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Thursday October 2nd 2014

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Calling for Change

From John Peacock: DESPARATELY WANTED/NEEDED – CHANGE!!! Over the past few weeks there has been much discussion within our community about our system(s) of government, consolidation of services, and the overall leadership abilities or capabilities of our elected officials.  This is a great [...]

Hall asks for input on Saenger funding

Got his email from Pensacola City Councilman Sam Hall: Fellow Pensacolians: Here's the scorecard regarding additional funding for the Saenger Theater renovation: Phone calls and e-mails in favor of the funding:  SEVERALPhone calls and e-mails against the funding:  ZERO Regardless of which [...]

Drop FCAT. Save money

According to Florida Department of Education, the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) costs $12.84 per student - about $22 million annually. The state spends another $157 million rewarding schools and districts for their scores. If we drop FCAT, we save a minimum of $179 million - 16 to [...]

State budget crisis

Psst, when we look at the state $71-plus billion budget, remember Gov. Charlie Crist cut a record $459 million from it using his line item veto power. Rep. Murzin, Ford and Evers, along with Sen. Peaden and Gaetz, would rather us overlook that. It's much more fun picking on local [...]

Santa Rosa County – NFL

Santa Rosa County had two players on the TV yesterday: Chicago Bear fullback Jason McKie - Gulf Breeze High grad- and New York Giant kicker Lawrence Tynes - Milton High graduate. Pensacola has Derrick Brooks, of course. It is truly amazing how many great athletes this area produces.

GAO: Homeland Security failing

In this age of accountablility, the GAO (Government Accountability Office) stands for independence as ti reviews various government programs and initiatives. This past week, the GAO issued report card on the Dept. of Homeland Security - which has ballooned to 220,000 employees. The DHS has [...]

Florida Supreme Court ruling

Since it may impact our future, I found a copy of the Florida Supreme Court ruling on Dr. Greg Strand vs. Escambia County. Read Strand ruling Who is Dr. Greg Strand? A local veterinarian who is president of the Escambia County Citizens Coalition.

Main St. Plant relocation should be ok, too

While the PNJ mentions that the relocation of the Main Street Sewage Treatment plant may be in jeopardy because of the Florida Supreme Court Ruling (Ruling may affect park plan), that plan should be okay since it doesn't involve a bond issue financed by CRA funds.

Save Our City favor

Save Our City may have a done the Community Maritime Park a big favor by forcing a referendum on the park proposal last year. A Thursday ruling by the Florida Supreme Court requires a voter referendum before bonds can be repaid with money generated through special tax-increment finance districts. [...]

Details of retirement

Details of retirement

Touart read his retirement statement ( Text of Touart's statement (pdf)) last night, but what does it mean? IN editor Duwayne Escobedo has been trying to find the details. Read: Touart's Golden Parachute? There is a working draft being circulated on the actual settlement and release agreement [...]

Press – the villain

Former county administrator George Touart and several of the Escambia County Commissioners tried to cast the press as the villain in the Touart melodrama. The press reported the facts about Touart's business dealings. If the county commissioners believed that the county administrator did no [...]

Handcapping BOCC Vote

What would it take to terminate County Administrator George Touart? A Escambia County commissioner could make a motion to amend Gene Valentino's agenda item to suspend Touart to be termination. There would have to be a second and then four votes to fire Touart. Which commissioner could make [...]

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