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Tuesday March 3rd 2015

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Video of Studer Speech

We have loaded an eight-minute clip of Quint Studer's speech last night at the ceremony where he and Rishy gave $2.25 million to UWF for the maritime museum. Go to inweekly.net

One more Manning Story

One more Manning Story

From my favorite daily newspaper, St. Pete Times. It's on Cooper, the oldest Manning son. It was originally published in 2004, but it's still a good read. Read: The other Manning

Midway Fire still sulking

Want a great quote? Just call Midway Fire Chief Stephen Demeter - the highest paid government worker in South Santa Rosa County. Demeter is telling the Pensacola News Journal that the district could lay off as many as 14 more firefighters and close one of its two stations. We have been told that [...]

Taxing strip clubs

Rep. Rick Kriseman, D-St. Petersburg, has proposed a law, House Bill 751, that would create a sales tax on adult entertainment services to provide nursing home residents and others more spending cash. Lap dances won't be taxed, but admission into the strip clubs will. The bill defines adult [...]

Outzen candidacy has its day

Outzen candidacy has its day

The Outzen for President campaign has its day of reckoning in the Arizona Primary today. Currently, McCain is up by 16 in his home state — the weakest home-state standing among top candidates. I've got 17....votes that is and those are shaky. If you know anybody in Arizona, email them and ask [...]

Immigration battle comes to Santa Rosa

Yesterday, 13 workers at Panhandle Growers, a Santa Rosa County nursery, were arrested and charged with giving their employer Social Security numbers of people who are in the united states legally. Reportedly, some of the social security numbers being used were traced back to 6, 8, 10 year old [...]

AllState defends itself

AllState Insurance had its day before the Senate Select Committee on Property Insurance Accountability to answer claims it was gouging Floridians on their home insurance. Daily News reports: Allstate Floridian Chairman and CEO Joe Richardson reminded the committee that his company paid out [...]

Baldwin Co. out does Escambia again

PNJ columnist Reggie Dogan will be pleased to know that Baldwin County has better prostitution than Escambia County...or at least they can arrest more people when they have a sting operation. The Mobile Press Register reports that between mid-January and the first of this month, Baldwin County [...]

Bay Co. Airport on again…maybe

The News Herald reports that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has reinstated a Section 404 permit clearing the resumption of construction work on the Panama City-Bay County International Airport. Hundreds of miles away - in U.S. District Court in Jacksonville on Monday, attorneys for the Florida [...]

Tax Watch: Cost for General Govt Services

The per capita expenditure for general government services: State avg: $215 Escambia: $244 Leon: $189 Manatee: $206 Marion: $169 TaxWatch did say that it's possible Escambia County may classify its General Government Services differently than the other counties. The March report will [...]

TaxWatch preliminary report

Florida Tax Watch CEO/President Dominic M. Calabro reports that Escambia County's operating millage rate is higher than the state average and three comparable counties: Leon, Marion, Manatee. From 1999 to 2006, the rate stayed the same for the county (8.75) while taxable property values [...]

No Springfest this year

Press Release from Bobby Marcus: -- For the last nine months the Springfest Board has aggressively pursued public and private sector sponsorships needed to produce Springfest 2008. Due to the current business and economic climate, Springfest, Inc., in a vote of the Board of Directors made [...]

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