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Saturday July 26th 2014

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Ax the Homestead Tax files PAC organization papers

Press Release: The citizens' constitutional petition initiative to amend Florida's constitution by replacing the current property tax system with a sales tax-based system took another step forward when Ax the Homestead Tax.com PAC of Florida mailed its organization papers to the Florida [...]

Sen. Martinez in town

- and Commissioner Mike Whitehead hasn't challenged him to a fight. Sen. Martinez tours JACC U.S. Senator Mel Martinez (R-Fla.) was in Pensacola in the early morning hours of Monday 13 August on a fact-finding tour of the DoD-VA Joint Ambulatory Care Center.

County land sale buzz

From a concerned citizen: Can you look into why the county is selling what they call surplus land at the Equestrian Center? The land in question is 18 acres of the Equestrian Center. The 18 acres sits next to a new subdivision that will add more houses right next to the center on its west [...]

Nothing gets done

The county salary database has now been used over 22,000 times. As much as the county leaders want to complain about how unfair it was for the IN to publish the salaries, the reality is that the county payroll wouldn't be an issue if the public felt the county was well run and if the local economy [...]

Rove resigns

Karl Rove, President Bush's chief political strategist, plans to leave the White House at the end of August.  Mumbles something about a rats leaving a sinking ship. No word about whether he will move to his beach house in south Walton County.

Escambia County population growth slows

Escambia County population growth slows

The New York Times did an this week on how the demographics are changing for counties around the country - Minorities Now Form Majority in One-Third of Most-Populous Counties. Escambia County has seen its population slow down to a crawl. From the 1990 U.S. Census to the 2000 U.S. Census, [...]

Gannett denies sale

Gannett denies sale

Yesterday the IN Daily News reported (Gannett Selling?)on buzz on the Wall Street Journal that Gannett (owner of the Pensacola News Journal, Bella, Pelican, Home & Garden, Gosport, et al) is preparing to be bought. It caused such a stir that Gannett CEO Craig Dubow responded -"A change in control [...]

Presidential polls

The Kitchens Group - Florida political consulting, marketing and polling firm - has released a Florida poll showing party frontrunners Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani are virtually tied at about 41-40, assuming they go head-to-head. About 16 percent of Florida voters remain undecided. It's [...]

Guiliani names local chairman

GOP presidential candidate Rudy Guiliani has named Kristi Emmons his campaign chairman for Escambia County. Greg Evers was named the Santa Rosa County chair earlier this summer. It appears all the local Republican heavyweights are waiting to see what Fred Thompson will do.

Lessons from County Salaries

What I saw when I reviewed the Escambia County salaries was: 1. We have a great deal of duplication between constitutional officers. Our first step towards to consolidation needs to be developing centralized human resources, purchasing and motor pools. 2. We need an economic strategy to raise [...]

Record Day for Inweekly.net

Our website - inweekly.net - had the most visitors in single day, 9322, on Thursday. This shatters our previous record by nearly 2000! We received reports throughout the day that newspaper racks were empty as the papers flew off the stands. The salary database pushed over page views to nearly [...]

Who makes what?

The Independent News felt that while we're debating our county budget and whether or not we should consolidate both between constitutional officers and with the City of Pensacola that we should look at what we are paying our county employees. And while some employees will be upset that their [...]

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