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Friday October 31st 2014

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Sims arrested, charged with stealing $70K

Former president of the Gulf Coast African-American Chamber of Commerce, Darnell Sims has been arrested for fraudulently obtaining almost $70,000 in state funds intended for affordable housing program. Sims is now the president and director of the not-for-profit Youthbuild Pensacola, Inc. He is [...]

Buzz: Valentino may have misled Perdido Key residents

A group of residents on Perdido Key are upset over the bingo parlor which has been approved by the planning board. Resident Eddie McMillan has filled an appeal with the Board of Adjustments which will be heard next Tuesday. The appeal is based on the assertion of McMillan and other residents [...]

Bruno’s closing

The sign is up on the Gulf Breeze store. Publix know rules the local grocery market. The Food World locations in Pensacola will remain open.

Gambling occupies lawmakers

The House and Senate are still wrangling out a settlement on gambling. Looks like they are at an impasse. Here's what the blogs are posting: Naked Politics/Miami Herald: Senate widens gamble divide; House abruptly walks out---On Tuesday, State Senate had offered to limit the options to just [...]

Morris liked cars

Former Okaloosa County Sheriff Charlie Morris like new cars, according to the Daily News. Morris went through 41 vehicles during the 12 years he spent in office. The shortest period he had a car was three days - 2006 Buick Lucerne that he traded for 2007 Chevrolet Impala. See List. Read article.

Pastor Monk is back

The Neighborhood Services Committee agenda has an item about Pastor Nathan Monk "Recently, the Saint Faustina Old Catholic Church of Pensacola, under the leadership of Pastor Nathan Monk, began meeting at Plaza Ferdinand for weekly religious services along with feeding members of the [...]

Thomas solves mystery meat issue

Press Release from Escambia County Public School District: The District’s Food Services Department will unveil new menu items to be tested over the next three weeks on Thursday, May 7 from 11 am through 12:30 pm in the Pine Forest High cafeteria. Media representatives are cordially invited to [...]

Gaetz: Charter School reform passed, too

State Sen. Gaetz also talked about his bill, S 278, that reforms how charter schools are governed. Last year, the Florida Senate passed a similar bill, but the House refused to take it up. "The few in the House that blocked it last year are no longer there," Gaetz says. "The bill passed [...]

Gaetz: Valentino transportation idea passes

Just got off the phone with State Sen. Don Gaetz. He told me that Conforming Appropriations Bill that is about to be announced by the Florida House and Senate will have a provision that will budget funds to allow the regional TPO to meet work with the Department of Transportation to determine if [...]

Ford’s scorecard

State Rep. Clay Ford got one general bill passed-HB 1175: Recovery, Towing & Storage of Vehicles & Vessels The other five were postponed indefinitely or withdrawn: HB 103: Voyeurism HB 105: Homestead Assessments HB 141: Annuity Contracts for Senior Consumers HB 959: Credit Counseling [...]

Evers scorecard

State Rep. Greg Evers did worse than Murzin. The only personal bill that he got passed was the one on Consolidation: CS/HB 1431 The other six were postponed indefinitely: HB 501: Early Learning HB 923: Regulation of Hoisting Equipment Used in Construction, Demolition, or Excavation Work HB [...]

Murzin scorecard

As we reported in our Swimsuit issue, Murzin proposed several bills this session. He didn't do too well with them. All four bills were withdrawn: HB 493: Licensure of Nursing Homes and Related Health Care Facilities - Last Event: Saturday, May 02, 2009 - Indefinitely postponed and withdrawn [...]

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