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Sunday April 26th 2015

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Moby lacks facts to back o’pine

Today, PNJ columnist Mark O'Brien posted his analysis on the consulting fees that are being incurred to develop the master developer agreement. He makes a statement that has no basis in fact: "And some council members, fresh from November elections, should realize that the voters' zeal for the [...]

Only 1 out of three county engineering contracts local

Since Jan. 1, 2009, Escambia County has awarded three engineering contracts only one was to a firm headquartered in the Pensacola area. Fortunately, it was the largest contract. Airway Drive Sidewalk - $167,796 to Pensacola-based Rebol-Battle Associates. Pine Forest Road Widening - $59,777 [...]

Walker Holmes – Chapter 10

The Walker Holmes mystery "Deadline" continues. I've had more time this weekend to focus on the book. Remember the events depicted in this novella are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental. I have used some real places, but the characters are [...]

Walker Holmes mystery – Chapter 9

The Walker Holmes mystery "Deadline" continues. Enjoy! Remember the events depicted in this novella are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental. I have used some real places, but the characters are unique. And as always with my writing, please forgive [...]

What Peaden and Gaetz are sponsoring?

Durell Peaden's Bills: S 0720 Physician Assistants: Provides that a supervising physician may not be required to review and cosign a physician assistant's charts or medical records. Deletes certain supervisory physician requirements related to prescribing and dispensing medications noted in [...]

What are our lawmakers doing?

Clay Ford is sponsoring these bills: HB 103 - Voyeurism: Prohibits secretly viewing, for specified purposes, either under or through clothing being worn by another person without that person's knowledge or consent to view body of, or undergarments worn by, that person. HB 105 - Homestead [...]

Clarification on Inspection Fund

This fund is an Enterprise Account and doesn't take money from the general fund. It pays for itself with fees. I received this email: "Years ago the county raised fees so they could set up a fund in case of an economic downturn. The fund did have over 5 million at one point, but it is serving [...]

Photos of the Saengar renovations

Photos of the Saengar renovations

The IN got a tour of the work inside the Saengar:

County Enterprise Funds report

The first quarter reports for Escambia County were submitted to the county commission earlier this month. They cover from Oct. 1, 2008-Dec. 31, 2008. The Solid Waste Fund is ahead of budget, having already made $827,666 from its operations and an additional $237,689 in interest income and from [...]

Staff told to draft regulations for bingo halls

Council member Maren DeWeese got the Pensacola City Council to approve asking city staff to draft an ordinance to regulate bingo operations. Other cities have such laws and the city council has recently approved a code variance for Innerlight owner JB Schluter to put a bingo hall on Ninth [...]

Another marathon City Council meeting

The Pensacola City Council is working hard. They held another 3 hour-plus meeting last night. IN reporter Sean Boone was there: News:Speed Limit Reduced For $12k by Sean Boone Drivers will now be forced to drive 5 mph slower in neighborhoods--but it will come with a price tag. City Council [...]

ECSO beefs up traffic enforcement

Sheriff David Morgan says that during his campaign one of the top five complaints he heard was the lack of traffic enforcement. "I still hear at my meetings with citizen's groups and neighborhood associations complaints about speeders and drivers running traffic lights," Morgan says. ECSO [...]

Street level law enforcement

Thyrie Bland reports in the daily newspaper that Sheriff David Morgan is walking the neighborhoods. I spoke with Sheriff Morgan this morning. He is also visiting with neighborhood associations and without any publicity stepped up arrests. Over the past month, approximately 39 drug dealers have [...]

Pay to quit plan

Last year the county commissioners paid about 50 senior leaders $2.7 million to quit. This year, the county is considering pay $4 million to get some 370 more county employees to quit. Who else gets such a deal? Isn't it nice that county government can use its reserves and our tax dollars to [...]

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