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Saturday November 1st 2014

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Local budget summit needed

It's time all the constitutional officers, county commissioners and city councils to get together and look at consolidation. Where can they share costs? How can money be saved? Last winter, I suggested a blue ribbon panel to study consolidation ("Feeding at the Trough" ), but no one wanted to [...]

Why do services have to be cut?

The daily newspaper has an article that asserts that property tax cuts mean services cuts (aptly headlined "Tax cuts mean service cuts "). Why? Shouldn't the first step be to look at payroll? We can cut employees without cutting services. Don't cut frontline personnel - firefighters, police, "on [...]

Girls Gone Wild in Destin – no way

Girls Gone Wild in Destin – no way

Girls Gone Wild owner has been trying to remake his image as I've reported on this blog. Joe Francis has bought ads on the websites of all the daily newspapers in Northwest Florida pushing his site: MeetJoeFrancis.com. On the site, Francis claims a Destin city official has asked him to film there. [...]

Saufley is not only bad landfill

Saufley is not only bad landfill

The daily newspaper reports that there will yet another delay on the Saufley Landfill clean up. However, there is another problem landfil - Coyote Landfill in Navarre which is polluting the air with hydrogen sulfide. The Daily News reports that a letter has been sent to Gov. Charlie Crist asking [...]

Godzilla has website

Godzilla has website

Escambia County School Board member Jeff Bergosh has his own website in which he goes after the Pensacola News Journal - jeffbergosh.net. Bergosh asserts that he has been targeted by the PNJ: The truth is crystal clear; I’m just a small town, part time school board member that made the PNJ [...]

Crist makes Facebook

Crist makes Facebook

During the heat of the debate over the budget and property tax reform, Gov. Charlie Crist decided to have a few cold ones at Big Daddy's in Tallahassee  - a favorite FSU student bar. Several Crist photos made the Facebook pages of the college students at the bar. The Sarasota Herald Tribune had [...]

New FEMA low

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has hit a new low by rigging a press conference with fake reporters. FEMA announced the news conference last Tuesday with 15 minutes' notice and provided an 800 number for reporters, but it was not set up to take questions. When no reporters showed up, FEMA [...]

Cost of War

The Orlando Weekly calculates the cost of the Iraq War and what the money could have been spent on: On Oct. 23, President Bush asked Congress for an additional $46 billion in war-related funding. That’s on top of the $147 billion the Department of Defense has already asked for, and the $3.7 [...]

Council supports bottle clubs

With 6-3 vote (DeSorbo absent), the Pensacola City Council ignored the requests of its Police Chief and downtown business owners and residents and reversed its earlier decision to close bottle clubs at 3 a.m. like other nightspots --one's that actually have liquor licenses. According to the PNJ: [...]

BTW: Strong mayor is dead

Watch the Pensacola City Council's Committee of the Whole video and you will realize that the council has no intent of making any meaningful changes to charter or the current power structure. The charter review committee and its final report will get the same attention, respect and results as Jerry [...]

Bottle Club showdown

City Council's vision for Pensacola is a bottle club that stays open to 5 a.m.  Yeah!  Come live and invest in Downtown and the Belmont-Devilliers....just step over the broken glass on the sidewalks - hire extra security - and invest in good outdoor lighting and alarms. The vote is tonight.

Story is the Story

The Florida Chamber of Commerce at its annual meeting in Sandestin has installed its new president: Susan Story, CEO and president of Gulf Power. She replaces former Lt. Gov. Toni Jennings as chamber president for the coming year.

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