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Wednesday November 26th 2014

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Passing Gas With Joe Scarborough

From the Boston Dig: I caught up with MSNBC host Joe Scarborough and pressed him on the few fireworks that crackled during the debates. The Republican debate could have been titled “Versus Romney,” given the comical beating inflicted on Mitt the Mormon from all quarters. Commenting on the [...]

Burt loses final appeal

Anti-abortion activist John Burt lost his final appeal this week in the Florida 1st District Court of Appeal in Tallahassee. He was arrested and charged in 2003 with four counts of lewd or lascivious child molestation and one count of lewd/lascivious misconduct. He was sentenced in 2004 to 18 years [...]

No ruling on CMP funding

Another Thursday passes without the Florida Supreme Court issuing a ruling on whether or not Community Redevelopment Agencies can issue bonds using the tax dollars for repayment. First we were told the court would make a decision in November. Then it was December. Meanwhile CMPA meets today to [...]

Dowd tackles Clinton crying

Maureen Dowd writes on Hillary's crying moment: When I walked into the office Monday, people were clustering around a computer to watch what they thought they would never see: Hillary Clinton with the unmistakable look of tears in her eyes. A woman gazing at the screen was grimacing, saying [...]

Wear Orange Protest

Wear Orange Protest

The American Civil Liberties Union is calling on people "opposed to torture and indefinite detention to WEAR ORANGE to symbolize their sadness and disgust with the national shame that is Guantánamo Bay." Jan. 11, 2008, is the six-year anniversary of the first arrival of prisoners at Guantánamo [...]

Jim Paul arrested

As you may have already heard, Escambia County Superintendent of Schools Jim Paul was arrested this morning at 3:30 a.m. in Clearwater, Fl an charged with DUI. We made the arrest the focus of today's IN Your Head Radio show. We had six callers over the hour - 5 asking for his resignation, 1 saying [...]

Armed Robbery Suspects Caught

The U.S. Marshall Service reports that the U.S. Marshals North Florida Violent Fugitive Task Force apprehended two suspects wanted in connection with an armed robbery in Pensacola. he U.S. Marshals North Florida Violent Fugitive Task Force apprehended two suspects wanted in connection with [...]

Tobacco suit deadline is Friday

Tobacco suit deadline is Friday

If you want to go after the country's five largest tobacco and blame them for your health problems, you must your case by tomorrow to capitalize on a Florida Supreme Court ruling. The Sun-Sentinel reports: In July 2000, a Miami-Dade County jury leveled a $145 billion damages verdict — [...]

Delegate count

With all the talk about the presidential races being close, let's look at the actual delegate counts. Romney leads on the GOP side. Clinton has the most delegates on the Democratic side. Even though McCain won New Hampshire he only has 4 more delegates than Fred Thompson. Democrats Clinton [...]

Walton County gets biodiesel plant

Walton County Commission voted to approve a contract for Gulf Coast Energy Inc. to an ethanol and biodiesel plant in Mossy Head that will be the nation’s first facility to produce both fuels at the same site. The plant will use rendered chicken fat and soybean oil to make biodiesel, according [...]

Tallahassee still messing with education

Tallahassee still messing with education

Spoke with a friend in Tallahassee yesterday about what is going with the state legislature which is holding its committee meetings. When it comes to education, the big talk is centering around outlawing baggy pants and making P.E. mandatory for middle schools. Now the state is already requiring [...]

10 Lottery Winners Who Shared the Wealth

10 Lottery Winners Who Shared the Wealth

Not every lottery winner divorces his/her wife or husband, spends foolishly and dies broke. Check out this list

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