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Tuesday July 29th 2014

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Others give preference to locals

The website newrules.org lists these cities that offer preference to local businesses as a means to nurture small businesses and local economies. This is not impossible to do. Local Purchasing Preferences - Albuquerque, New Mexico The city provides a preference to local manufacturers, local [...]

Okaloosa County Sheriff indicted

WEAR TV reports that We have breaking news out of Okaloosa County Sheriff Charlie Morris has been indicted on multiple federal charges and has been suspended as sheriff. On Wednesday, the United States District Court issued a warrant for arrest for Charlie Morris that charged Morris with theft [...]

Sansom friend wants a toll road

St. Pete Times reports that Jay Odom, a developer closely linked to former House Speaker Ray Sansom, is pushing for a new toll road to slice through a nature preserve that taxpayers spent $16.5 million to save from development. The eight-member board in charge of building the toll road was [...]

Pensacola does well in healthcare cost study

There is new study by that Dartmouth Atlas project which is published in the New England Journal of Medicine on the rising costs of healthcare. For 20 years, the project researchers have been examining geographical disparities in healthcare by using data from Medicare, which has the most extensive [...]

Lack of strong mayor hurts CMP negotiations

The representatives of Scott Davidson have sent out emails stating that Davidson and his company have answered all the information requests of the City and its consultants. The problem is not entirely a paper issue. It's the final terms of the master developer contract for the Community Maritime [...]

Buzz: Pensacola not on stimulus list

The Buzz in the business community is the City of Pensacola failed to get on the 2008 U.S. Conference of Mayors report of "shovel-ready" projects. Mayors of this state submitted their projects. Pensacola Mayor Mike Wiggins did not apparently. See: Stimulus Watch.

NWFSC president violated Sunshine Law

The daily newspaper is reporting that a Leon County grand jury is convening to investigate possible Sunshine Law violations by Rep. Ray Sansom, former Speaker of the Florida House. I think the Northwest Florida State College president, Bob Richburg, is the real culprit here. It was his [...]

Mack continues pushing on CMP

Council member Diane Mack plans to make a motion on the CMPA developer negotiations today at the Committee of the Whole: In a letter to me dated February 19 Judge Lacey Collier, chairman of the CMPA board wrote, "...the Board set the date of 13 March at which time negotiations will end....On [...]

BTW: DROP program cost $2 mil

As per the City of Pensacola's CAFR: the Deferred Retirement Option Program (DROP) cost us $1,957,764 in 2008.

Nobles: no pension panic

While researching for my Outtakes column, I ran across this quote from then-Councilman Jack Nobles from August 2005: "Let's reward employees and be fair to them. I'm not ready to push the panic button," he said. It was during the 2005 budget workshops when the council was facing yet another [...]

Batali drops f-bombs on King Juan Carlos

Celebrity chef Mario Batali lost his temper when the crowd at the $1,000-a-plate dinner during the South Beach Wine & Food Festival didn't quiet down when he got up to speak. He proceeded to blast them with f-bombs ---right in front of his honored guests, King Juan Carlos and Queen Sophia. Read [...]

Pension Tsunami

My posts on the City of Pensacola pensions caught the attention of the Pension watchdog blog, PensionTsunami.com. The author writes, "The purpose of this site is to provide an overview of the multiple pension crises that are about to drown America's taxpayers." The Gainesville Sun reports on [...]

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