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Thursday April 24th 2014

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What’s wrong with America

We are becoming a nation that can't or doesn't read. We are an illiterate or semi-literate society. Over 42 million American adults can't read - the number is growing by 2 million a year. Another 50 million only read at a fourth- or fifth-grade level. A third of high school graduates, [...]

Gunther gets liquor license

Fred Gunther and Gunther Properties got the only quota liquor license issued by the Florida's Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco for Santa Rosa County. It was done through a lottery that saw the department issue 68 new quota liquor licenses in 32 counties. Santa Rosa County only received [...]

Blog stats

We have 4,784 unique visitors a day. Each visitor checks on the blog an average of 2.8 times a day and views 4.1 pages per visit. Of course, the more often I post - the better stats. Over the past 12 weeks, Blognetnews.com lists the blog as the second most influential political blog in the [...]

Ricksblog article on Wikipedia

Under West Florida Argonauts on Wikipedia, you will find a link to one of my blog articles. The Blog continues to spread its influence.

Boone report: Halcorp may get extension

by IN reporter Sean Boone Next week City Council will decide if the 20-year Halcorp contract for the Port of Pensacola--which expires this year--should be renewed. Since coming on board with the city, the liquid asphalt distributor that is now Halcorp has changed owners four times and has [...]

Downtown library has been budgeted since 1999

I've reviewed the City of Pensacola Capital Improvement Plan. The city's website has budgets only as far back as 2003-04. Then plan shows the city had $4 million budgeted for a new downtown library to be spent by 2006-07 fiscal year. What happened to the interest earned on those funds? Should [...]

Buzz: Century factory

Got this email: Someone close to Patel told me that what was really going to be produced are "EV Ports" that are going to be installed at their hotels for people to charge electric as well as hybrid cars. These Electric Vehicle ports are going to have LCD screens in which they plan to sell [...]

Lawsuit filed over fishing bridge

Pensacola Bay Fishing Bridge, Inc. has filed a suit against Escambia County over how the county handled the FEMA funds for rebuilding the fishing bridge near the Visitor Center on the north side of Pensacola Bay and canceled PBFB’s contract to run the fishing bridge. Here are the facts and [...]

County comptroller once handled ECSO finances

According Lisa Bernau, the chief deputy in the Escambia County Clerk/Comptroller's office, their agency has handled the accounting/budget functions for the Escambia County Sheriff's Office when Joe Flowers was the county comptroller. They have found memorandums of understanding from Sheriff [...]

Blog is talk of BOCC meeting

The Pensacola Bay Area Chamber officials attended yesterday's Escambia County Commission meeting. Both Commissioners Kevin White and Grover Robinson wanted to know what the chamber knew about Wayne-Dalton's lay offs and why they had to read about it on this blog to learn what's happening. The [...]

Santra Rosa County warning system fails

The "Reverse 911" warning system is offline in Santa Rosa County and it put residents at risk in Navarre when a fire at the Aqua Water Treatment facility, which is in the Holley-Navarre area, sparked worries of harmful fumes. A "reverse 911" warning system can automatically call phones within a [...]

Pensacola deserves more from Jerralds

It's ironic that on the day we publish a story about a new African-American leader who built a bipartisan campaign team (Lumon May), PNJ columnist Reggie Dogan writes how John Jerralds tried to get his comments retracted from Dogan's column. Not only did Jerralds try to take his words back, he said [...]

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