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Wednesday March 4th 2015

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Two ironies

1. The anti-charter people tell us we should leave government to the city staff. The anti-park people tell us we can't trust the financing plan submitted by staff. Many of the same people are in the same anti groups. 2. The person who has opposed the Community Maritime Park since 2004 - before [...]

New Market Tax Credits – quick look

The use of New Market Tax Credits (NMTC) for the Community Maritime Park and particularly the maritime museum has yet to be decided. Here is how Ed Gray of Capital Trust Agency-Community Development Entity presented it in August 2009: SOURCES The City/CMPA Bond issue: $43,000,000 Museum would [...]

What is the CMP bond plan?

The bond financing plan recommended by staff and approved by the council uses New Market Tax Credits which will allow UWF to get $12,256,785 for the maritime museum (if the NMTC portion is approved in November). The bonds includes the interest payments for the first 3 years (called capitalized [...]

Buzz: Benson to announce Thursday

The buzz is Holly Benson will announce her candidacy for Florida Attorney General on Thursday, Oct. 29 from the Escambia County Courthouse steps.

Marty makes smart political move

The new PAC and petition drive against the bond financing is a smart political move by former City Councilman Marty Donovan. There is no downside politically. His political career tanked after the 2006 Community Maritime Park referendum. In 2004, Donovan won re-election against Larry Johnson with [...]

Marty is back

The PNJ reports that former City Councilman Marty Donovan has formed a political action committee to try and get enough signatures for another referendum on the Community Maritime Park. He is stepping in for Tim Eagan and trying to rescind the vote on the bonds. He has 60 days from the council [...]

Another regional alliance

Gov. Bob Riley of Alabama and Gov. Haley Barber of Mississippi will announce today the formation of "The Aerospace Alliance” ---a four-state region from NASA’s Stennis Space Center in Mississippi to Panama City, Florida whose mission will be to establish the Gulf Coast as a world class [...]

Last day to register to vote on charter

To register to vote in the City referendum on the proposed Pensacola charter: Visit escambiavotes.com and complete the online application. Be sure to include a valid Florida driver's license number, a valid Florida ID number or the last four digits of your Social Security number in the [...]

Anatomy of Southwest/Bay Co. deal

Anatomy of Southwest/Bay Co. deal

The Panama City News Herald published this weekend an article on how Bay County landed Southwest Airlines for their new airport. As I reported earlier St. Joe agreed to make quarterly payments to Southwest for its first three years of service in the event Southwest operates at a loss, up to $14 [...]

BTW: Al Coby does his job out of the Sunshine

Yesterday, Pensacola City Manager Al Coby did his job as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the city without a reporter sitting in his office. He met with department heads, staff and the public without posting an agenda for the meetings or making them open for the press to see and hear. Coby may [...]

What email problem?

Having dodged prosecution by the State Attorney's Office, the Santa Rosa County Commission has passed unanimously a new email policy. According to the Daily News, the new policy mandates that all e-mails commissioners receive be automatically copied to the county’s e-mail server to be kept as a [...]

Possible end run on Charter vote

Email sent to Pensacola City Council: From: Rusty Wells Sent: Thursday, October 22, 2009 2:05 PM To: Mike Wiggins; M Wiggins; P.C. Wu; Sam Hall; Sam HallFWD; Maren Deweese; 'Maren DeWeese'; Larry B. Johnson; 'lbjusa@aol.com'; John Jerralds; Jewel Cannada-Wynn; Ronald Townsend; Diane Mack; [...]

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