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Monday August 3rd 2015

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City unfunded pension liability is up 80 percent

According to the City of Pensacola's comprehensive financial reports, the unfunded liability for the pension funds is much greater than it was in 1998: General Pension 1998 unfunded liability: $29,228,000 2007: $50,312,000 Net increased: $21,084,000 72% Fireman Pension 1998 unfunded [...]

City Pension membership analysis

General Pension Membership Retirees and beneficiaries receiving benefits: 555 Terminated plan members entitled to but not yet receiving benefits: 49 DROP plan members: 39 Active plan members: 389 Total 1,032 2007-08 City contribution: $7,122,567, $6901 per member, $16,641/active, drop [...]

City pensions lose $38.8 million

The City of Pensacola has posted its comprehensive financial reports on its website. The Stock Market collapse has significantly hurt the city pension plans: Investment income Net depreciation in fair value of investments ($43,836,145) Plus: Interest and dividends $10,384,954 Less: [...]

Boone Report: There is an Econ. Dev. part to trip

By IN reporter Sean Boone The King and Queen of Spain aren't the only reason the governor is headed to Pensacola. On Thursday morning state and local officials will meet with Spanish representatives to talk about stimulating the local economy through the port of Pensacola. According to [...]

Are we missing business opportunities with royal visit?

King Juan Carlos is on a trade mission, according to Spanish papers. It appears Pensacola is the only non-trade visit of his trip. King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofía visited earlier this week Port Spain, capital of Trinidad and Tobago. Trinidad and Tobago are counting on their important [...]

Firefighters Union speaks on firings/resignations

I received this email yesterday on the resignation of Escambia County Fire Chief Ken Perkins: Chief Perkins’s county-requested resignation is disheartening. The changes instituted reflect a political decision to satisfy everyone and an inability to effectively mitigate the “real” [...]

Palafox is two-way today.

The City painted the double strips and has barrels near the intersections to remind drivers. For the past week, we've an average of four cars a day that already thought the downtown street was two-way.

Chamber economic development update

Weekly update from Charles Wood, Senior Vice President - Economic Development, Pensacola Bay Area Chamber of Commerce : * Technology sector still strong –Several existing tech companies are strong performers and are in expansion modes. Additionally, we are working with a new company on a [...]

What are the open items on developer agreement?

CMPA consultant Owen Beitsch sent an email to the CMPA board listing these open items on the master developer agreement with Maritime Park Development Partners (MPDP): • Development fees: These are generally identified in the proposal already but they can be explained with greater clarity. [...]

Atlanta Journal Constitution reader remembers P’cola, circa 1930s

Found this letter to the editor in the Atlanta Journal Constitution: Schools should get federal funding I agree with Jonathan Zimmerman that “Schools desperately need traditional federal aid” (@issue Feb. 11). I remember so well the dilapidated high school in Pensacola, Fla., which [...]

Mack pushes for action on CMP

Pensacola City Council member Diane Mack has sent out this email: Lacey Collier, Chairman Community Maritime Park Association Board Dear Lacey, The progress of negotiations with Maritime Park Development Partners (MPDP), as detailed in today’s News Journal, appears to be more tenuous [...]

Sorry, C.C. Elebash

A week or so ago, I brought up that former Save Our City leader and voice for the anti-Community Maritime Park, C. C. Elebash, was posting on various blogs that Council member Maren DeWeese should not vote on any matters involving the CMP because her husband worked to pass the referendum for the [...]

Moby lacks facts to back o’pine

Today, PNJ columnist Mark O'Brien posted his analysis on the consulting fees that are being incurred to develop the master developer agreement. He makes a statement that has no basis in fact: "And some council members, fresh from November elections, should realize that the voters' zeal for the [...]

Only 1 out of three county engineering contracts local

Since Jan. 1, 2009, Escambia County has awarded three engineering contracts only one was to a firm headquartered in the Pensacola area. Fortunately, it was the largest contract. Airway Drive Sidewalk - $167,796 to Pensacola-based Rebol-Battle Associates. Pine Forest Road Widening - $59,777 [...]

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