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Wednesday July 1st 2015

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What Conservatives are blogging

NetRight Nation reports the top topics that conservatives are blogging: 1. Tea Parties 2. Obama $100M budget cut 3. Piracy 4. Oil 5. Europe 6. Financial Crisis 7. Pending Legislation 8. Wall Street 9. "Man Made" Global Warming" 10. Army Issue Trends (more…)

Local retired admiral denies email

The Virginian-Pilot reports that retired Rear Adm. Lou Sarosdy denies that he wrote a wide-circulated email that criticizes President Barack Obama for not authorizing the military to act more aggressively during the stand-off, which ended with snipers killing three Somali pirates. The e-mail claims [...]

Buzz: High School student arrested with gun

This time it was at Escambia High School. The arrest was within the last 90 minutes. We're trying to get more information.

Another CMPA option: Build American Bonds

John Peacock called to suggest the City look into the federal bond program - Build American Bonds - for the Community Maritime Park. It does look feasible on the surface. We save up to two percent on the interest. From Reuters: "President Barack Obama's multibillion-dollar plan to revive [...]

First Clue for Deluna Treasure Hunt

DeLuna Treasure Hunt Clue One Click Escambia at Florida Public Archeology Network to tour the earliest shipwreck in our state. Use the fish as the link to study the ship. Your key names the coin providing the date. More on Treasure Hunt: The WEAR and West Florida Healthcare DeLuna [...]

More on GBHS gun arrest

This report is from GB Police: At 9:05 am this morning Gulf Breeze Police School Resource Officer Kerstan Tatro confronted a 61 year old white female in the Gulf Breeze High School parking lot as school convened for the day. The women was known to the officers as Judy Hall 1139 Finch Drive, Gulf [...]

Buzz: Parent brings guns on GBHS campus

WEAR TV is reporting that a parent was arrested this morning after she showed up on the Gulf Breeze High School campus threatening people with a weapon. Her name has not been released by the Gulf Breeze Police. The story that is circulating in Gulf Breeze is that the mother of a GBHS freshman [...]

Buzz: Clary may run against Gaetz

There is a steady buzz from Okaloosa County that Charlie Clary may run for his old state Senate that is currently held by Don Gaetz. Clary has made a few calls to lobbyist in Tallahassee trying to gauge his financial support. Charlie Clary is a is a founding Principal for DAG Architects, Destin. [...]

Group protests Opera elephants

Elephants at the opera?! Animal rights group protests Pensacola Opera's use of a circus elephant (Pensacola) The Animal Rights Foundation of Florida (ARFF) has sent a letter to the Pensacola Opera protesting the planned appearance of an elephant during the May 1 and 3 performances of Giusseppe [...]

Jailed pilot wants to tell his story

According to Aero-News Network: Jailed pilot Marcus Schrenker, facing a competency hearing in a Pensacola federal court on April 24, is anxious to tell his side of the story of what happened on January 11 when he bailed out of his plane in what the media have termed an attempt to fake his own [...]

UWF faculty lags behind

The University of West Florida pays less to its professors and associate professors than six of the nine universities in the state that offer master programs, according to an American Association of University Professors survey. Only Barry University and Jacksonville University pay their professors [...]

IB and Advance Placement could take budget hit

The State Senate is considering a budget that would cut nearly in half the funding for advanced placement and International Baccalaureate across the state. Last year these programs got $66 million — down from about $100 million from 2007-08 school year. The House version doesn't have these [...]

Okaloosa is the new Escambia

Escambia County has a reputation for political corruption - W.D. Childers and three other commissioners removed from office. Plus, we have had a school board member and ECUA board members removed from office. Now Okaloosa County is the new Escambia. Former Speaker Ray Sansom and NWFSC president [...]

Pensions are a problem

BTW: The PNJ editorial board thinks "It's fiscal insanity to play the city pension plan game" We've been writing on that, too. It was one of the issues of the past city council elections. One of the more famous missteps of the campaign season was then-Councilman Mike DeSorbo telling an audience [...]

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