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Tuesday September 23rd 2014

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Lillie and Leander update

Lillie and Leander update

Did a telephone interview with Jeffrey Morgan, director, producer and editor of the documentary "Lillie and Leander: A Legacy of Violence." We wrote about the movie in our April 17 issue (Lillie & Leander: A Legacy of Violence) Jeff says the film sold out its last two days at the Tribecca Film [...]

Review on Sunday’s Hawkshaw performers

Review on Sunday’s Hawkshaw performers

Review - Sunday's Hawkshaw Performers What has been written about the Hawkshaw's Sunday performers?

INweekly daily updates

INweekly daily updates

TuesDaily Dose Old man shoots a puppy, police arrest a hit-and-runner, a community honors a fallen hero. And everyone agrees the smoke makes for scratchy-throated jogging. New Music Tuesday Fresh is the new stale... Tuesday Toob Gilmore Girls, Boston Legal, Law & Order...

Falwell dies

The Rev. Jerry Falwell died Tuesday shortly after being found unconscious in his office at Liberty University, a school executive said. Story

Miss Rotunda

Every year there's unofficial poll for the most impressive lobbyist assistant....the young girls who attract the attention of the legislators for their bosses. They're usually a college student interning for a lobby group. This year's winner is Amanda Beck - who just happens to have a myspace [...]

No local love for Mitt

The Mitt Romney campaign has more than 70 house parties planned across Florida to watch today's televised presidential debate in South Carolina.  None are Escambia or Santa Rosa counties. The closest is Fort Walton Beach. Want to go? Visit signup.mittromney.com

Hall wants more $$$ for District 2

Under the post "We thought we did well ": Pensacola City Councilman Sam Hall points how little funding that his district has gotten from the local option sales tax dollars for the past 15 years (when J.B. Smith represented the district most of that time). I think this topic is worthy of its own [...]

INweekly daily updates

INweekly daily updates

MonDaily Dose  Good morning! I think we gave the News Journal too many hits… OK, OK, they're back up. Reviews of Hawkshaw performers for Saturday  What's being written about the artists performing at the Hawkshaw Music Fest?

CMPA developer tally

Land Capital Group edges out Hammes Company, 52-50 See tabulation:  Tally sheets Land Capital Group has Audra Carter (AC Advertising) and Al Henderson (The Independent Voice publisher, but listed as commercial photographer); Saxet Realty (Registered Agent Cynthia Griffin) ; Miller Caldwell; [...]

Gulf1.com named Worst of the Web

Gulf1.com named Worst of the Web

Thanks to Jay: The British site, Worst of the Web picked gulf1.com as one of their official worst site for April, 2007. Here’s the link, click the toon heads for the comments, they are hysterical: http://www.worstoftheweb.com/classic/042907.html


Pensacola News Journal forgot to renew its domain license for pnj.com. The bidding starts at 5 cents. Update: It's back up @ 10 a.m.

FEMA didn’t learn from Ivan

Saturday, Washington Post published an article on yet another FEMA failure - rebuilding of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. The massive federally funded program for rebuilding Louisiana homes is short nearly $3 billion, administrators told a state legislative panel here today, leaving [...]

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