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Tuesday September 2nd 2014

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Are we in a recession?

The Herald Tribune - Sarasota dares to ask this question. It was their teaser on the story that got my attention: It is a tale of two economies: Anything connected to housing is down, while anything connected to tourism is up. Their analysis is on the Southwest Florida market, but some of [...]

Landfill missing revenues

The daily newspaper reports today that Allied Waste may owe the county over $1 million in tipping fees. And the county has known about it for over a year. The estimates are $508,000 for 2005; $580,000 for 2006; and the audit hasn't been completed for 2007. Had the county collected the money or [...]

Top Florida Blogs

Florida's Most Influential Political blogs (per Blognetnews.com) Rank 1 Blast Off! 2 ricksblog.biz 3 Florida Progressive Coalition 4 Pushing Rope 5 Talk To Me 6 The Buzz 7 Central [...]

Gun shots before/after PHS game

Gun shots before/after PHS game

Both the daily newspaper and WEAR TV have missed this story: There several "shots fired" incidents before and after the PHS-Escambia High game around the Pensacola High School campus. One occurred at E and Maxwell about 10 minutes after the game ended. The area is about 100 yards away from the [...]

Huckabee had ethics problems

Huckabee had ethics problems

I interviewed Max Brantley, editor of the Arkansas Times, on IN Your Head Radio yesterday. He has the most influential political blog in Arkansas. In fact, I wrote about him in July 2006 when we launched this blog - Blog, Blog, Blog. Brantley's blog was a particular thorn in the side of [...]

Fred Thompson coming to Pensacola

Fred Thompson coming to Pensacola

Mark your calendars. The Buzz is Fred Thompson will hold a campaign rally in Pensacola next Friday, November 16. It will be in Seville Square around 11:30 a.m. All the GOP muckity mucks will be there with checkbooks. Remember you read it here first. Be sure to bring your Die Hard II DVD to be [...]

Top 10 War Movies

Just in time for Veterans' Day. Here are my picks for a Veterans' Day movie marathon: 1. Saving Private Ryan - the opening stays with you for days. 2. The Great Escape - Steve MacQueen is cool. 3. Patton - The opening speech is one of the top movie moments of all time. 4. The Dirty Dozen - [...]

School closing economics

Okaloosa County has announced it is closing in 2008 Ocean City Elementary because its enrollment has fallen below 600 students. As reported in the Daily News: It takes about 600 students for an elementary school to be economically viable, officials explained. Escambia County has over a [...]

Positive Business News

Two positive business items this week: High-Tech Business Park - County and City leaders agree to move ahead. Could create 1000 jobs for area. Strategic Health Intelligence Summit - The Chamber hosted this national event brought together nearly 200 local and national health care, military, [...]

King press conference not for us

King press conference not for us

Rev. Hugh King's press conference really wasn't for the white community or the press. It was to defend himself in front of his congregation and the African-American community. There is a strong feeling among blacks in Pensacola and Escambia County that their most outspoken leaders are targeted by [...]

Thompson campaign has Katherine Harris flavor

Thompson campaign has Katherine Harris flavor

Jennifer Marks, the former press secretary for Katherine Harris' senate campaign last year. She will join Tim Buckley in directing the grassroots efforts in the Tampa Bay region. Marks' main job in the Harris campaign was to explain way the insane ramblings of her candidate. Time will tell if [...]

Hammer named Publisher

Former Pensacola New Journal executive editor Randy Hammer has been appointed the publisher of Citizen Times in Asheville, NC. Another local boy makes good. Read Hammer named AC-T publisher

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