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Saturday October 25th 2014

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Catfish expert on the radio

Catfish expert on the radio

Curious about just how big a catfish pond should be? Listen to IN Your Head Radio today to find out. I will be interviewing an expert of catfish ponds from Mississippi State University. He may be interested in the Road, Inc project - which appears to be setting records in size and time to [...]

Building green

The Mobile Press Register reports that builders there are building more environmentally friendly homes and offices. Building green is the new buzz word, said Mark Swanson, president of the Home Builders Association of Metro Mobile. Everybody's jumping on the green wagon. White-Spunner [...]

Dems to caucus

Dems to caucus

Who will be the official delegates to the Democratic National Convention from this area? We don't know yet if they will be seated, but the party needs to decide who will go. The Florida 1st Congressional District Democratic Caucus will be held from 10 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. March 1 at the Old [...]

Ricks Blog: Most Influential Political Blog

Once again, this blog has been ranked the Most Influential Political Blog in Florida by Blognetnews.com. This is truly a surprise. Last month we established more defined rules for commentary on this blog. We set up a feature where people could suggest moderation for offending posts. We were more [...]

How to behave on PNJ forum

How To Behave On PNJ Forum

Sheriff concerned about Bubbas July 07

Through our record requests, we received a copy of letter from ECSO legal advisor, Darlene Dickey, to asst. county attorney Ryan Ross regarding "Law Enforcement Authority of Code Enforcement Officers." It is dated July 2, 2007. In the letter Dickey writes, "Some of the County Code Enforcement [...]

Bubbas disarmed and de-lighted

On Feb. 19, two days before the county commission voted to pay for the legal defense of its code enforcement officers, County Administrator Bob McLauglin sent a memo to Charlie Walker, head of code enforcement. The memos states: McNesby has withdrawn all affiliation with code enforcement and [...]

Bubbas on Patrol cases

Through a public record request, we received copies of the lawsuits against county code enforcement and the Sheriff Ron McNesby. There are common threads. Both cases involved Saufley Landfill, construction debris haulers, Charlie Walker and Sotirios Thagouras. Case: Carl R. Gilbert, II and [...]

City insisted Fire Captains get 10 percent

City insisted Fire Captains get 10 percent

At meeting today with Fire union members, we were told that the union sought an 8 percent across-the-board raise for all ranks during the negotiations on the recently approved bargaining agreement. However, the City negotiators demanded that the Fire Captains get the biggest raises - 10 [...]

Roads Inc paid $12.3 million

Roads Inc paid $12.3 million

As per a public request, we have found that Roads, Inc has been paid $12,352,346.36 this decade for work for Escambia County. FY 2001 $586,588.99 FY 2002 $600,261.71 FY 2003 $692,557.91 FY 2004 $1,719,261.77 FY 2005 $994,242.99 FY 2006 $4,421,273.50 FY 2007 $621,928.06 FY 2008 [...]

Sheryl Crow coming to Pcola

WILDFLOWER TAKES A DETOUR THROUGH PENSACOLA! SHERYL CROW ON APRIL 26! Pensacola, Fla – 9-time Grammy winner Sheryl Crow will breeze into the Pensacola Civic Center on Saturday April 26th. The celebrated singer/songwriter has sold over 30 million albums and boasts a string of universally [...]

What’s wrong with Escambia County

What’s wrong with Escambia County

Last night's county commission meeting is the perfect example. A contractor - who has made hundreds of thousands from the county in the Hurricane Ivan clean-up and who employs the former county administrator's son (or at least he did at one time) - has a huge pit next to a subdivision that he [...]

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