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Thursday November 27th 2014

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Should City opt out of pensions and retirement

Should City opt out of pensions and retirement

The total budget for pensions and retirement contributions for Pensacola city employees is $12,810,80. This costs every man, women and child living inside the city limits an average of $237. Maybe we should set up a special assessment for employee benefits instead of fire service. The News [...]

City council now on state retirement

City council now on state retirement

I've been reviewing the City of Pensacola's 2008 approved budget. The Mayor and City Council have added this fiscal year for the first time $23,100 for the Florida Retirement System. This is incredible. It's a tough budget year and they give themselves retirement benefits!!!!! One more reason [...]

More from Feb. 28 council meeting

From the council's follow-up paperwork: Council authorized the City Manager to enter into a ten-year lease with Robert A. Cole d/b/a Bob Cole Imports for use of certain airport property. Council authorized the City Manager to execute a three-year lease agreement with Aero Pensacola in the [...]

Notes: City Council meeting

COUNCIL MEETING, COUNCIL CHAMBERS FEBRUARY 28, 2008, 7 P.M. All members were present at Thursday evening's City Council Meeting. The following issues were discusses in a public hearing format. A) REQUEST TO VACATE RIGHT OF WAY – JEFFERSON STREET – SAENGER THEATER [...]

City held hostage for 542 days

The Community Maritime Park construction will generate 1,500 jobs. The estimated weekly payroll is between $1 and $1.5 million per week - money that would be circulating through our community. It has been 542 days since the city approved the park referendum. Ground has yet to be broken. Don't [...]

Sour milk

If you have a pitcher of sour milk, no matter how many glasses or how small the servings, every glass will contain sour milk. We can not expect better results from our city government, if we continually elect the same people. It will only be more of the same. We have to change the cast of [...]

Tech park may be ambushed

Rumors are flying that a group may try to ambush the Commerce Tech Park tonight at the Pensacola City Council meeting. There may be a push to add a minority contractor set-aside as condition for the city to participate in the project. The Pensacola City Council has yet to make any commitment [...]

Mobile wins again

The National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico - which is located in Mobile - announced Tuesday that the Charting the Course Capital Campaign has topped the $7 million mark thanks to donors who have committed over $1 million since the campaign’s official launch in June 2007. A donation of [...]

Paper halts adult service ads

Unfortunately, it is not our local daily newspaper, but the Orlando Weekly. The Orlando Sentinel reports that its area's alt-weekly, Orlando Weekly, has agreed to forever stop running "adult services" ads in order to have a racketeering charge against the paper dropped. The three newspaper [...]

Ucci on fire call stats

According to PC Ucci - with whom I've not always agreed - the majority of the fire calls of the Pensacola Fire Department aren't fire related. They are medical related. What are we really paying for? Is the proposed fire tax, and really the fire budget itself, a hidden universal healthcare plan [...]

Fire tax on council agenda

Pensacola City Council holds a public hearing tonight on the fire tax. Let's see if the council really understands how they are taxing community to death. Also hear Sam Hall do the pledge from memory. COUNCIL MEETING, COUNCIL CHAMBERS CITY HALL, FEBRUARY 28, 2008, 7:00 P.M. 1. ROLL CALL [...]

Cantonment Catfish pond

We have gotten a copy of the actual stormwater permit that Roads, Inc. got for the super, duper catfish pond in Cantonment. The permit - issued 3/14/06 - says that the excavation is for a catfish pond. The proposed use of the land will be commercial according to the original development review [...]

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