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Friday December 19th 2014

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Oops, PNJ mistakes net for gross

In Oct. 15, 2005 presentation to the Pensacola City Council, the City staff made it clear that the net funding to the Community Maritime Park would be $40 million---and that is the contractual obligation that the City has to the park. It always been understood that the bond issue would have to be [...]

Mobile wants Southwest Airlines

Mobile Press Register reports: Mobile Regional Airport and business leaders are launching a new push for Southwest Airlines, which could include efforts to give public money and free hotel rooms as enticements. The Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce is sounding out business leaders on potential [...]

Judge “guts” Sansom, Richburg cases

Daily News reports that Circuit Court Judge Terry Lewis issued a blanket order Monday addressing motions to dismiss criminal charges filed in April and May against former Florida House Speaker Ray Sansom, Northwest Florida State College President Bob Richburg and developer Jay Odom. The [...]

Conservative blogging trends

By NetRightNation.com One of the big issues last week and over the weekend was the IOC's choice to not hold the Olympics in Chicago in 2016. Top Issues 1. Health Care 2. Iran 3. Republican Party 4. National Security and Foreign Policy 5. Pending Legislation 6. Education [...]

Keel-laying ceremony today

Today at 11 a.m. the National Museum of Naval Aviation is holding a National Flight Academy Keel-Laying ceremony that links back to the Navy's proud traditions. Since the interior construction of the National Flight Academy, designed as a modern aircraft carrier, parallels that of a United States [...]

“God is the ultimate trump card”

LIBERAL TRADING CARDS Press Release: Liberty Counsel has launched a new program called Adopt a Liberal™. The program encourages people to pray for those in leadership to restore poor leaders to right thinking. The Adopt a Liberal™ prayer-in-action program is based on the words of the [...]

Save RadioLive

Save RadioLive

Budget cuts may force WUWF to drop its very popular RadioLive. Press Release: Grassroots Effort Successfully Keeps Radio Alive Executive Director and RadioLive host, Pat Crawford explained, “The impact of the economic recession made it clear in early 2009 that substantive reductions to [...]

Pennies for Pets

Pennies for Pets

Press release: Ensley Elementary School is hosting a “Pennies for Pets” donation drive during the month of October, which is “Adopt a Dog” month. All the pennies collected during the month will be donated to the Humane Society of Pensacola to help with their mission to provide comfort and [...]

Life in prison for Pensacola minor

Life in prison for Pensacola minor

The Wall Street Journal reports today on the US Supreme Court hearing on Nov. 9 arguments about the sentence of life in prison without parole when imposed on juvenile. One of the two cases involves Joe Sullivan, who was convicted 20 years ago of breaking into a Pensacola home, stealing jewelry and [...]

Should City borrow money for interest?

The Pensacola City Council will decide this week whether its bond issue for the Community Maritime Park should include $4.9 million to pay interest on the bond while the park is constructed. My question is why? In the PNJ, Dick Barker says the extra money would be used to level out those poor [...]

PPD had Taser problems in 2005

PPD had Taser problems in 2005

Pensacola Police Officer Jerald Ard has been suspended and is under FDLE investigation for firing his Taser as he chased a man who was fleeing on a bicycle early Saturday morning in Brownsville and the running over the man with his patrol car. The fleeing man, who the PPD have yet to identify, [...]

Dinner with Ryan

Dinner with Ryan

Last night, I had dinner with Rebecca Ryan and a group of PYP leaders that was hosted by Jay Bradshaw and Coastal Moving. Ryan is the keynote speaker at today's annual meeting of the Pensacola Bay Area Chamber of Commerce. Her book "Live First, Work Second---getting inside the head of the next [...]

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