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Monday January 26th 2015

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Helping children

Who in this community does a good job of helping children? Child are the hapless victims of poverty. They didn't choose their parents and have little control over the living conditions. A couple of programs that come to mind are the PACE Center for Girls and Big Brothers/Big Sisters. Who else [...]

Buzz: Park bonds sold (updated)

We have heard that the Community Maritime Park bonds have been sold. Sean Boone is checking with Richard Barker, City Finance Director, to confirm this. The total was for $45,640,000----so Marty was wrong about the $48 million, darn it. CONFIRMED Memo from Barker: Maritime Park Financing Info [...]

Contrast in concession speeches

Reading Marty Donovan's comments in the daily newspaper on his failure to force his third referendum in six years I was reminded how differently M. J. Menge handled the defeat of the county charter referendum in 2004. Menge was dying of cancer and yet he spend 17 months trying to draft a county [...]

Quote of the day

From Marty Donovan: "It’s a shame that people have become so apathetic, or they have just given up on local government." In other words, if you don't agree with Marty, you are apathetic. He just doesn't get people want the park. He didn't win the 2006 referendum. He didn't win re-election. He [...]

Marty Donovan fails

The PNJ and WEAR TV are reporting that Marty Donovan failed to get the necessary valid signatures to force another referendum on the Community Maritime Park. Donovan told PNJ reporter Jamie Page that he only had about 4,500 signatures---which may or may not be accurate---and doesn't expect a [...]

Crist: political chameleon

An interesting analysis of the Crist vs. Rubio race for the U.S. Senate: A sure sign that an election is a year away: Gov. Charlie Crist is changing again. The populist Republican governor is trying to convince people he's a conservative now that his opponent in the Republican primary for [...]

Florida stands trial on medicaid standards

A 2005 class-action lawsuit against the state of Florida over it not meeting the federal Medicaid standards will have its opening arguments heard today in a Miami federal court. The lawsuit has been filed on behalf of the Florida Pediatric Society, Florida Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and all [...]

Did college force retirement of Sansom predecessor?

The Northwest Florida Daily News reports that former Northwest Florida State College president, Bob Richburg, may have nudged Jim Chitwood into early retirement so that he could hire then-Florida House Speaker Ray Sansom. Read more.

Bingo casinos have problems

Alabama is struggling with how to regulate the gambling with the electronic bingo casinos. Thank goodness, we're not having to fight the same battles here. Read Alabama casinos revamp gambling.

Ask Marty this question

If someone knocks on your door asking you to sign the Donovan petition, ask them what is their bond plan? The City is obligated by contract to provide $40 million for the Community Maritime Park. What type of bonds does Mr. Donovan want to have issued, instead of the issuance approved by the City [...]

Revoking petition signatures

I spoke with Supervisor of Elections David Stafford about how a voter can take their name off a Donovan petition if they no longer want to be a part of it. Stafford said that there is no procedure under state law or the city charter that allows a voter to revocate their signature. He suggested [...]

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