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Friday September 19th 2014

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Landfill lessons

Landfill lessons

The daily newspaper carries the latest escapades of the Saufley Landfill (Landfill owner jailed, released). There is a lesson here. Escambia County needs a more stringent permitting process for private landfills. Owners need to verify that they have the expertise to operate the facilities. Bonds [...]

Free, free at last

Sheriff Ron McNesby pleads no contest to charges that stem from a 2004 hunting trip in Wisconsin. The judge adjudicates McNesby guilty of two counts of illegal hunting/possession of game/birds and placing bait with nondegradable material. McNesby has to pay a fine of about $2,500, and his hunting [...]

Taking UWF to the next level

There are two ideas being floated out in the community about how to grow the University of West Florida. One is add football. Central Florida, South Florida and Florida Atlantic - which were on the same level as UWF at one time - have done so and become major colleges. The University of South [...]

Tightest budget year ever?

Tightest budget year ever?

A News Journal article - this one is on City Council funding the arts and culture - opens with In one of the tightest budget years on record for Pensacola's city government, at least three nonprofits today will ask the city for a total of $775,000 to help fund cultural arts, a festival and a [...]

Incorporate to get sidewalk

Incorporate to get sidewalk

The daily newspaper reports that Santa Rosa County is paying for a turn lane and sidewalk for Navarre High School. Cost $65,000. (Navarre student traffic gets break) This is another example of the county performing a city function. Sidewalks should be provided by city government as they are in [...]

Another international symposium coming 2008

2008 Instrumentation Symposium in Pensacola Beach The event is sponsored by the Aerospace, Process Measurement and Control, and Test Measurement divisions of ISA. The event will also include social events, an exhibit, and a technical tour of the area. Industry experts will present papers [...]

Republican HQ for a day

Press Release Escambia County Republican Party Chairman Clay Ingram released the following statement today regarding the Republican Party of Florida holding its Headquarters for a Day in Pensacola: "We welcome the Republican Party of Florida to Pensacola today and are excited to have a chance [...]

Gannett blog

Gannett blog

Over the weekend, I ran across this blog on the owner of the Pensacola News Journal, Gannett - gannettblog.blogspot.com. Its editor says in his profile that he is "not in management. Not a union member. No ax to grind. And Gannett Blog has no formal affiliation with Gannett Co. Inc." Of course, [...]

Are we in a recession?

The Herald Tribune - Sarasota dares to ask this question. It was their teaser on the story that got my attention: It is a tale of two economies: Anything connected to housing is down, while anything connected to tourism is up. Their analysis is on the Southwest Florida market, but some of [...]

Landfill missing revenues

The daily newspaper reports today that Allied Waste may owe the county over $1 million in tipping fees. And the county has known about it for over a year. The estimates are $508,000 for 2005; $580,000 for 2006; and the audit hasn't been completed for 2007. Had the county collected the money or [...]

Top Florida Blogs

Florida's Most Influential Political blogs (per Blognetnews.com) Rank 1 Blast Off! 2 ricksblog.biz 3 Florida Progressive Coalition 4 Pushing Rope 5 Talk To Me 6 The Buzz 7 Central [...]

Gun shots before/after PHS game

Gun shots before/after PHS game

Both the daily newspaper and WEAR TV have missed this story: There several "shots fired" incidents before and after the PHS-Escambia High game around the Pensacola High School campus. One occurred at E and Maxwell about 10 minutes after the game ended. The area is about 100 yards away from the [...]

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