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Saturday February 28th 2015

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City pensions soar 417 percent

That isn't a typo. City pensions and retirements have jumped from $2.479 million in 2001 to $12.814 million in 2007!!!!! Read Feed The Beast And check out the charts

Oops, Santa Rosa Sheriff releases wrong inmate

According to the Daily News, Scott Earl Menefee, 36 of Pace, is being sought by local law enforcement after he was mistakenly released from the Santa Rosa County Jail due to a clerical error by a jail clerk. I wonder if the sheriff's PIO will go on Nancy Grace to discuss this. Read here

Radio : Alan Keyes

Last Tuesday, former Republican presidential candidate Alan Keyes announced that he has left the GOP and is considering joining the Constitution Party.  I will talk to him at 1:00 PM CST on In Your Head Radio. Listen on Newsradio 1620

Two great interviews

From 4.22.08 IN Your Head Radio show: Cameron Smith - Leadership Pensacola Class of 2008 - on recycling - Listen. Aldon Hynes - Power of blogs, Erin Markes and need for civility on the internet - Listen.

Is Alan Scott dropping out?

The buzz tonight is that Alan Scott has dropped out of the Escambia County School Superintendent race. If so, then Malcolm Thomas would be the only Republican still in the race. Stay tuned - you can expect to hear something soon from the Scott camp. Will Ronnie Arnold get back into the race? [...]

Wyche in trouble

We are hearing that John Wyche is in trouble with the parent organization, White Hat Management, for his LifeSkills Center charter school. They are apparently in town and plan to close the school, effective June 30, 2008, due to financial mismanagement.

Radio: Aldon Hynes

 It is Earth Day and I will be talking to Cameron Smith of Leadership Pensacola, Class of 2008, on recycling. He is Project Leader for Live Green Escambia. I also will be talking to Aldon Hynes about his blog Orient-lodge.com. Aldon is in Connecticut has followed the Erin Markes case on his [...]

Note: City Committees 4.21.08

April 21 Committee of the Whole meeting notes: Divisions over east versus west side Pensacola projects surfaced again Monday during a discussion about Penny for Progress funds. In particular, Councilman Robert Townsend compared the lack of improvements in West Pensacola to $350,000 for the Roger [...]

Abusive workplaces

I hate bullies. Over the past few weeks in my travels around town, I've heard more and more young people tell me about abusive bosses and supervisors and hostile workplaces. Not physically - more mental and verbal- yelling, screaming, manipulation and just out and out meanness. Maybe it is a sign [...]

House dumper still free

In September, 2006, Otis English dumped a house on a vacant lot on West Lee Street. Nineteen months later, it still sits on that lot owned by Johnaton Owens. Owens was fined and a lien slapped on his property by Escambia County Code Enforcement, even though he had nothing to do with English or the [...]

Radio: Inside Democratic race

Arkansas Times editor Max Brantley shared his thoughts on the Democratic presidential race on IN Your Head Radio: Listen here.

Radio: Max Brantley

The Editor of the Arkansas Times, Max Brantley, will be on IN Your Head radio to discuss the latest on the Democratic presidential race. Listen on Newsradio 1620

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