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Thursday October 23rd 2014

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Bay County is getting a new library, too

Their new library will open this April. Does anyone know if the Pensacola City Council even has a plan for renovating or rebuilding its downtown library? Meet Bay County library director: Library queen. ...if only Jack Nobles and Marty Donovan would fight as hard for the library as they have [...]

Stop the Midway madness

Stop the Midway madness

Today's PNJ has gloom and doom viewpoint on the Midway Fire District ( Midway voters, what have you done?) This is ridiculous. Amendment 1 won't cut MFD's funding from property taxes in half. However the MFD is threatening to cut its firefighter workforce in half and close one of its two [...]

Outzen votes keep coming

Outzen votes keep coming

My vote total is now 51! I'm starting to suspect there is home-cooking going on with the vote count in Arizona. Why has it taken so long to complete the vote? I may have actually won, but the GOP power brokers want to give the delegates to McCain.

Fear of clown therapy

I'm not sure this video will help you battle your fear of clowns, but give it a try.

Virgins for Barack

According to Politico.com: Virgin Islands has voted for Obama. With all of the votes in, the preliminary count is: Obama: 1772 votes (89.9%) Clinton: 149 votes (7.6%). Obama also won Louisiana, Nebraska and Washington.

Apply now for Mobile steel plant jobs

If you'd like a production job at ThyssenKrupp Steel Plant outside of Mobile, the application deadline to be in the first wave of production workers is Friday, Feb. 15. As of late last week, 4,333 people had applied for 500 production jobs at the 2,700-worker steel plant that will open in [...]

Hispanics leaving NW Florida

Santa Rosa Sheriff Wendall Hall's campaign to arrest undocumented workers may be a little like trying to closing the barn doors after the cows have gotten out. The Daily News reports that Hispanics are leaving the area now that the post-Hurricane Ivan jobs have dried up. Read The emigration [...]

I pick up one more vote

Apparently the Arizona Sec. of State Jan Brewer looked under her desk and found one more vote for me. I now have one more vote - total 49 - in the AZ GOP presidential preference primary. Amazingly 1.7% have yet to counted so I can still pick up a few votes. I have further solidified my 21st-place [...]

It is what I have been writing

It is what I have been writing

A friend called me yesterday to rib me about the Florida TaxWatch report. He laughed that TaxWatch is getting paid $100K for I have been writing for years. So I pulled out some old columns from 2005 and he's right. 1/27/05 This month, three prominent community leaders—Quint Studer, Jack [...]

Rising Stars

Rising Stars

Last night we hosted at party and awards ceremony for the 2008 Rising Stars. Over 130 people attended the event held at 600 South. The exciting thing about this group of young adults is that they aren't from some cookie cutter mold. They come from all walks of life in our community and a wide [...]

Gannett revenue down 31 percent

AP & CNN report: Gannett Co. (NYSE:GCI), the largest newspaper publisher in the United States, said Friday that falling revenue from broadcast and newspaper ad sales combined with an impairment charge drove fourth quarter earnings down 31 percent. Don't send care packages to PNJ headquarters just [...]

Diabetes study halted

Diabetes in Escambia County is widespread, particularly in the African-American community. The Comprehensive Assessment for Tracking Health 2005 study revealed the county has 6.64 cases of preventable diabetes for very 10,000 people. The state average is 4.42. The NY Times reports: "For [...]

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