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Tuesday January 27th 2015

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Charter on the agenda

What will the Pensacola City Council do about the proposed city charter? It appears Mayor Mike Wiggins and Councilman P.C. Wu are against it. Will they try to change the wording of the referendum or let it go as agreed by the Charter Review Commission and the City Attorney? Watch and see. Two [...]

Porn sites hijack Pace sites

The Daily News is reporting that two more porn sites have attached themselves to the Pace High School---actually they are tied to Principal Frank Lay and Athletic Director Robert Freeman. Two new adult sites, www.layfreeman.com and www.layfreemandefence.com, were opened by Shen Shagua of [...]

Paying to vote on Charter

The Pensacola City Council appears poised to set November 24 as the date for vote on the proposed city charter. It will be a mail ballot. Unfortunately, the City Council doesn't won't to pay for the return postage ----about $5K if only 25 percent of the voters actually vote. This seems a little off [...]

Bud Chiles Schedule

Bud Chiles Schedule

Bud Chiles is literally following in the footsteps of his father, Gov. Lawton Chiles. He is here in behalf of the Chiles Foundation. 6-8 a.m Walking...Million Steps Walk 9-10 a.m. Escambia County Courthouse to participate in handing out books to kids with local legal community and [...]

Miller is the new Doctor No

Raising a question of the privileges of the House - Vote Passed (240-179, 5 Present, 10 Not Voting) The House rebuked Rep. Joe Wilson for shouting "You lie" during President Obama's healthcare address to a joint session of Congress. Rep. Jeff Miller voted NO......send e-mail or see [...]

PLT Schiller does well in Ohio

Found this article on the former business manager of the Pensacola Little Theatre, Heidi Schiller. She is now the manager of the Fairfield Community Arts Center. Read more.

Greenhut wins big contract

Greenhut Construction Co. Inc., Pensacola, Fla., has been awarded a $10,598,586 federal contract by the U.S. Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Southeast, Jacksonville, Fla., for the design, repair and modernization of Administrative Building 1500 at the Naval Air Station Pensacola under the [...]

Mexican Mafia in Biloxi

The Sun Herald in Biloxi is reporting that the FBI says that the Mexican Mafia is in South Mississippi. "What used to be all money is now all guns,” said Troy Peterson, commander of the narcotics unit at the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department. “The Mexican cartel wants any weapons they [...]

Donors are not upset about moving maritime museum

I've talked to several people who attend the meeting that the University of West Florida held for the donors to the Maritime Museum. I think UWF officials thought that there would be a big uproar over moving the museum site to Main Street----a move brought about because of a $13-million federal [...]

Buzz: Ashley M. to appear on Oprah

We have heard that Ashley Markham, daughter of the late Bud & Melanie Billings, will appear on Oprah next Thursday, Sept. 24.

IN Coverage of Hurricane Ivan

IN Coverage of Hurricane Ivan

Here are some of articles from five years ago on Hurricane Ivan and our community's recovery: Ivan and Bush Hit Home Staring Ivan in the Eye Images of Ivan Behind the Scenes Outtakes 9/23/04 Winners & Losers

Okaloosa County rollsback tax rate

The Northwest Florida Daily News reports that Okaloosa County commissioners have reduced their property tax rate to make it the second-lowest millage rate in Florida - 3.28. The Escambia County millage rate is 6.976---more than double. Okaloosa County does have an MSTU for its unincorporated [...]

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