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Monday July 28th 2014

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NYT: Docs paid too much

NYT: Docs paid too much

The New York Times has published an article (The Nation: Sending Back the Doctor’s Bill ) in which economists say that the problem with skyrocketing health care costs is not prescription drugs or insurance company profits, but the high salaries of doctors. Doctors in the United States earn two [...]

PNJ editor “discovers” area’s bitter side

PNJ editor “discovers” area’s bitter side

Pensacola News Journal Executive Editor Richard Schneider asked the daily newspaper's readers to send him "two words that describe your hope for Pensacola, and an additional word, preferably a verb, that describes our current state." Thirty days later, he only got 20 responses and, based on his [...]

NAS does what ECUA should have done

NAS does what ECUA should have done

The Monday edition of the News Journal has an article on how NAS Pensacola decided to forego building a new wastewater treatment plant on the base after Hurricane Ivan. They realized how vulnerable the plant would be to hurricanes.  Instead they are partnering with ECUA to build a pipeline to send [...]

Bomb threat at Whiting

Bomb detection dogs and emergency vehicles were poised and ready when a suspicious package was found in the mailroom early Friday morning at NAS Whiting Field. The package turned out to be nothing more than just ‘suspicious,’ but the base still underwent precautions—like searching [...]

More Sam Hall support

This letter is in support of Sam Hall and his continuing effort to better our city and community. Although Sam and I might not agree on everything, I have found him to be open and receptive to any and all ideas I have presented to him. He seems to be willing to listen and work together to solve [...]

Orlando spends $1.1 billion on its downtown

Orlando, Florida has no Save Our City organization apparently. Yesterday Orange County leaders approved a $1.1 billion plan for a new arena, performing-arts center and major Florida Citrus Bowl upgrades in downtown Orlando. What no referendum? No petitions? Leaders having a vision? The City of [...]

Deputy gets mistrial

Late Thursday night, mistrial was declared in the trial of a former Escambia Sheriff's Deputy accused of beating a teenager. The jury in the trial of Christian Coad could not reach a verdict. The judge had no choice but to declare the mistrial. The case will be retried in late September. A [...]

Dirty kilowatts

Dirty kilowatts

Electricity plants owned by Alabama Power Co. ranked prominently in a report by the Environmental Integrity Projec which lists the 50 dirtiest in the nation. The Barry Steam Plant in Mobile County ranked 40th. Our Crist Plant - that supplies electricity to NW FLorida - was not in the top [...]

$300,000 choices

According to Mark O'Brien's column, ECAT needs $300,000 to stay in operation two more months. That figure - $300K - has popped up a lot lately. The County Commission gave Sheriff McNesby $300,000 to continue his work in Brownsville. Judge Shackelford's decision to keep Leonard Black in jail has [...]

Baby payola

Baby payola

Our beloved daily newspaper has found a new way to raise money - charge people to vote for their baby's photo to be in the paper's new calendar. It's part of the new Pcolamoms.com website. You pay 25 cents to vote - and you have to vote at least $5 worth, if you vote online. Each baby with at [...]

Escambia County socialism

Here's an email that like the July 26th Outtakes ( Give It All You Got ): You are the man. Finally a journalist that is willing to say something. I have been asking the same questions. I constantly see the waste. I have recently figured it out. The problem is a weak commission wanting to be [...]

Another letter supporting Hall

Dear Sam: In light of recent events, some will encourage you to back off, quiet down, rejoin the ranks, etc. Please don't. The community cannot wait for prosperity to miraculously occur while "being really nice". Continue to find ways to articulate professional, constructive criticism [...]

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