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Monday December 22nd 2014

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Deconstructing No Boss Mayor, Part 2

Sam Horton tries again. Opinion 2 Soon the Citizens of Pensacola will be asked to vote on a new form of government for the city that is best described as a Strong Mayor. This change will not be beneficial to our community and I strongly urge you to vote NO when you get your ballot in the mail. [...]

Deconstructing No Boss Mayor, Part 1

The No Boss Mayor website has five opinions to support their opposition to the proposed charter. Here is the first one: Watching the proponents of the Strong Mayor proposal reminds me of the old-fashioned Snake Oil salesmen of yesteryear. They went door to door touting Snake Oil – the magic [...]

Bay bridge not expected close

Latest Press Release: **Tropical Storm IDA - Lengthening Windy Period** The most current forecasts call for IDA to make land fall in Mobile county, AL. and to turn east sharply once it makes landfall. Although this has been a reasonably fast moving storm, the Gulf Breeze area is forecast to [...]

View Charter Debate

WUWF TV has the Charter Debate available online. Check it out.

Child Sex Tourism case has local link

Pensacola man, who worked at NAS Pensacola, was sentenced on Friday to 6.5 years for taking trips to Thailand for sex with young boys. Mitchell Kent Jackson of Pensacola pleaded guilty in November 2008 to traveling to have sex with a minor and conspiracy to do so. His sentence may be reduced for [...]

Shrinking Pensacola could be a problem (updated)

Using the US Census Quick Facts, I looked at similar sized Florida cities what has been happening to their populations from 2000-2006 Pensacola, 2000: 56,255…2006: 53,248 DOWN Sarasota, 2000: 52,715…2006: 52,942 UP Bradenton, 2000: 49,506…2006: 53,662 UP Margate, 2000: 55,974....2006: [...]

Analysis of City Manager/City Council system

I want this post and comment thread to be on the current Pensacola government, not the proposed charter, not strong mayor. No personal attacks or conspiracy plots. -------------------- Pensacola has a unitarian form of government, meaning the power, in theory, is vested in one elected body. [...]

Better Pensacola pledges open books

This week No Boss Mayor PAC challenged the Better Pensacola PAC to release their financial report for the first campaign reporting period. Jeff DeWeese, Better Pensacola treasurer, not only met the challenge but has pledged to release his daily deposits to their campaign account and any in-kind [...]

Mayor promises council will discuss Pensacola Promise

Mayor promises council will discuss Pensacola Promise

At last night's debate on the proposed new city charter, Mayor Mike Wiggins committed to placing the Pensacola Promise on the council agenda. Pensacola Promise is a scholarship program that guarantees a college education at PJC and/or UWF for Pensacola high school graduates. It's modeled after very [...]

Televised Charter Debate tonight -Update

Bob Kerrigan is hosting a two-hour debate on his WUWF TV show - Channel 4 - from 6 to 8 p.m. this evening. Former Mayor Jerry Maygarden and current Mayor Mike Wiggins will speak against the proposed charter. The Charter Review Commission chairman Crystal Spencer and I will speak in favor of the new [...]

Fairchild – biggest supporter of No Boss Mayor

The No Boss Mayor PAC has released a draft of its campaign finance report for October. Charlie Fairchild has loaned the PAC $3,000 of the $5,750 cash the campaign has collected. Read NBM OCT. The money was used to buy yard signs for $2,932. It's good to see Charlie to support his beliefs with [...]

Valentino gains another opponent

Karen Sindel has filed to run against Escambia County Commissioner Gene Valentino in 2010. Valentino now faces five opponents in the Republican primary, including former County Administrator George Touart, Andy Kowalski and Robert Kelley.

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