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Wednesday April 23rd 2014

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Feb. 25, 2005: Council passed policy for mixed use

On Feb. 25, 2005, the Pensacola City Council passed the Port Administration and Operations Policy. It states: Mixed-use development opportunities on appropriate parcels of land within the port, particularly on border parcels where such development could serve as a buffer between neighboring [...]

Oops, Port was suppose to have a profit

BST Associates submitted to the Pensacola City Council a study of the Port of Pensacola in Sept. 2004. It considered mixed use, a cruise ship and maritime museum. According to BST, the existing contracts at the time were to show a profit. Year 1 (2005) $218,650 Year 2 (2006) $225,610 Year 3 [...]

Times-Union gives no endorsement

Probably the most conservative daily newspaper in any large Florida city,Jacksonville's Times-Union, refused to give an endorsement for John McCain or Barack Obama. Its editorial board was too split on the issue. This comes the same weekend that Gen. Colin Powell split from the GOP and endorsed [...]

Port net loss is $5.6 million over past five years

There is a lot of misinformation about the finances of the Port of Pensacola. Some will insist that the Port of Pensacola is not losing money. I checked the audited Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports that are online. According to the auditor, Saltmarsh, Cleaveland and Gund, the Port lost money [...]

What is the status of Port leases?

According to this Santa Rosa Chronicle article the Halcorp lease expired July 8, 2008!!!! Why didn't the city council draft a Request for Proposal for the Halcorp site? If Halcorp came back with the best offer during an open bid process, then so be it, but shouldn't others get a shot at the [...]

2007 Council Goal for the Port of Pensacola

Per the City of Pensacola website: "Plan for alternative uses at the Port of Pensacola as industrial leases expire." Read all the 2007 goals. They will make you laugh, cry or angry. This is what their vision was in 2007. A year later they are considering extending industrial leases at the [...]

BTW: Halcorp wants lease amendment, too

Halcorp has requested a lease amendment that will provide for a one and one-half year guaranteed lease through June 30, 2010, renewing daily thereafter until such time as either party provides 365 days advance written notice of cancellation. This arrangement provides Halcorp a total initial term of [...]

Are Port users buying council votes?

The Port of Pensacola Users Association has written $500 campaign checks each to Jack Nobles, Marty Donovan, Sam Hall and Mike DeSorbo. Halcorp contributed $1000 to Jewel Cannada Wynn: Sanford P. Brass, Owner/Halcorp. $250; Joseph Mattingly, President/Halcorp $250; Arthur J Brass, Owner /Halcorp [...]

PNJ endorsement of Nobles catching heat

From opponent Diane Mack: Dear friends and supporters, The News Journal's endorsement this morning of Jack Nobles defies reason and understanding--but that's the News Journal for you! Not only does the editorial board ignore his 14-year record on council, but they are entirely out of touch [...]

Wisc. paper disputes P’cola as McCain Country

The alt-weekly in Madison, Wisc., The Isthmus, has a daily feature on its website that is much like our INdaily on inweekly.net. Reporter Phil Ball believes that he can measure the Obama's lead by counting the number of grassroots events within a zip code. According to Ball, Obama leads in such [...]

Michelle Obama will be in the Civic Center

It has been confirmed for Tuesday. Expect her to draw as well if not better than Palin. The Democrats are not surrendering this area to the GOP. BTW: Barack had over 100,000 at his rally in St. Louis today.

Michelle Obama coming to Pensacola

A good source inside the Democratic Party called to say that the word is out that Michelle Obama is coming to Pensacola on Tuesday. No details yet.

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