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Friday March 27th 2015

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Markes on Myspace

The 19 year old mother accused of neglecting her 4 year old son - who was brought to a local hospital in March only weighing 10 pounds - has a myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/wishful88 The song that plays when you load the site is When You Say Nothing at All. She describes herself [...]

Sam sworn in

David A. Sam officially was inaugurated as the head of Germanna Community College Friday afternoon. Sam was vice president for academic affairs at Pensacola Junior College. Read: Sam sworn in at GCC

Wall Street Journal tackles hospitals

WSJ focused on the huge profits reported by non-profit healthcare systems - Nonprofit Hospitals, Once For the Poor, Strike It Rich. Riding gains from investment portfolios and enjoying the pricing power that came from a decade of mergers, many nonprofit hospitals have seen earnings soar in [...]

Baptist merger costs county $1.07 million

If Baptist mergers/buys West Florida Hospital and the Davis Highway complex becomes a non-profit entity, Escambia County will lose $1,070,436 in property taxes annually. Not saying the merger/purchase is a bad thing, but the property tax base will shrink. County commissioners and the school [...]

Tale of two film festivals

Sarasota and Pensacola are about the same size. Pensacola has a dinky film festival that has a quiet cult following. It lasts two or three days - it's sort of hard to figure out if the films playing at some of the venues are part of the festival or just showing at the theaters. The 2008 Sarasota [...]

Escambia – Murder Capitol of NWFL

The Uniform Crime Reports Program of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement has released the 2007 Annual Statewide Crime Report. Once again, Escambia County is the Murder Capitol of Northwest Florida (20 - up from 11 in 2006), although Bay County is closing in with 8 murders (up from [...]

Picking up pennies, missing the dollars

The local daily newspaper writes on the Myrtle Grove firefighters being upset that County Commissioner Mike Whitehead played golf rather than attended their firehouse celebration. That's news? It is more the subject of a letter to the editor or Mark O'Brien's opines. Nothing has been written [...]

County ombudsman to be created

The PNJ story on county reorganization missed a key point. The restructuring creates an "Ombudsman" position. The Ombudsman will hear taxpayers' complaints or suggestions about county service and be tasked with helping the county improve or solve the problem, if possible. Ideally you wouldn't [...]

Markes victim of the system, not criminal

Dianna Fitzgerald, founder of the National Lissencephaly Network, believes Erin Markes is courageous mother who is a victim of the local justice system. In an interview on IN Your Head Radio, Fitzgerald says that she thinks it's a miracle that Markes kept her son alive this long. Listen to [...]

Steve Alten interview

Paul Craig Roberts, known as the Father of Reaganomics, was a former editor and columnist for The Wall Street Journal and columnist for Business Week and the Scripps Howard News Service. He recently spoke out about an explosive new book, The Shell Game, written by best-selling author Steve [...]

Notes: BCC regular meeting 4.03.08

Rawson's Providence Manor final plat passed unanimously. His Roads, Inc was given two more road contracts - Blue Pit Drainage Improvements for $126,126; Ziglar Road Improvements for $136,126.90. This was very good meeting for Rawson/Roads Inc. There was one exchange between Commissioners White [...]

Ford suggest deep cuts to commission salaries

According to WEAR's Dan Thomas, Clay Ford has suggested to putting county commissioner pay on equal footing with state legislators. In Escambia County that would mean a pay cut of about 44 grand a year... Santa Rosa commissioners would lose about 25 grand a year and Okaloosa County [...]

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