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Saturday March 28th 2015

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D&D creator dies

D&D creator dies

Dungeons & Dragons creator Gary Gygax died at his home in Lake Geneva on March 4. He was 69. The tabletop fantasy game Dungeons & Dragons started the role-playing phenomenon. Local authorities are looking for an elf dressed in purple and red that goes by the name Lord Balow.

Grover offers to take 5 percent pay cut

Comm. Grover Robinson moved that all the county commissioners offer to take a five percent cut in their salaries ($76,034). -which is the same pay cut that they may be asking managers and department heads to take. His motion at the Committee of the Whole meeting died without a second.

Sheriff offers to cut budget 3.75 percent

According to memo from Jean Kassab, Escambia County Sheriff Ron McNesby is asking for $76,706,683 which is $2,993,317 less than his current budget - 3.75 percent cut. This is still more than his 2005-06 actual expenses ($70,420,168) and his 2006-07 budget ($76,437,796). The county estimates [...]

Notes on Commission Workshop

Here are our notes on today's Escambia County Commission - Committee of the Whole meeting: Plan to get to a balanced budget on by June 15. County Budget Manager Amy Lovoy opened the meeting with a review of new budget items and issues. Firstly, EMS operations will need a subsidy from the [...]

Unsealed global child porn ring indictment papers

Here is a pdf of the indictment papers: 022122008.pdf

Pensacola makes ABC news for child porn ring

From ABC News about a Global Child Porn Ring indicted in Pensacola. The FBI has arrested 12 Americans for their alleged participation in a sophisticated international child pornography ring that distributed more than 400,000 images and videos of child sexual abuse. ...The 34-count [...]

County staff offers budget priorities

Here is how county staff sees the county priorities: Required Sales Tax Bonds 5,772,728.00 Required 1997 GBLP Loan 919,150.00 Required Central Energy Loan 315,243.00 Required Leonard Street Energy Plant 464,870.00 Required Medicaid 3,500,000.00 Required Department of Juvenile Justice [...]

County starts off in budget hole

Jean Kassab, Director of Administrative Services sent a memo to the Escambia County Commission for today's budget workshop. She anticipates a $12 million reduction in the General Fund due to Amendment 1. She projects several budget increases. EMS will need $1 million subsidy to "maintain current [...]

No Escambia County delegate for National Convention

The Democrats met last weekend to chose the official delegates to the National Democratic Convention. No one from Escambia County was selected. No one. Judy Byrne Riley, Niceville - Clinton delegate Bill Vincent,Gulf Breeze - Edwards delegate Naomi Hardison, Ft. Walton Beach - Obama [...]

City and county must cut jobs

WEAR TV 3 interviewed Pensacola City Manager Tom Bonfield on how the City will cut $4-$5 million from its budget. Bonfield said that it means 70-90 workers could get laid off. From the news report: Pensacola has 6 hundred employees eligible for job cuts. He's not saying which departments [...]

Legislative delegation provides cosmetic leadership

Legislative delegation provides cosmetic leadership

In the Sunday edition of the News Journal, an article on our local state legislative delegation listed their proposed bills for the 2008 session. Sen. Don Gaetz had the most impressive list: managed healthcare, illegal immigrants, truth in government, school grading systems. Rep. Clay Ford: [...]

City held hostage 545 days

545 days since the CMP referendum was passed. 545 days without 1500 construction jobs and their $1 million dollar payroll circulating through the city. 1 year, 5 months, 27 days. 47,088,000 seconds 784,800 minutes 13,080 hours 77 weeks (rounded down)

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