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Wednesday January 28th 2015

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Another dog bite

An unemployed Pensacola man - charged in connection with break-ins at two Gainesville businesses - was hospitalized for several hours Wednesday after being bitten by a police dog.....in Gainesville (article). Could it be that Pensacolians have something in their blood that makes them more [...]

Buzz: Mayor Wiggins writing viewpoint

The word is Mayor Mike Wiggins has met with the former city attorney, Don Caton, and has agreed to write a viewpoint against the proposed charter. Will it help or hurt the charter referendum?

New Agruments from Fairchild PAC

These are the latest arguments by the No Boss Mayor PAC against the proposed charter: 1. Only the mayor will have the executive power to enter into contracts, write and approve leases, and buy and sell land. ------The executive power for this now lies with the city manager. Not sure why [...]

St. Joe buys Southwest for Panama City

St. Joe essentially bought the Southwest Airlines business for Panama City -- guaranteeing to cover any losses up to $26 million over two years. St. Joe has agreed, to the extent that Southwest operates at a loss, to make quarterly cash payments to Southwest to cover shortfalls in the results of [...]

Buzz: Southwest goes to Panama City

WEAR TV 3 is reporting that Southwest Airlines has made the decision to use the new Panama City airport. Read more.

City is already in Economic Development business

Both Charlie Fairchild and Jerry Maygarden have said the City of Pensacola government shouldn't be in the economic development business. Well, it already is. The City of Pensacola owns two of the county's biggest economic development assets - the Pensacola Airport and the Port of Pensacola. [...]

Voices of the citizens

Under the current charter, the citizens can petition for a referendum to rescinded any council action: Within sixty (60) days following the effective date of any action by the city council, the legally registered voters of the City of Pensacola may by written petition, addressed to the council, [...]

SAO report on TEAM Santa Rosa challenged

October 19, 2009 Bill Eddins State Attorney First Judicial Court of Florida 190 Governmental Center Pensacola, FL 32501 Mr. Eddins, I have read the report which was furnished to me by your office concerning the various charges I brought before you concerning Team Santa Rosa. These [...]

Tice creditor claims Mexican mafia a hoax

The State Attorney's Office released today more documents and DVDs of the interviews with suspects, persons of interest and witnesses - 36 CDs and DVDs. Among the documents is an interview with Silvano Gonzalez, the former Hispanic-American Auto Sales employee who Cab Tice said gave him $20,000 [...]

Eagan issues statement

I received this email from Tim Eagan: I totally support the construction of Pensacola's Maritime Park but I have had very serious reservations about the way the project is currently being carried out. My reservations are as follows: 1. I believe the residents of the city should have full [...]

Fairchild flip flops on referendum

Fairchild flip flops on referendum

I couldn't believe that I read in the daily newspaper that Charlie "Pac Man" Fairchild is against making it easier for the citizens to bring referendums to the voters and by opposing the proposed charter, Fairchild is also against recall votes on elected officials and other citizen [...]

Buzz: Park construction will continue

I have been assured by several city council members that the City Manager and staff have figured out how to keep the construction work at the Community Maritime Park progressing. The City will not let the delay in the issuance of the CMP bonds impact the project or the Tax Credit bonds that UWF [...]

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