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Sunday March 29th 2015

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PNJ story on ECUA was incredible

People are really scratching their heads over yesterday's PNJ story on ECUA dropping its lawsuit against Escambia County over mandatory use of the landfill. The daily newspaper made it look like ECUA is a champion of curbside recycling and the withdrawal of the suit is somehow proof. What we [...]

Notes: BCC 5.22 Budget

COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE BUDGET WORKSHOP BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS Escambia County Government Complex 221 Palafox Place May 22, 2008. 9 a.m. Call to Order at 9:04 a.m. All County Commissioners were present. 2001/2007 Comparison Escambia County Full-Time Employees This item was [...]

End GOB Rule

We need Mike Whitehead to step down as Escambia County Commission chairman or the other commissioners need to remove him - Tall Tales. We have to end GOB (Good Ole Boy) rule. It is killing this county and its image around the region, state and country. Email and call the commissioners and let [...]

CMP can be built

We do not have to wait for Florida Supreme Court. Read: Park Financing Back On Track

Notes: ECUA 5.21.08 – Walker was there

The May 21 ECUA Citizen’s Advisory Committee meeting opened with a short member forum and ended with an informative update about the replacement of the downtown sewer plant. Board chair Lois Benson asked, “When we acted as a board last time regarding the recycling proposal we did not adopt a [...]

Will Crist be McCain’s VP? or me?

Gov. Charlie Crist is actively seeking to Sen. John McCain's running mate. He will not give up the governorship unless he is elected vice president. With McCain's age and health in question, Crist could become president...which is scary. What would happen if McCain dies or becomes seriously ill [...]

ECUA spins dropping lawsuit

I love the title and subtitle of this PNJ article: Landfill lawsuit trashed - Moves Escambia closer to countywide curbside recycling . ECUA dropped the suit because it couldn't win. The Florida Supreme Court had already given the county the power to require all garbage collected in the county [...]

IN Your Head Radio Playback

In case you missed the show, you can click on the links below to hear the following calls Santa Rosa County Commissioner Gordon Goodin Escambia County School Board Member Jeff Bergosh on the envelope of doom

IN Your Head Radio 5.21

The Headline was “Teacher Fired for Wizardry” … that is not exactly what happened, but once the story hit the internet, the truth of the matter was lost. Jeff Solocheck, a writer for the St. Petersburg Times, will explain how the story of the firing of a Pasco County substitute teacher [...]

Notes: School Board 5.20

School board members got an earful from unhappy residents at their recent meeting, as over two dozen came forward to express concerns about possible budget cuts that may include closing Carver Century School and reducing transportation for the PATS Center. (more…)

McCain freed Cuba

Trying to get Cuban Americans to remember his role in the Spanish-American War, Sen. John McCain used the anniversary of Cuban independence from Spain to shore up support among traditionally Republican Cuban-American voters Tuesday while reaching out to other Hispanics on issues of free trade and [...]

Leader press sheriff to cut budget

Unfortunately, it is not in Escambia County, but Broward. There County Commissioners are pressing the Sheriff Al Lambert to cut more from his budget his $719.2 million budget than the 2% that he has proposed. Here ECSO has proposed closing to substations for $250,000 savings. I'm not sure where [...]

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