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Tuesday July 7th 2015

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Touart poll gets record votes

As of 11 am, September 4, 39,477 votes have been cast on the poll concerning the future employment of County Administrator George Touart. What should happen to County Administrator George Touart? Nothing:  1,182 votes He should be suspended: 10,812 votes He should be fired: 27,334 [...]

Mason-Dixon poll on gambling

In August, Mason-Dixon conducted a poll on gambling in Florida. Here are a few of the questions and how Florida residents responded: QUESTION: Florida’s tax revenues from pari-mutuel wagering have fallen by more than half over the past decade. According to some industry officials, much of this [...]

BOCC agenda set

County Administrator George Touart's contract and possible suspension are set to be discussed on Thursday, September 6 at 5:34 p.m. Read:  agenda.pdf

Word of the week: Trust

With big Escambia County commission meeting on Thursday, the word of the week will be "trust." How do the commissioners rebuild public trust in county government after the revelations that its county administrator has had private business dealings with developers, planning board members, [...]

Poker rooms successful everywhere, but not here

Poker rooms successful everywhere, but not here

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports that poker rooms at dog and horse tracks around the state are booming. Why not in Escambia County you ask? Because the Escambia County commissioners decided in their wisdom that poker was bad for us. ???? From the article: Revenue at Florida's 18 [...]

Higher fees coming

Higher fees coming

As Escambia County deals with lower property tax revenues, you can expect the county commissioners to raise fees and charges for services whenever possible. This week we have animal control proposing higher fees. The cost of tags for spade and neutered animals would go from $6 to $8. Other animal [...]

Cost of Iraq War

The Washington Post reports that: President Bush plans to ask Congress next month for up to $50 billion in additional funding for the war in Iraq, a White House official said yesterday, a move that appears to reflect increasing administration confidence that it can fend off congressional calls for [...]

Jena Six

A friend in Louisiana told about the Jena Six. The story hasn't gotten much national coverage but may soon. At the beginning of the 2006 school year, two black students at the predominantly white Jena High School (in Jena, LA) requested permission from the administration to sit under the [...]

Et tu, Mobytu

News Journal columnist Mark O'Brien adds himself to the list of PNJ columnists and opinion writers asking the County Administrator George Touart to retire/resign ( By George, the man is the Donald Trump of the Panhandle). My position is that if Touart wants to keep his job then he needs to give [...]

Why care about environment

Why care about environment

The one local issue few elected officials truly want to tackle is the environment. It's too expensive, too complicated and just too scary to face. Yet any one who has lived here any length of time can rattle off a list of friends, family members, church members and fellow workers who have been [...]

Life without a paper mill

Last month, there were rumblings that International Paper was ready to shutdown its Cantonment mill if its wastewater disposal plan wasn't allowed to happen. The NY Times has a article on how Berlin, VT has dealt with its paper mill being closed. The closure killed the housing market of the city of [...]

PNJ Dogan asks Touart to resign

News Journal columnist Reggie Dogan wrote at open letter to County Administrator George Touart asking him to resign. Frankly, we have lost trust in you. You are no longer credible. We no longer believe in your ability to serve and lead this county. Read: Time for Touart to finally do the right [...]

Letter on Roads Inc

Chairman White, Commissioners Young, Valentino, Robinson and Whitehead: I have read the supposed "agreement" that Mr. Touart promised would provide a definitive timeline for the Hillock pit project. (roads-inc-ltr-8-28-07.pdf) Quotes from the WEAR news story: July 16, 2007 "Now, this [...]

Let’s Get Our Money’s Worth

The group - Civic Concern - is pushing for PIP renewal: When the Florida Legislature convenes the special session scheduled to begin September 18, it will cost taxpayers $40,000 a day. To date, legislative leadership is insisting they will focus solely on making essential budget reductions, [...]

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