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Saturday July 26th 2014

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Moby attacks blog

PNJ columnist Mark O'Brien used his column today to go after this blog: "At http://ricksblog.biz, you will find some good scoops on government. But Rick Outzen often prints unconfirmed items and writes about events he doesn't attend, so his error rate is high." Since I haven't hesitated to [...]

Elebash bashes Maren DeWeese

The long-time critic of the Community Maritime Park, C.C. Elebash, is trying to quiet one of the strongest voices for getting the park built, Council member Maren DeWeese. He is claiming on several blogs and forums that she has a conflict of interest should not vote on issues that involve the [...]

Teen violence continues to escalate

WEAR TV is reporting that a 15 year old has been shot in what may be a drive-by shooting. It happened Sunday near the intersection of Figland and Ensley Initial reports indicate the teen was shot twice--in the back and in the leg. The victim is alive and in a local hospital. Too early to tell if [...]

Who will greet the King and Queen?

The King and Queen of Spain will visit Pensacola next week. We know they will be staying on Pensacola Beach. We know that will land at NAS Pensacola. But who will greet them on the behalf of the U.S. government? We hear that there are three likely representatives. It will be either Vice [...]

Walker Holmes: Chapter 8

The Walker Holmes mystery "Deadline" continues. Read Chapter 8: Nighttime Reading

Army suicides may exceed war casualties

The Washington Post reports today that the number of soldiers who committed suicide in January could reach 24, a count that would be the highest monthly total since the Army began tabulating suicides in 1980. If confirmed, the suicide count for last month would exceed those killed in combat in [...]

Pratt keeps city pension

On her blog, Council member Megan Pratt defends her decision to enroll in the city retirement plan....simply because Pratt sees that it's part of her compensation and she deserves to paid to be on the city council. From Megan Pratt's blog: I believe that city council should be a paid position [...]

Who is new Florida House Speaker

The Orlando Sentinel tells us that the state rep from Ocala is much like the Panhandle. Larry Cretul has backed losing candidates in recent GOP primaries, including Fred Thompson in last year's presidential race and Tom Gallagher in 2006's gubernatorial primary versus Charlie Crist. Read more.

DeWeese questions Barker’s analysis

Pensacola City Council member Maren DeWeese is questioning the CMP financing analysis done by city finance director Dick Barker. She has four bullet points: * The change in growth rate of CRA TIF revenues. Under Mr. Barker's current model, CRA TIF revenues will not return to their 2007 levels [...]

She’s baaaack

Former school board member Vanette Webb won her appeal to get the courts to decide whether the Escambia County school district should reimburse her for $200,000 in legal fees that were spent defending a public records lawsuit. Read NorthEscambia.com

City staff obligated to finance CMP

People and the news media are starting to question the proposal that Dick Barker, city's finance director, quickly presented to the Pensacola City Council at its workshop meeting last week. As I understand, Barker wants to use short-term loans to finance the CMP while the municipal bond market [...]

Richburg/Sansom meeting not public

The St. Pete Times reports today the March 2008 "public" meeting between State Rep. Ray Sansom and Northwest Florida State College president Bob Richburg and his board was held at a private, members-only club, the University Club. To make it worse the newspaper reports that "caterers were told [...]

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