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Friday October 31st 2014

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Touart on WEAR TV 3

WEAR TV reporter has former County Administrator George Touart on his Sunday morning show this weekend - IN Focus, 9 a.m. Here are some of the quotes fby Touart from the promos: "The sheriff and I have been talking for a year. Over one year, Ron McNesby and I, of course, it got derailed when [...]

Countrywide troubles grow

On IN Your Head Radio this Wednesday, Attorney General Bill McCollum reported that he was investigating one of the country's biggest lenders, Countrywide Financial Corp., for possible unfair and deceptive business practices related to its home loans. Today the Associated Press has picked up on [...]

Gannett blogger: ad production may be outsourced

The Gannett Blog reports that the media giant - which owns the Pensacola News Journal, USA Today and other papers - is moving advertising production work to India. Just think your PNJ ad could be produced by designer thousands of miles from Pensacola. The truth is more and more ads are being [...]

Bama studies cancer in Baldwin Co.

The Alabama Department of Public Health has initiated a "pilot investigation of Baldwin County cancer cases" to figure out whether an unusually high number of people in the county are suffering from several rare cancers and neurological diseases. This really is the story of one woman's efforts, [...]

FOX 10 adds this blog to website

FOX 10 adds this blog to website

FOX 10 has a new website devoted to Florida politics. They have added Ricksblog.biz to its coverage along with the Pensacola Beach Blog. I'm sure others will follow soon. The IN news and entertainment empire continues to expand! Check out FloridaPolitics.tv.

Tax Watch report coming

Tax Watch report coming

The much anticipated Tax Watch report on Escambia County finances is rumored to be coming next week. Last fall, Bob Kerrigan, Dick Appleyard and other community leaders hired the Tallahassee watchdog group to analyzed the Escambia County budget and find possible savings. The report could be [...]

Touart Pleads No Contest

Touart Pleads No Contest

WEAR TV 3 reports that former Escambia County administrator George Touart did plead No Contest on his hunting charges in Wisconsin. Channel 3 News has learned George Touart pleaded "No Contest" to illegal hunting and illegal possession of game birds. The charges stem from a hunting trip to [...]

Home Depot lays off 500

Atlanta Constitution Journal reports: The Home Depot announced today a layoff of 10 percent of its Atlanta headquarters. Roughly 500 of the 5,000 employees here were told by their managers that they would be let go as part of the company's response to a chill in homebuilding and a slowing [...]

Grouper fishing may be hurt

The St. Pete Times has a special report how Federal regulators may cut gag fishing in the gulf by 45 percent. Federal regulators took preliminary steps on Jan. 29 to reduce gag grouper fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. The proposed restrictions would close down recreational grouper fishing for three [...]

Paul pleads not guilty

PNJ reports that Defense attorney Frank Russo of St. Petersburg filed a written not guilty plea in court last Friday on Escambia County Schools Superintendent Jim Paul's behalf. The court hearing is next Wednesday on his misdemeanor DUI charge. According to Eric Stevenson, a local attorney who [...]

Why did Pensacola give pay raises?

Ghosts from the past: City of Pensacola automatic pay raises. The City wouldn't be having such a hard time cutting its budget if it hadn't given all its employees pay raises in October. The PNJ writes the Pensacola has to cut its budget $3.4 million because of Amendment 1. The 2007-08 pay [...]

Ricksblog picked up by Creative Loafing

Creative Loafing's blog picked up my analysis on Amendment 1. The link is to my blog. The tax amendment won in South Florida; stunning, really, given the Democratic nature of Broward, you would have thought that the union anti-amendment message would have found more fertile ground, but [...]

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