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Friday October 24th 2014

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Unified Fire Service delayed two more years

Unified Fire Service delayed two more years

The delays and stall tactics continue. This time its at the county level with fire protection. Last June, a citizen task force advised the county consolidate its volunteer and paid fire departments under one command. WEAR TV 3 reports that Ferry Pass Chief Robbie Whitfield, the head of the [...]

Tree ordinance being studied more

Remember that I've told you Pensacola doesn't like to make tough decisions. The latest one is on a stricter tree ordinance (Tree Huggers vs. Developers ). The Planning Board sent it back to staff for further review yesterday. It appears that they want to find a way to pay property owners and [...]

Midway pity party in third week

Midway pity party in third week

The Midway Fire Board and its administration just don't get it. All we have read since the Jan. 29 smackdown vote is how they are laying off people and cutting fire protection services. (Midway Fire District could cut 6 more jobs ) The Board has yet to issue a positive statement on how it will [...]

Obama has eighth consecutive win

Barack Obama wins the Potomac Triple Crown: Maryland, Virginia and District of Columbia. Read: Obama, McCain win Virginia, Maryland, D.C..

Grassroot Soccer

Avery Bullock and two of her fellow soccer team members/classmates, Stephanie Mamelson and Rachel Jones, are holding a 3 v. 3 soccer tournament on March 1st to benefit an organization called Grassroot Soccer. The girls are juniors at Pensacola High School. The event itself is called Kick [...]

Benson new head of ACHA

Holly Benson is taking over as secretary of the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration. Gov. Charlie Crist made the announcement this morning. Benson is replacing Dr. Andrew Agwunobi, who is leaving after a little more than year on the job, to return to the private sector in Washington [...]

Elton John coming to Pcola

Elton John and his band will appear live at Pensacola Civic Center in Pensacola, FL on Friday March 14, 2008. The concert is part of the 2008 Tour: Rocket Man • Number Ones. "The SMG/Pensacola Civic Center management and staff are honored to host Elton John,” said Cyndee Pennington, General [...]

Zieman to wed King of Spin

Gulf Breeze native Sarah Zieman - who works with the Florida Association of Realtors in Tallahassee - is set to marry Albert Martinez. Who? From THE BUZZ - St. Pete Times The king of spin lands a queen She'll kill us for saying, but we didn't hear "off the record," so here [...]

Bay County is getting a new library, too

Their new library will open this April. Does anyone know if the Pensacola City Council even has a plan for renovating or rebuilding its downtown library? Meet Bay County library director: Library queen. ...if only Jack Nobles and Marty Donovan would fight as hard for the library as they have [...]

Stop the Midway madness

Stop the Midway madness

Today's PNJ has gloom and doom viewpoint on the Midway Fire District ( Midway voters, what have you done?) This is ridiculous. Amendment 1 won't cut MFD's funding from property taxes in half. However the MFD is threatening to cut its firefighter workforce in half and close one of its two [...]

Outzen votes keep coming

Outzen votes keep coming

My vote total is now 51! I'm starting to suspect there is home-cooking going on with the vote count in Arizona. Why has it taken so long to complete the vote? I may have actually won, but the GOP power brokers want to give the delegates to McCain.

Fear of clown therapy

I'm not sure this video will help you battle your fear of clowns, but give it a try.

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