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Tuesday July 7th 2015

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Death at Escambia County Jail

Sheila Jackson, 50, was found dead Wednesday at 2 a.m. during an hourly check of inmates housed in the infirmary. Jackson had been in jail since Jan. 7 on a narcotics charge. We will post more information when it's released.

Photos from DC

Purple ticket curse

The trials and tribulations of IN staffers Sean Boone and Joani Delezen at the inauguration: Down But Not Out An Event Failure Couldn't Stop Patriotic Pride I'll start by saying Joani and I didn't get into the inauguration event. But on a positive note, we were still able to absorb a bit [...]

Sorry, Obama’s birth certificate is real

Despite persistent Internet rumors to the contrary, the St. Petersburg Times stands firm on its conclusion that Barack Obama was indeed born in the United States. Their investigation went further than simply accepting a copy of the certificate. Read more.

White House gets new website

The Obama techie team has been hard at work redesigning the White House website. Check it out - here

BTW: Studers pay city taxes, too

The Studers own several properties in the City - both downtown and in Belmont area. Their total property tax bill for these properties is $14,276.83.

Oops, Lewis, we pay more property taxes than you

CJ Lewis ends his latest diatribe with: "Lastly, thank you for your interest in the City of Pensacola. As a non-resident, non-voter, and non-taxpayer we appreciate your input and will give it the weight it deserves." It's an old faulty argument made by naysayers when all other logic fails, only [...]

Firefighters protest Whitfield hiring

This letter is from the Escambia County Professional Firefighters Union to the Escambia County Commission: This letter is in opposition to the recent appointment process of Chief Robbie Whitfield to the position of Deputy Chief. Robbie Whitfield did not go through a reasonable hiring process to [...]

Oops, Saenger opening delayed

Four days after a spokesperson for the Saenger Theatre told the IN that the completion of its new performance hall is still scheduled for February, City Manager (former interim) Al Coby admits to the daily newspaper that the opening will not be until March. Who is at fault is unclear. We've [...]

Cold and crowded in D.C.

IN staffers Sean Boone and Joani Delezen are in Washington, D.C. for the inauguration. Here is Sean's report on Monday: Its 8:42 and man am I beat. After commuting all over town on the Metro subway, playing tourist in the capitol circle and standing in line for three hours in the cold to get [...]

CJ Lewis joins the CC Elebash bandwagon

Former Pensacola mayoral candidate C.J. Lewis has his own mythology on the multi-use stadium at the Community Maritime Park. In his comments under my analysis of the Elebash viewpoint, Lewis writes: "For those unfamiliar with “organized baseball” the Pelicans are not one of the teams in [...]

Elebash strikes again, same tune as 2006

Fear reigns in C.C. Elebash’s opinion in the PNJ (Cancel the baseball stadium). The viewpoint is filled with coulds, maybes and unsubstantiated conclusions….very similar to the Save Our City campaign against the park three years ago. Let’s dissect this article – (more…)

Bigger oops, Whitfield fired by Santa Rosa sheriff

The man the Escambia County Commission wants to make the Deputy Fire Chief - Robert Paul Whitfield, Jr. - was fired by the Santa Rosa County Sheriff on Dec. 22, 2005. He was fired for untruthfulness and for misdirecting action of the fellow officer under investigation. Whitfield was a Lieutenant at [...]

Oops, who does county hiring?

Last week, the daily newspaper announced that Robbie Whitfield was named the new deputy fire chief for Escambia County at the Tuesday, Jan. 13 retreat of the county commission. The only problem is the County's HR department was still accepting applications for the job. The application deadline was [...]

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