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Wednesday November 26th 2014

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PNJ Dogan asks Touart to resign

News Journal columnist Reggie Dogan wrote at open letter to County Administrator George Touart asking him to resign. Frankly, we have lost trust in you. You are no longer credible. We no longer believe in your ability to serve and lead this county. Read: Time for Touart to finally do the right [...]

Letter on Roads Inc

Chairman White, Commissioners Young, Valentino, Robinson and Whitehead: I have read the supposed "agreement" that Mr. Touart promised would provide a definitive timeline for the Hillock pit project. (roads-inc-ltr-8-28-07.pdf) Quotes from the WEAR news story: July 16, 2007 "Now, this [...]

Let’s Get Our Money’s Worth

The group - Civic Concern - is pushing for PIP renewal: When the Florida Legislature convenes the special session scheduled to begin September 18, it will cost taxpayers $40,000 a day. To date, legislative leadership is insisting they will focus solely on making essential budget reductions, [...]

Lead by example

When the head of county government has a employee leasing business and a real estate investment company, what is the example that he is setting for all his employees? It's okay to have other businesses. In fact, you're stupid if you don't. No matter how much you make as a county employee it's [...]

Appearance beyond reproach

When we raise our kids, we teach them the difference between right and wrong. We tell them that just because you can do something - it doesn't mean you should. There's nothing illegal about a preacher regularly going to a strip club, throwing keg parties or gambling in Biloxi, but is that who [...]

Touart defends himself

In a exclusive phone interview, County Administrator George Touart defended himself against the latest disclosures made by the Pensacola News Journal. He sincerely believes that he has done nothing wrong. Yes, he should have disclosed his relationship with developers Neal Nash and Ronnie Swaine, [...]

We’re no lawyers

But it does appear County Administrator George Touart has an ethics issue: Here is the law: (7)CONFLICTING EMPLOYMENT OR CONTRACTUAL RELATIONSHIP. (a)No public officer or employee of an agency shall have or hold any employment or contractual relationship with any business entity or any [...]

Longer BOCC meetings

Longer BOCC meetings

The Board of County Commissioners will have to add additional half hour to its meetings for County Administrator to go over all this relationships with various parties involved in the staff recommendations on the agenda. Then each commissioner will need to report on any property purchases or [...]

Back to the Future with George

A week after County Administrator George Touart was verbally reprimanded by the Escambia County commission for side business deals with parties involved in a $1.41 million land purchase by the county, the Pensacola News Journal uncovers more deals. None appear to be illegal on the surface, but all [...]

Touart hole gets deeper

The PNJ has uncovered more on County Administrator George Touart and his business dealings with people who do business with Escambia County. Touart's employee leasing company, Global Employment Services Inc, has done business with a major county contractor, RW Beck. RW Beck has done more than [...]

Germ of an idea

Germ of an idea

After I realized that the Escambia Sheriff's total budget was nearly $30 million more than the entire City of Pensacola budget, it became very apparent how unfair it is for Pensacola residents to pay for Escambia County Sheriff's Office (ECSO). City property owners should pay for the jail and [...]

What is the ECSO budget

What is the ECSO budget

The Escambia County Sheriff's Office proposed budget for 2007-08 can not be found anywhere online. From the Escambia County website we can learn that from the general fund ECSO gets $79,700,000 plus $71,725 from Article V fund, $12,775 from handicapped parking fund and $3,181,818 from Local Option [...]

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