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Saturday January 31st 2015

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By District

Sam Hall's District 2 canceled out Ron Townsend's District 7: +84 vs. -79 PC Wu's District 1 canceled out John Jerralds' District 5: +241 vs. -225 This referendum was won on the east side of Pensacola. PC WU: Y: 1264 N: 1023... Difference +241 Sam Hall: Y:869 N: 782...Difference [...]

More Election stats

10 City Precincts had more No votes than Yes votes: Sam Hall - District 2 #51 Ferry Pass Y:6 N:8 #106 Grace Lutheran Y:187 N:194 #108 Holy Cross Y:112 N:128 #110 PCC Y:14 N:22 John Jerralds - District 5 #98 Macedonia Y:302 N: 605 #41 Bayview Park Y:179 N: 228 Jewel Cannada-Wynn - [...]

The transition to new city government begins Jan 1

The transition to new city government begins Jan 1

City Attorney Rusty Wells issued today a memo to Mayor Mike Wiggins on the new charter, which I have received a copy of. It's a preview to the full presentation Wells plans to give to the City Council at its Committee of the Whole meeting on Dec. 14. The new charter goes into effect January 1 and [...]

Poker coming to dogtrack

Mobile Press Register is reporting: "Officials at Pensacola Greyhound Track in western Escambia County expect the track's poker room to open "around the end of January," general manager Nick Schlikin said in a Pensacola News Journal report. Construction has yet to begin on the poker room, which is [...]

Voter Breakdown by Council District

District Yes % Wu: 55% Hall: 53% DeWeese: 62% Johnson: 61% Jerralds: 43% Cannada-Wynn: 54% Townsend: 47% Sam Hall, Maren DeWeese, Larry Johnson and Diane Mack came out big for the charter. Their influence and impact on the voters is evident, especially DeWeese and Johnson. On the [...]

Benson fundraiser successful

Collier Merrill hosted a successful fundraiser for Holly Benson last night at The Fish House. Benson is running for the Republican nomination for Florida Attorney General. She is the first Panhandle native to run for a statewide office since Skip Hunter ran for Insurance Commissioner in 1994. She [...]

Quote of the Day

"I firmly believe the voters are always right" - Charlie Fairchild Whenever you hear Charlie complain about the Community Maritime Park or the new charter, remember this quote. The voters are right and they didn't agree with Charlie on either issue.

Charter Wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YES for Approval 7,762 (55.2%) NO for Rejection 6,308 (44.8%) Total votes cast 14,070 We will analyze the vote further tomorrow, but the message of change that began in September 2006 with the CMP vote and was continued in the 2008 City Council election is still alive. We can trust the [...]

Tourism boomed this summer

Tourism boomed this summer

Press Release: Despite a slow economy, tourism numbers in the Pensacola Bay Area were the second-highest in history. From Oct. 1, 2008 to Sept. 30, 2009, overnight visitors to the area generated $133 million in lodging revenue. 2007-08 was a record year for the Pensacola Bay Area tourism [...]

Charter vote predictions

What is your prediction for the charter referendum - use percentages? For the tie-breaker, predict total votes cast, too.

Rawlins defeated strong mayor in Sarasota

The No Boss Mayor effort may have actually had more to do with the state and national interests wanting to stop "strong mayor" than any local grassroots effort. In reviewing the board minutes for the Florida City and County Management Association, I came across this entry from a board meeting held [...]

From SOE

From SOE

Press Release: Escambia County Supervisor of Elections David H. Stafford today reminded voters that all mail ballots for the City of Pensacola Charter Referendum must be returned to the Elections Office no later than 7:00 pm on Tuesday, November 24th. Voters who have not yet mailed their ballot [...]

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