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Friday December 19th 2014

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Get away from FCAT overload

The Miami Herald reports that the Broward County School Board is fed up with FCAT overload and wants to scale back the relentless, one-size-fits-all FCAT preparation in their school system. They have actually formed a committee to develop a pilot progran that will teach the state curriculum without [...]

Attacking Studer

A favorite pastime for posters on pnj.com - and even on this blog at times - is to blame Quint Studer for everything. We saw it all through the Community Maritime Park debate and it has lingered ever since. Who is Quint Studer? A nationally recognized healthcare expert who has made a difference [...]

Coulter not taken seriously

Columnist Mark Bowden writes: Coulter herself is not taken seriously by serious people, so her attacks are a little bit like being pelted by cotton balls. She represents a form of journalism free of real reporting or even modest research, which is very popular today. "Facts" are not things to be [...]

Health care remains an issue

The UAW agreement with General Motors has key provision regarding health care. It sets up a health care trust that would get G.M.’s massive liability off its books. According to the NY Times: G.M.’s key demand was the trust, called a voluntary employee benefit association, or VEBA. The VEBA, [...]

Perdido Key Annual Whine Fest

For the past 20 years, every August or September - right before the county budget is finalized - the residents and business owners of Perdido Key protest how they are treated like the red-headed stepchild of Escambia County. It starts again today with Mark O'Brien's column in the PNJ. Perdido [...]

IN Your Head Radio

IN Your Head Radio

On today's show, I will interview Bobby Marcus on Springfest and Escambia County Commissioner Gene Valentino. NewsRadio 1620 AM 1 p.m to 2 p.m.

Morning Joe official

MSNBC has made it official. The wake-up broadcast "Morning Joe" - starring local boy Joe Scarborough - will stay on the air from 5-8 a.m. His night show, "Scarborough Country" will be replaced by "Live with Dan Abrams." Joe and MSNBC will move to NBC's New York headquarters at 30 Rockefeller [...]

Human trafficking reported again

On June 7, the IN reported on human trafficking in Northwest Florida (Shauna's Story of Slavery ). At the time the Escambia County Sheriff's Office denied there was a problem in the Panhandle and put pressure on several of sources to stop talking to us. Air America Radio picked up the story [...]

Touart fallout

There are several points still being discussed around town about the Touart debacle: 1 Is County Attorney Janet Lander's job in jeopardy? She came across about being more concerned about George Touart's paycheck than the county. Why did she not ask for a state ethics ruling or for the state [...]

Strand: new hero of the do-nothings

The daily newspaper had a profile on Gregg Strand, the veterinarian, (Man wasn't out to change state ). Strand is the president of the Escambia County Citizens Coalition, a Save Our City type of organization with a weekly BLAB show that spouts conspiracies and offers no solutions. Check out ECCC [...]

Court will rehear TIF arguments

Don't get out the Vote "Yes" for the Community Maritime Park signs yet. We may not have to hold another referendum on the waterfront park. In an unusual move, the Florida State Supreme Court agreed Thursday to reconsider a Sept. 6 landmark decision that said local governments need to get voter [...]

Kevin White interview

Yesterday on IN Your Head Radio (NewsRadio 1620), I interviewed Escambia County Commissioner Kevin White. He said that the Touart vote for him was simply following the county administrator's contract. "If he wanted something else, then he (Touart) should have negotiated a better deal," White [...]

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