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Sunday March 29th 2015

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IN Your Head Radio 7.23 backtracks

Today on IN Your Head Radio: Investigations editor for the Miami Herald Michael Sallah will discuss the paper’s investigative piece on how thousands with criminal records work unlicensed as loan originators. (BTW Michael received a Pulitzer for his book “Tiger Force: A true story of men and [...]

Surprise: Santa Rosa to help Zoo

Just when it seemed inevitable The Zoo would go out of business, the Santa Rosa County Commission tentatively agreed to give its foundation $125,000 a year for the next three years - if they can get an equal commitment from another governmental body or agency. Read Santa Rosa considers grant for [...]

Battle of the drug busts

It's an election year so we are seeing the sheriff's offices in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties making more and more high profile drug busts. First, it was the ECSO in Century. Yesterday a SRCSO raid in Milton tool more than a thousand Ecstasy pills off the street. Expect more before the August [...]

Surprise: Marty Donovan begs for lawsuit

The Pensacola City Council approved in the Committee of the Whole a new financing plan for the Community Maritime Park - 9-1. According to the daily newspaper, the lone dissenter and long-time park opponent, Councilman Marty Donovan said, ""The master development agreement says we will not [...]

IN Your Head Radio backtracks

Friday's interview with Michael Kraskin of Comedy Central's digital media and Jim Banister of SpectrumDNA Click here to listen

Fisher withdraws

From Todd Fisher: To all my supporters, friends and potential voters: I just submitted the following letter (9:15 AM) to David Stafford and withdrew from the Pensacola City Council District 3 race. Obviously I am very troubled and deeply saddened by some recent chain of events but per [...]

U.S. Open champ to open restaurant

Former LPGA U.S. Open winner Donna Caponi will open August 20 a restaurant at Scenic Hills Golf Club. It will be aptly named Caponi’s. In 1969, Donna Caponi won her first U.S. Women’s Open in Pensacola and followed it with another win only a year later. Donna Caponi was the second player in US [...]

Borrowers betrayed

Miami Herald has a big investigative piece on how thousands with criminal records work unlicensed as loan originators. More than half the mortgage professionals registered in Florida -- 120,563 -- entered the industry this decade without being licensed by the state, The Miami Herald [...]

Where’s Crist on air tanker bid?

Alabama Gov. Bob Riley was upset that his state didn't get the Volkswagon plant that went instead to Chattanooga, Tenn. Now he is focusing on Mobile getting the $35 billion Air Force contract to build 600 air tankers over the next 30 years. It would be nice if Florida Gov. Charlie Crist was just as [...]

Scooter revolution

The News Herald reports that scooters are becoming popular in the Panama City area. Why not? They get over 100 miles to the gallon and retail from $2000 to $8000. Read Scooters making sense.

Will PYP wake up for Charter review?

The Pensacola city council is looking to diversify its Charter review commission. Council members have been asked to nominate and eventually appoint a black male, a female, and a white male as alternates to the commission. The Pensacola Young Professionals lost its only commission member when [...]

There ought to be a word

There ought to be a word

Comedy Central is coming on IN Your Head Radio - Morning Edition to talk about Indecision 2008 and a Pensacola version of Political Addictionary. Help us come up with a word for: To shirk your responsibilities as an elected representative and fail to cast your ballot for a bill or resolution [...]

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