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Tuesday July 22nd 2014

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Walker Holmes Mystery

I've been playing with writing a series of novellas that use Pensacola as the setting. The events depicted in these novellas are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental. My goal to is to publish a chapter every week. If they are well received then, I may [...]

Boone report: CMPA meeting

Community Sounds Off Over Park by Sean Boone Every local resident has his or her own opinion to what should be put into the Community Maritime Park. But Friday was the day when those in charge listened to those opinions. The Community Maritime Park Associates (CMPA) held a special meeting [...]

Boone report: Odd vote at city council

by IN reporter Sean Boone Sometimes politics beats logic. For Jack Nobles and the rest of City Council, they proved just that on Monday night by voting down a proposed port lease amendment for Pate Stevedore cold storage--even with the majority in favor of the proposal. The amendment would [...]

No regional training facility

Escambia County voted 5-0 to pull out of a $22 million deal to purchase 684 acres north of Molino for a regional police, fire and EMS training facility. Sheriff-elect David Morgan had said he didn't want to eb rushed on such a decision and wasn't sure that it was necessary. Read more.

Commission rescinds West Frazer tax break

NorthEscambia.com reports that Escambia County Commission voted 5-0 Thursday night to repeal the West Fraser’s ad valorem tax breaks, and voted 5-0 to delay action on cutting those given Wayne Dalton.West Fraser cut between 75 and 100 jobs in November. Wayne Dalton cut more jobs, but the actual [...]

Port lessee, CEMEX, had bad day

Shares of Mexican cement and building materials maker Cemex fell 19% Thursday as dismal results from a debt exchange spurred investors to take profits following a big rally earlier in the week. Bloomberg reports: "The company yesterday exchanged about 17 percent of the debt it had offered to [...]

The Good Life: Rod Powell version

When a senior staff member quits, he is required to give a 90-day notice. According to Escambiia County PIO, Sonya Smith, the County Administrator has three options: A) Require employee to work his 90-days, B) Payout all his leave that day and say, "Adios," or C) Allow the employee to leave [...]

Council members may miss tonight’s meeting

The Lunchtime Buzz is that Mayor John Fogg and Councilmen Jack Nobles, Ronald Townsend and Mike DeSorbo will not be there. Sam Hall is a possible absentee, too. That leaves only Jewel Cannada-Wynn, John Jerralds, Marty Donovan, Mike Wiggins and P.C.Wu. Not sure what this does to all the [...]

Port staff rallies support for frozen chicken

From an email blast being sent around town---Once again City Staff is campaigning against the wishes of the Pensacola City Council. Who works for who? Subject: 12/8 City Council Meeting FW: Pate Lease Extension -- URGENT This is some information regarding the meeting tonight of the City [...]

Pensacola has 70 in DROP

The DROP plan allows employees to retire from the Florida Retirement System and have their benefits accumulate in a trust fund. Employees then are able to continue working and collect a salary during the DROP period, which typically lasts five years. The City of Pensacola has 70 people in the DROP [...]

Early retirement costs over $2.6 million

In April 2008, County Administrator Bob McLaughlin announced a county reorganization. Eighteen departments would be merged into six bureaus. It required some department heads to take a pay cut, and the county offered early retirement buyouts to dozens of employees. McLaughlin estimated the cost [...]

Notes: Charter review

Sean Boone attended yesterday's Pensacola Charter Review Commission meeting. He reports: The Charter Review Commission agreed upon several powers and duties for an executive mayoral form of government. Members voted to require anyone running for the office to be a resident of the city for at [...]

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