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Monday September 22nd 2014

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Susan Boyle

Ok, if you missed this, then you've not been watching any of the news channels. But you've got to see and hear this. A must for Fridays. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lp0IWv8QZY

Pensacola Tea Party

Pensacola Tea Party

About 500 Tea Party protesters lined up in front of University Mall on Davis Highway, one of the busiest streets in Pensacola. Pensacola is a conservative stronghold lying in the Bible Belt and a home to a major military base -- Pensacola Naval Air Station. President Barack Obama earned only 39.8 [...]

Tourism update

The Bed Tax reports are in for March and YTD collections are down $65,044 compared to last year - 3.73 percent Areas hit hardest YTD are: Zip code 32504 - south of I-10 around University Mall and the Airport: down $49,550 - 13.7% 32505 - West Pensacola, north of Gulf Beach Hwy: down $26,859 - [...]

Economic Update

Received this email newsletter from Charles Wood of the Pensacola Chamber: This email is the result of a renewed effort to push information out about our economic development efforts to our members. This email is only provided to our Core Level members and above however, the information included [...]

BTW: Consolidation bill passes the house

The Florida House has approved the Escambia County consolidation commission bill with a 120-0 vote and no discussion. The bill now goes to the Florida Senate for approval.

Oops, Equestrian Center gets bigger subsidy

The 2008-2009 budget for the Equestrian Center shows that it is getting $182,306 in LOST funds. This is a 45 percent increase over last fiscal year - $56,963 more. Here is the budget: equestrian-center-budget

IN Hockey Proposal

Let the Southern Professional Hockey Team keep all the concessions and parking. It will give them an incentive to offer special promotions and take the pressure off making all their money from ticket sales. However, the team will have to pay for security, supplies, insurance for the games and [...]

Other deaths

Hosea Bell, a homeless man, gets arrested Aug. 9, 2005 for urinating on a sidewalk outside Weis Elementary School. He's found mentally incompetent by a judge to stand trial Nov. 30, 2005 but 11 days later the 55-year-old is taken in handcuffs by a police car to Sacred Heart Hospital after appearing [...]

Why a mental health court

Robert Boggan maybe would still be alive. Boggan was arrested at a Dollar Tree store Aug. 18, 2005 by sheriff's deputies after a disturbance. Escambia County Sheriff's Office charged him with aggravated assault and criminal mischief. The 65-year-old man then spent 11 days in the jail before he [...]

Analysis of School Admin. cuts

I have reviewed the staff cuts that Superintendent Malcolm Thomas is proposing to the Escambia County School Board. Cutting 50 bus drivers makes up 35% of the savings. Superintendent: Information Services: $103,930 (-13.24%) School Board Attorney: $62,862 (-12.44%) Curriculum & Instruction: [...]

ECSO recommends Mental Health Court

Press Release ECSO RECOMMENDS MENTAL HEALTH COURT Pensacola, Fla -- The Public Safety Coordinating Council of Escambia County yesterday recommended the County Commission allocate $387,169 toward the welfare of the mentally ill in the Escambia County jail rather than fund a full mental [...]

Battle for DOJ grants

For the past 12 years, the block grants from the Department of Justice have given by the County Commissioners to the Escambia County Sheriff's Office and the Court Administrator. This year, the BOCC resurrected the Public Safety Coordinating Council - which last met July 2006 - to take the money [...]

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