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Wednesday April 23rd 2014

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Obama ground game worked in Escambia

In Escambia County, Obama got 12,024 more votes on Nov. 4 than John Kerry got in 2004. John McCain received 4,054 fewer votes than Pres. Bush did in 2004. The ground game also worked in GOP-stronghold, Santa Rosa County, were Obama got 4,759 more votes than Kerry in 2004. McCain did get 3,891 [...]

Will Obama grassroots organization last

The Obama ground game - an army of volunteers, an unprecedented get-out-the-vote effort and the heavy use of internet technologies - swept Barack Obama into office. Will this political machine stay in place to help other Democratic candidates in Congressional, U.S. Senate, state and local races in [...]

Gaetz son charged with DUI

The Daily News reports that Matthew Gaetz, son of State Senator Don Gaetz, was pulled over last Thursday, October 30 for speeding by an Okaloosa County sheriff's deputy and was charged with driving under the influence - a misdemeanor. Drew Pinkerton, Gaetz's attorney, said he'd like to see any [...]

What does new Pensacola council look like?

Mayor Mike Wiggins City Council At Large District 9: Megan Pratt City Council District 1: P. C. Wu City Council District 2: Sam Hall City Council District 3: Maren DeWeese City Council District 5: John Jerralds City Council District 6: Jewel Cannada-Wynn Two moms with young kids are going [...]

Obama wins

Barack Obama wins. CNN predicts he will have 338 electoral votes (270 needed). This is the landslide I predicted on IN Your Head Radio. My conservations with various reporters around the country led me to believe that Obama's ground game would give him a huge win. It did. Florida John [...]

Predictions miss on only one race

The predictions of our panel proved to be accurate in all but one race. The winner or top vote-getter was picked in 18 out of 19 races - 94.7%. Not bad. The miss: State Rep. District 3 Prediction: Lumon May Result: Clay Ford

Final House District 3 results

Winner: Clay Ford 32,710 52.1 % Lumon May 30,069 47.9% As predicted by some of the commentators on this blog, Gulf Breeze and Pensacola Christian were big factors for Ford. Gulf Breeze gave Ford net of 2,035 votes. Ford won by 4.2 points, not the 11 points that he predicted in the PNJ.

Final Escambia results

Sheriff WINNER: David Morgan 76,196 (52.6%) Larry Scapecchi 68,570 (47.4%) District Superintendent of Schools WINNER: Malcolm Thomas 84,802 (59.8%) Claudia Brown-Curry 56,894 (40.2%) County Commissioner District 1 WINNER: Wilson Robertson 20,240 (66.7%) Stephen M. [...]

Henderson beats Hoffman

Joe Henderson has won Carl "Tim" Hoffman's seat on the Gulf Breeze City Council. Joseph B. (Joe) Henderson 1,828 Carl T. (Tim) Hoffman 1,512

No results posted for Santa Rosa County

This is no surprise. Somebody needs to turn on the Kaypro computer.

Escambia County – Presidential results

Early voting & absentees John McCain 47,591 (55.6%) Barack Obama 37,148 (43.4%) Clay Ford is in trouble. He is doing much worse than other GOP candidates: Clay Ford 16,331 (48.0%) Lumon May 17,699 (52.0%)

Early voting and absentee ballot results

Escambia County: Public Defender Candidate Votes James Owens 42,314 (54.6%) Tony Henderson 35,155 (45.4%) State Representative District 2 Candidate Votes Dave Murzin 24,625 (70.7%) Zane Bentley 10,203 (29.3%) State Representative District 3 Candidate Votes Clay [...]

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