Pensacola City Council may change law so it can meet less often

January 9, 2015

Council President Andy Terhaar has proposed changes to the city code and city council rules that will require that the Pensacola City Council only have one regular meeting a month.

The recommendation is based on the discussion held at council workshop on December 11. Over the past few years, the city council has gradually reduced its number of meetings. Last year, the city legislative body met twice only seven months. It held only one meeting the remaining five months.

Under the current council rules, the public is no longer allowed to address issues at the agenda review meetings. If the council approves Terhaar’s recommendation, the public will only be able to address its city officials in an open meeting once a month.

The proposed changes do allow the city council to revert to a schedule of two regular meetings per month if it deems it is in the best interest to do so.

Maybe Mayor Hayward will reboot his town hall meetings to offset this council decision so the citizens of Pensacola can bring forth ideas and concerns to their elected officials in person.

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