles sentenced him, Brandon Anthony Fausti, to two years of community control supervision and four years of probation. I reviewed Fausti’s case file and [...]

ECSO takes over Jail infirmary

At midnight last night, the Escambia County Sheriff's Office took control of the Escambia County Jail infirmary from Armor Correctional Health Services. The move is part of Sheriff Morgan's efforts to cut his budget. The projected savings is $1.8 million annually. Armor Correctional Health [...]

Probability, Possibility Press Conference

Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan called a press conference in response to the CNN news report that the State Attorney's Office was investigating whether the July 9 murders of Byrd and Melanie Billings were contract hits. Morgan did admit that his agency was investigating the possibility of a [...]

Press Conference tonight

From ECSO: Press Release Pensacola, FL-In response to media reports that the Billings Murders were contract killings, Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan is stating that the possibility that these murders were a contract killing is still being investigated as well as other motives. The case [...]

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