Pensacola Pirate Festival

November 8, 2012

Head to the fairgrounds this weekend for the Pensacola Pirate Festival.

This two-day festival will feature live cannon fire, fierce battles, black-hearted wenches, mermaids, pirate dancers, pirate music, pirate games, fire shows, pirate crews from across the Gulf Coast, food, shopping, carnival and inflatable rides, costume and other contests, pony and camel Rides, exotic petting zoo, parrots and macaws and much more.

The Gulf Coast and Pensacola has a rich history of seafaring tradition full of Pirate lore and history!  Come celebrate the spirit of freedom, independence and capitalism symbolized by the pirate at the Pensacola Interstate Fairgrounds.



MC and Special Guest-CANNIBAL CHRISPY of National Pirate Festival Fame


DRUNK N SAILOR-Comedic Pirate Music Stage Show

EVERWAS-Pirate Rock Band

Capt. Jack Sparrow & his Black-hearted Rogues-Roaming the grounds causing Pirate chaos!

Black-hearted Wenches

Pirate Crews from all over the Gulf Coast

Krew of the Loving Dead-zombie pirates.


THE PIRATE RIOT- A massive battle between Pirates, the British and the Spanish with cannon fire, musket fire and much chaos and combat.

Pirate and Gypsy Dancers

THE ZURI DANCERS-Mobiles Own Premiere Belly Dance Troupe  Promise us that they will show us their “Pirate Side”.

Baklava Bellydance-Unique middle eastern dancing from Mobile!  Pirate Dancing by Baklava.  This will be fun and beautiful.

Gypsy Chicks-The South’s Own premier Gypsy Dancing Troupe!  Beautiful makeup, dance and costuming.

Byzantine-Royal beauty and skill these dancers possess.




WHEN: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Nov. 10 and Nov. 11

WHERE: 6655 Mobile Hwy.

COST: $10 for adults $5 for children free for children 4 and under

DETAILS: pensacolapiratefestival.com  or 429-8462

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