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Sunday March 29th 2015

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Judge Lacey Collier speaks out on Davison

The daily newspaper has an in-depth interview with Judge Lacey Collier on his three-year tenure as the chairman of the Community Maritime Park Associates Board of Trustees. Judge Collier doesn't mince words---not that I have ever known him to do so---on one-time master developer, and not only an [...]

Holly does well in fundraising

Attorney General candidate Holly Benson raised $241,696 in the first quarter, just $30,000 shy of her GOP opponent and reigning Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp. Not too bad for a Pensacola girl.

More GOP credit card problems

It appears the leadership of the Florida Republican has not trouble spending their campaign funds on themselves and their staffers. FWB Daily News reports that a staffer of former House Speaker Ray Sansom racked up nearly $1.3 million in credit card charges. Charges include $40,000 at a London [...]

MPDP Hoars out construction

Yesterday was the moment of truth for Scott Davison and his employer Maritime Park Development Partners. Could they deliver a letter of intent for a performance bond for the project? The answer was no and yes....Davison and MPDP could not (despite their assurances that they could). However, they [...]

Memos on Fire Marshall resignation, transfer

We have, through our public records request, the March 29 memo from interim County Administrator Larry Newsom to Frank Edwards, public safety bureau chief. Newsom asks for Fire Marshal Rinaldi's voluntary resignation, effective April 6. The county administrator praises Rinaldi's experience, [...]

County Fire Marshall transferred (updated)

Escambia County remains "Bubba-ville USA." WEAR TV 3 reports that last week Interim County Administrator Larry Newsom asked for the voluntary resignation of Stephen Rinaldi, county fire marshal. Sonya Daniel, public information manager, called to tell that Rinaldi has not resigned, but was instead [...]

HUD audit of San Antonio Housing project

The daily newspaper reported Thursday on a $100-million class action lawsuit concerning a public housing project, Mirasol, in San Antonio. The lawsuit names Rick Rodriguez and his Magi Realty as one of the defendants. I found the HUD audit report on Mirasol that points out how badly San Antonio [...]

Arts Council of Northwest Florida charged

State Attorney Bill Eddins has announced that his office has determined that criminal charges are appropriate regarding the Arts Council of Northwest Florida. The non-profit is being charged with two counts of making false official statements. The State Attorney's investigation found that for at [...]

Coby responds to Mayor Wiggins request

City Manager Al Coby yesterday sent a memo to Mayor Mike Wiggins and City Council in which he says that it would be premature for the City to assume development of the Community Maritime Park. He is very supportive of the new CMPA chairman, Eddie Todd, who, Coby believes, is "making a significant [...]

Murzin and GOP send out info on Teacher pay bill

Florida House is voting today on what seems to be an annual event----yet again reworking Florida's public education system. Here is the information Rep. Dave Murzin sent out on the bill: Press Release-Information on Teacher Bill PDF.

Seattle blogger on Naval Aviation Museum

Ramblin' Man: Full-time RV Life: "It was time to visit the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, Florida. Since the Blue Angels were practicing at 8:30 AM, I thought I go and watch them. Before I even got into the Naval Air Station, I was already questioning my decision." Read more.

Quotes of the day from the PNJ

"On a personal note, I can see why good people don't run for office." --Commissioner Gene Valentino, who is facing a grand jury over alleged improper solicitation of contributions for his re-election campaign. "And I can quote (Rodriguez's) attorneys who said, 'All my client got was a $1 million [...]

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