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Saturday April 19th 2014

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Ford wins Gulf Breeze and race

Ford 713 Scarborough 310 Banjanin 81 Hart 55

Esc. Co. Final Results

GOP Primary Tom Banjanin  1,152   (19.8%) C.V. (Clay) Ford       1,737   (29.9%)           Lyn Hart         1,264   (21.7%) George Scarborough   1,660   (28.6%) Democratic Primary Election Elizabeth Campbell   1,835   (51.1%)           [...]

John Mayer concedes race

John Mayer concedes race

Aqua Teen Hunger Force wants a recount.

Pensacola Christian goes for Ford

Big surprise: Banjanin 36 Ford 217 Hart 7 Scarborough 34 FYI: only 18 people voted Democrat at PCC...proves Satan is everywhere

Esc. County results – 44 of 45 precincts

GOP Primary  C.V. (Clay) Ford         1,731   (29.9%) George Scarborough   1,646   (28.5%) Democratic Primary Elizabeth Campbell     1,819   (51.5%) John H. Wyche           1,710   (48.5%)

Early results

30 of 45 Precincts Reporting* Total Eligible Voters: 62,604 (Republican: 28,289 Democrat: 34,315) Republican Primary Election State House of Representatives, District 3 Candidate         Votes   Precinct Details Tom Banjanin      861      (20.7%) C.V. (Clay) Ford  [...]

Good Luck to the Candidates

Next 12 hours will determine who will have the Republican and Democratic nominations for House District 3. By now, all the candidates are worn out. They've been on emotional roller coasters - agonzing over mailers and ads; raising money; knocking on doors; waving at corners and having their lives [...]

Mail and phone call: 2/5/07

Mail and phone call: 2/5/07

All four GOP candidates have worked hard. Yesterday was relatively quiet day at the Outzen household only one mailer - a flyer with a letter by Sara Scarborough supporting her husband George - and a real (human on the line) phone call from one of Clay Ford's sons - spoke to my wife. Watched Aqua [...]


Alright, all 13,872 people who visited this blog over the past week need to vote in the House District 3 race - that is if you live in the district and are registered as a Republican or Democrat. The debates, barbs and smack mean nothing unless you and everyone you know votes. This Republic [...]

M.J. memories

M.J. memories

We're working on a tribute article on M.J. for our Feb. 8th. Please email our editor Duwayne Escobedo (duwayne@inweekly.net) your favorite stories about M.J. Menge. Or your phone number and Duwayne will try to call you. Our deadline is tomorrow so we need them asap. Thx, Rick

Hawkshaw: bands emailing info

Hawkshaw: bands emailing info

As of noon, a dozen local bands have emailed, called or dropped on CD's. There is a nice groundswell happening. Please keep emailing me at rick@inweekly.net. We will have an entertainment committee that decides on the local bands. Would like to have a readers poll, too, and let it be a part (not [...]

MJ Menge is dead

Dammit. Life isn't fair. The very best of us is gone. I'll write more when my tears dry and my heart stops aching.

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