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Saturday November 1st 2014

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Argument for Mass Transit

Argument for Mass Transit

The Air Quality Study by Georgia Tech indicates the greatest health risks come from congested roads. The tendency is to want to have a big company to blame for population. It's uncomfortable to see ourselves and our cars as the problem. If traffic congestion is a major health risk, then we need to [...]

Cancer and air quality

Both the IN and PNJ have written about cancer this week. We wrote on a Baldwin County mother's fight to have the state study high cancer rates in her community ( Cancer Concerns ). The PNJ has the air quality study conducted by Georgia Tech (Toxic hot spots ). I've read the executive summary [...]

Bergosh takes on Outtakes

Bergosh takes on Outtakes

(from Bergosh website) School Board member Jeff Bergosh is upset about my recent Outtakes ( CANDIDATE DROUGHT ). In it, I ask if the Escambia County School Board actually represents the best leadership that this community has to offer and challenge others to seek election to this board that [...]

Fleming to retire

Fleming to retire

Pensacola City Attorney John Fleming is retiring effective July 18 after working for the city 28 years. The City Council is considering candidates by either direct selection, conducting an advertised candidate search, or hiring a recruitment consultant at an estimated cost of $25,000. Fleming is [...]

More on child porn suspect

The Fort Walton Daily News has uncovered that James Freeman, who was indicted as part of an international child porn ring, was a registered sex offender leading a campaign to reform Megan’s Law. He was listed as the executive director of Sohopeful.org. The Daily News is doing some great [...]

Notes on Mar. 6 BCC meeting

Ehhhhh! Boring meeting. The meeting began at 5:31 p.m. All commissioners were present. Quint Studer accepted a proclamation from the board giving him the Outstanding Citizen Award. He was presented a glass trophy. There was a standing ovation from the audience. The board unanimously [...]

True public servant

Cincinnatus served as consul in 460 BC. When he retired after his one-year term, Cincinnatus retired from politics, and went home to his farm. In 457 BC, the Romans were fighting the Aequians. The consul Minucius Esquilinus had led an army to fight them but had been trapped by the Aequians in [...]

Rhett Anderson to run for council

Subj: Letter of Resignation and Opinion Letter for Office of City Council District 4 To: Mr. John Fogg, Mayor Mr. Tom Bonfield, City Manager Ms. Crystal Spencer, Chairperson, City Charter Review Committee Re: City Charter Review Committee [...]

Roads, Inc sues county over pond

Roads Inc. is asking the Circuit Court to enjoin Escambia County from revoking its stormwater permit and "taking any further action in contravention of Plaintiff's rights under Permit #06031846." Readlawsuit.pdf.

Charter Commission notes

From last night's City charter review commission meeting: Charter Review Commission notes: The scheduled two-hour-long Pensacola Charter Review Commission public hearing Wednesday night lasted for an hour and 10 minutes, and included enthusiastic comments from about eight citizens. “What [...]

Sarasota County uses budget to create jobs

Sarasota County hopes to be an economic engine for the ailing local economy by fast-tracking more than four dozen projects, which it estimates will spur the creation of 900 jobs over the next year. It calls for compressing projects with original completion dates ranging out to 2025 into the next [...]

D&D creator dies

D&D creator dies

Dungeons & Dragons creator Gary Gygax died at his home in Lake Geneva on March 4. He was 69. The tabletop fantasy game Dungeons & Dragons started the role-playing phenomenon. Local authorities are looking for an elf dressed in purple and red that goes by the name Lord Balow.

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