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Friday October 24th 2014

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Studer profile

Studer profile

I realize that are those out there who may be wondering why Quint Studer would counsel Jim Paul on alcoholism recovery. Here is a profile I wrote on Studer in July 2005: Read Fire Starter

Escambia County School ZT policy

Here is what the Escambia County student manual says about drugs under Zero Tolerance. There is no special section for alcohol: Drugs: The unlawful use, possession, or sale of a controlled substance as defined in Chapter 893 Florida Statutes by any student while the student is upon school [...]

Florida Zero Tolerance Policy

Here is the Florida law on Zero Tolerance in Public schools, according to FL Department of Education. It doesn't mention alcohol abuse or DUI arrests: 1006.13 Policy of zero tolerance for crime and victimization.-- (1) Each district school board shall adopt a policy of zero tolerance [...]

PNJ has more on Paul

The Saturday edition of the Pensacola News Journal covers how the Escambia County school board did not mention Superintendent Jim Paul's DUI arrest. It also has a few other interesting points: Jim Paul will meet with alcohol counselors next week. He doesn't believe he has a drinking problem, but [...]

Lehman supports McCain

Ronald Reagan's Sec. of the Navy, John Lehman, said on IN Your Head Radio yesterday that he supports John McCain because the Arizona senator understands the danger that terrorism to our nation's and the world's security. "John won't need any time to catch up on the issues when he is elected [...]

GGW prosecutor under attack

GGW prosecutor under attack

State Attorney Steve Meadows has “categorically" denied showing a “Nightline” reporter a videotape of child pornography in the “Girls Gone Wild” case. According to Daily News: Meadows responded to a motion to dismiss the charges against “Girls Gone Wild” founder Joe Francis [...]

The Johnson Treatment

President Lyndon Johnson knew how to convince someone that he was right. He got in their face...literally. See pics

NYT moderates reader comments

The gannettblog reports that The New York Times now has 11 staffers reading and approving online reader comments before they're published, MediaShift says. Jonathan Landman, the NYT's deputy managing editor for digital journalism, says the paper started out with four part-timers doing that [...]

AP has Spears obit ready

I guess the Associated Press thinks Britney Spears won't take the Pensacola News Journal's rumored call for her resignation well. US Weekly reports that the news agency has begun writing Brit’s obituary. AP’s entertainment editor says, “I think one would agree that Britney seems at risk right [...]

Lehman on INYHR

Lehman on INYHR

John McCain supporter John F. Lehman will be IN Your Head Radio today. Lehman served as Secretary of the Navy in the Reagan administration. Should be a great interview.

McCain time change

The John McCain rally will be at 9 a.m. at the PJC gym next Tuesday, Jan. 22. Doors will open at 8 a.m.

IN wants to know

IN wants to know

We could be asking the wrong question of Superintendent Jim Paul. It's not how many glasses of wine, but how big were the glasses? Maybe they serve 16 oz. glasses of wine at the Hard Rock Casino. Yeah, Yeah, that's the ticket. Two huge glasses of wine. Once again this community is letting itself [...]

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