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Saturday December 20th 2014

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Radio: More on Erin Markes

Radio: More on Erin Markes

The first half of the April 7, 2008 edition of IN Your Head Radio focused on the Erin Markes story - the teenage mother who is accused of neglecting the medical treatment of her 4-year-old son. My intro/rant Interview: Dianna Fitzgerald of the National Lissencephaly Network Interview: [...]

Miller skips two votes

Congressman Jeff Miller (R-Chumuckla) did not vote on two bills recently. H.R. 5501, to authorize appropriations for fiscal years 2009 through 2013 to provide assistance to foreign countries to combat HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria, by a recorded vote of 308 ayes to 116 noes. Miller was [...]

City spends $12 mil on pensions

According to its latest audit, the City of Pensacola pensions cost the taxpayers $12,081,768 in 2007. General Pension Plan: $5,962,692 - June 2007 closed plan moved to Florida Retirement System Retirees & beneficiaries receiving benefits: 559 Terminated plan members, not receiving benefits [...]

More Pensacola Exodus

More Pensacola Exodus

Since I wrote the Outtakes on Pensacola Exodus, I've received a steady stream of emails on young people that have become discouraged about their futures in Pensacola. Here is the latest. I've taken out some of the author's personal references to protect his identity: It's not just that people [...]

Port costs Pensacola $1.45 mil

Port costs Pensacola $1.45 mil

According to the 2007 audit, The Port of Pensacola revenue was down 41 percent last year. The operation lost $1.45 million. The staff is projecting fiscal year 2008 estimated revenues of $2.6 million - higher than prior year actual. The fiscal year 2008 estimated revenues are based on expectations [...]

Area blanked out Dem delegate slate

Area blanked out Dem delegate slate

The Florida Democratic Party State Executive Committee elected Saturday a slate of 27 party leaders and elected officials for the Democratic National Convention. NONE ARE FROM NORTHWEST FLORIDA….just proves my recent Outtakes. Of the 27, three will go to the Convention not pledged to a [...]

Code Head Walker out

Code Enforcement Division manager Charlie Walker is taking early retirement - as we first reported. Walker has cost the county two lawsuits (Bubbas on Patrol), possibly more. WEAR TV 3 - Asked him about the packager retirement offered as part of the announced county restructuring: Charlie [...]

Petition to Crist for Markes

Dianna Fitzgerald and the Lissencephaly Network have an online petition asking Gov. Crist to help Erin Markes: Dear Governor Charlie Crist: Erin’s son was dealt one of the cruelest hands in life. Now, DCF in Florida takes his mother away. The only joy this boy has known. Sadly, these are [...]

Nancy Grace crucifies Markes

CNN talking head Nancy Grace - who is known for sensationalism and over-the-top theatrics - really attacked Erin Markes last week. It made her "Best of" clip for the week. Quote: "Don't worry. Mommy never missed a meal. And I'm sure she is having a lovely dinner tonight behind bars." Here is [...]

Markes on Myspace

The 19 year old mother accused of neglecting her 4 year old son - who was brought to a local hospital in March only weighing 10 pounds - has a myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/wishful88 The song that plays when you load the site is When You Say Nothing at All. She describes herself [...]

Sam sworn in

David A. Sam officially was inaugurated as the head of Germanna Community College Friday afternoon. Sam was vice president for academic affairs at Pensacola Junior College. Read: Sam sworn in at GCC

Wall Street Journal tackles hospitals

WSJ focused on the huge profits reported by non-profit healthcare systems - Nonprofit Hospitals, Once For the Poor, Strike It Rich. Riding gains from investment portfolios and enjoying the pricing power that came from a decade of mergers, many nonprofit hospitals have seen earnings soar in [...]

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