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Saturday August 23rd 2014

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Destin more relevant than Pcola

GOP hopeful Mike Huckabee visited Destin yesterday. The visit only lasted an hour, but it speaks volumes that he would rather be in Destin than Pensacola. Folks, Pensacola and Escambia County are becoming less relevant to the region, state and national scene. We can recapture the glory years, but [...]

Guiliani counting Florida

Guiliani counting Florida

I interviewed yesterday Michael DuHaime, the 33 year old Campaign manager for Rudy Guiliani. DuHaime said that Rudy is focusing on where the most electoral votes are. He will let Iowa and New Hampshire sift out the GOP presidential field. Instead of focusing on a state like Iowa, where less than 3% [...]

Test your 2007 news knowledge

South Florida Sun-Sentinel has this quiz on the events of 2007. I missed one. Check it out: Year in review quiz

Guiliani campaign manager on INYHR

Guiliani campaign manager on INYHR

Michael DuHaime, Rudy's campaign manager, will be on IN Your Head Radio today on NewsRadio 1620 AM between 1-2 p.m.

Should Civic Center be sold?

The word that I am getting is that at least three of the Escambia County commissioners are ready to dump the Pensacola Civic Center and sell to the highest bidder. Is it wise to do so? Or just short-sighted? Imagine what will happen if the buyer doesn't maintain it. We could end up with it being [...]

Cheesiest UWF ad ever

Cheesiest UWF ad ever

Found on WEAR TV website. There have got to be better designers on campus.

Chamber: Blueprint for tomorrow

The plans to unveil a new series of business training workshops in February with a morning event featuring a pair of nationally recognized speakers, former Nixon administration official and author Bud Krogh and Washington, D.C-based "organizational democracy" expert Traci Fenton. Pensacola [...]

Edwards’ tardiness causing problems

Edwards’ tardiness causing problems

NY Times reports: With the approach of the Iowa caucuses on Jan. 3 and the New Hampshire primary five days later, Mr. Edwards, touring the two states at breakneck speed, has been drawing crowds that are bigger, louder and more prone to the occasional standing ovation than ever before. And [...]

GB loses fire boat

The Gulf Breeze Volunteer Fire Department’s rescue boat capsized last week while on route to the scene of a barge fire. The Fire Department was responding to a barge fire Dec. 15 when the high winds and rough seas caused the department’s boat to take on large amounts of water, according to the [...]

Navarre-Pensacola Beach road to open mid-2008

Well, sort of. The Daily News reports Panhandle Grading and Pavement Inc. will complete two lanes of the road from Navarre Beach to Opal Beach by next summer. Opal Beach is where the picnic grounds were between Pensacola Beach and Navarre Beach. Unfortunately that is where the road will end. There [...]

Hugh King resigns as pastor

Hugh King resigns as pastor

We had heard about this Monday afternoon. Rev. Hugh King, Jr. told his congregation on Sunday that he was stepping down as their pastor at Greater Union Baptist Church. King is facing charges for possession of $25 worth of cocaine. In November, King rejected pretrial intervention and announced at a [...]

CMPA timeline for RFP

From Ed Spears: 12/28/07: Deadline for comments on the RFP 1/10/08, Morning: Owen Beitsch meetings with Design Criteria Team, UWF, Studer Group, Pelicans, GCAACC representatives, City officials 1/10/08, Afternoon: Owen Beitsch available for meetings with CMPA Trustees (Trustees, please [...]

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