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Friday March 27th 2015

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DEP rejects beach plan

County Commission Chairman Grover Robinson called last night. He is furious that DEP has rejected Escambia County's plan for saving the sands of Pensacola Beach. The proposal was to scoop up sand along the water's edge move it onto the berms--hopefully outside the reach of the BP oil spill. Why [...]

Escambia County issues first emergency purchase orders

P.O. # 101304: James Lee Witt Associates: $49,000 -To assist BP Horizon and Escambia County Project Number OILSPL10. Witt was the FEMA director under Pres. Bill Clinton. P.O. # 101304: Beck Disaster Recovery: $25,000 -To assist BP Horizon and Escambia County Project Number OILSPL10. Witt was [...]

Buzz: From inside the oil industry

Friends are sharing their conversations with people in the oil industry and emails that are circulating under the radar of the news media...here is compilation of interviews, emails, etc: THE DRILLING OF THE DEEPWATER HORIZON WELL The Deepwater Horizon well had been giving some problems all [...]

Oil Fix isn’t helping…yet

Remember how BP told they had their "best minds" working on this. The cap and dome idea might work but we won't know until all three leaks are capped. Until then, Overnight, the oil will continue to flow into the water at a rate of 5,000 barrels a day. Read this Daily Beast extra.

DEP changes mind on Gulf Breeze plan

by IN reporter Sean Boone With the oil slick impending upon the Gulf Coast, The City of Gulf Breeze is in a crunch to receive more emergency assistance. Yesterday the City sent a request to the Department of Environmental Protection for boom to be placed at the mouths of its bayous. But [...]

Holy C#$P: Sea surface temps getting out of control

From HurricaneTrack.com: I have never seen the sea surface temperature anomaly map look like the one below. It is the NHC's Reynolds method anomaly map which is updated once per week. This map gives an excellent representation of what is going on with SSTs across the Atlantic Basin and looking [...]

Haz Mat courses full

Got this email from Carrie Stevenson, Coastal Sustainability Agent, Escambia County Extension "We've gotten an overwhelming response from volunteers interested in registering for the hazmat safety courses being offered at the Civic Center, from as far away as Walton County and up to Birmingham. [...]

How the oil slick might spread

The Miami Herald has an interactive graphic on how the BP oil slick might spread and impact the entire state. Click on the red dots in the legend and colored boxes on the map. See here. What type of cool graphics does our daily marketing solution, Pensacola News Journal, have? A photo gallery [...]

See Oil Spill in Action

This cool animation was created by the New Orleans Times-Picayune by using overflight information and forecast models from the NOAA and Unified Command. The red dot indicates the location of the Deepwater Horizon oil well, which exploded April 20. Check it out: NOLA

BP’s $25 Million Insult

BP’s $25 Million Insult

Yesterday's Beast article moved from #5 to #2 - competing with Times Square bomber story. You are helping to keep the nation's attention on the Pensacola area. The Beast's editors and the national news services can't figure out how we're doing this. You are the ones driving these stories. We are [...]

BP spill: Possible Landfall at Perdido Thursday

From Chasidy Hobbs, Emerald Coastkeeper: Latest projection shows possible landfall of oil sheen in Perdido as early as Thursday. This changes everyday and keeps getting pushed back later and later. Hopefully it will be pushed back to never. Document your coastline. If possible take date and [...]

The Daily Beast wants to hear your voice

The Daily Beast wants to hear your voice

The Daily Beast is working with the Independent News to create "Voices from the Gulf"- a special section that collects and publishes stories, views and ideas from your blogs and tweeter accounts. You can send your photos and videos. The Daily Beast's readers can read your personal accounts and see [...]

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