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Thursday August 21st 2014

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Is the Wild West label unfair?

Besides the Valentine Dance debacle, are there any other incidents involving Escambia County deputies that would support the "Wild West" label? Here are a few from the past year: Dec. 2006: An Escambia County Deputy William Kevin Dennis fired for criminal violations, willful disregard of [...]

Gulf Coast Economics Club floored

Attendees to yesterday's Gulf Coast Economics Club were stunned to have their guest speaker, ret. Col. Bob Pappas, address the group on types of carpets and flooring. In the past, GCEC has Speakers of the House, U.S. Senators and major business leaders and analysts speak. It was on the par with the [...]

What actually happened

This is the newspaper account of the Valentine Dance brawl: Joseph Anthony Nunnari and Robert Marcus Bonifay, who were students at Catholic High School at the time of the dance, admitted to taking part in a fistfight on the dance floor that eventually sparked a clash between students and [...]

Wild West ECSO on trial

The lawsuit between Addison Salter and Escambia County deputies Tim Taylor and Jeremy Jarman in federal court as brought out the Wild West attitude of some deputies. The suit alleges they used excessive force when arresting him at a high school Valentine's dance at the Hadji Shrine Temple. I [...]

Lured by ‘right ingredients’

Herald Tribune reports that Neiman Marcus will be coming to Sarasota (Lured by 'right ingredients' ) An affluent and growing population, combined with a strong seasonal and tourist influx, drew Neiman Marcus to consider opening a store in Sarasota -- despite its presence in Tampa. To paraphrase [...]

IN Your Head Radio

IN Your Head Radio

Today's guests will be Pensacola City Councilman Mike Wiggins on ECAT and Santa Rosa County Property Appraiser Greg Brown on his battle with Florida Dept. of Revenue. AM 1620 - 1 pm to 2 pm    Call in 437-1620.

Question for the day

What is the Escambia Board of County Commissioners' long-term plan for financing Escambia County Area Transit? The funding that was approved yesterday is a band-aid to get ECAT through one more year. The county is putting up $2.4 million, the City of Pensacola $300,000 and fares will probably be [...]

Did Whitehead overplay the Touart deal?

Another point to ponder about the Touart vote is - Did Commissioner Mike Whitehead overplay the severance/retirement package for the county administrator? When the Board of County Commissioners met a week ago, there are two options on the table: 1) Follow the contract and 2)Allow Touart to use [...]

Times they are a changin

I have new respect for Escambia County Commissioners Marie Young and Kevin White. They outmaneuvered fellow Commissioner Mike Whitehead and won the day. At the last two meetings, Young and White seemed a little overwhelmed. Both seemed to be upset about County Administrator George Touart, but [...]

IN Your Head Radio is back

IN Your Head Radio is back

On News Radio 1620 AM from 1-2 p.m today. Guests are Katie White - CMPA board member on the latest on the Vince Whibbs Sr. Community Maritime Park; and IN editor Duwayne Escobedo on the Escambia BOCC vote to not let Touart get state retirement. It's a call in show: 437-1620.

Fred’s real name is Freddie

A Washington Post article on Wikipedia points out that GOP presidential hopeful Fred Thompson is actually Freddie Thompson on his birth certificate. Read more

Touart gets 90 days+leave, nothing more

Escambia County Commissioners Kevin White, Marie Young and Gene Valentino voted this morning to only pay retired County Administrator George Touart for his ninety days and his leave. Mike Whitehead and Grover Robinson had wanted to let Touart use his leave to reach state retirement. Read Duwayne [...]

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