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Wednesday January 28th 2015

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Nov. 13 report from pro-charter

Today Believe in A Better Pensacola deposited the following contributions: Jere Peacock: $500.00 Toni Tan: $100.00 Robert Patton: $100.00 No report from No Boss Mayor since Nov. 2. Their last report only showed that they had less than $2300 in the bank. The best guess from different [...]

No Boss Mayor keeps finances out of Sunshine

It has been two days since we emailed No Boss Mayor for their financial information. Still no replies. As you may remember, No Boss Mayor sent out a press release on Monday, November 2 with a draft of their first campaign finance report, which wasn't due until Nov. 6. Since then, No Boss Mayor has [...]

Today’s deposit for Pro-charter

Today Believe in A Better Pensacola deposited the following contribution: Melinda Hilterbrand 500.00 This is the fourth financial report released by this PAC.

Palm Beach Post questions Crist appointee

Dara Kam, political reporter for the Palm Beach Post, is in town investigating the recent Gov. Crist appointment of former ECSO CFO and current bar owner Steve Stevens to the Florida Public Service Commission. She caught with Stevens at his bar "Rick's Cabana" and blogged on that and his promotion [...]

No Boss Mayor stays silent

Still no reports from the No Boss Mayor PAC----the one who believed a week ago that the voters should know who is backing each political action committee. If you believe that both sides should tell the voters who their backers are, please email the No Boss Mayor folks and let know that public wants [...]

Pro Charter releases third financial report

Today Believe in A Better Pensacola deposited the following contributions: Col Richard J. And Betty Hooton $100 Laura Keene $250 Barry Beroset $250 John Beroset $50 Corbett Davis $400 Deedee Ritchie $100

The Pension Fiasco plot gets deeper

The Pension Fiasco plot gets deeper

We now know how the General Pension contributions jumped from $400K to $6 million. We see how the staff miscalculated the financial impact of the changes to the pension system and the City had its unfunded pension liability go from $2.9 million to $28.9 million in two years to over $50 million by [...]

General pension fiasco and a smoking gun

General pension fiasco and a smoking gun

The City pensions have puzzled me. How did the City end up with such a huge jump in pension costs? The City's contributions to the pension plans are eating up a sizable chunk of the City's revenue. The unfunded portion of each of the three plans continues to mount, even though the City closed [...]

Open letter to No Boss Mayor

Last week, No Boss Mayor get attention for releasing its early campaign finance information, insisting that it believed that voters should know who is financing each campaign. We agree and have asked both sides to remain transparent. Believe in a Better Pensacola has done so. No Boss Mayor has been [...]

Gulf Power

Press Release Gulf Power Company News For immediate release – Nov. 10, 2009 All power expected to be restored today Gulf Power expects to restore power to all customers by midnight tonight as damage was minimal from Tropical Storm Ida. “Our crews will work as fast and as safely [...]

State EOC

Press Release: For Immediate Release November 10, 2009 Contact: State EOC Media Office (ESF-14) 850-921-0217 NEW INFORMATION At 6:40 a.m. EST today, Tropical Storm Ida made landfall on Dauphin Island, Alabama. As of 7 a.m. Ida was located 25 miles south [...]

Deconstructing No Boss Mayor, Part 6

Opinion 6 from Byron Kessler There are those in our community who contend that the lack of sufficient concentration of power is at fault for our failure to achieve greater economic progress. If only, they tell us, we had greater authority vested in a single individual, we would free ourselves [...]

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