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Pensacola Voice misses Dixon story

July 6, 2012

The Pensacola Voice is the area’s oldest African-American owned newspaper. It’s front-page cover story for the July 5 edition is “A.A. Dixon Charter says School Can Do More.” I picked up thinking that I could gain some insight in to how charter school’s problems. The article didn’t cover last week’s school board at all.

It quotes School Board Member Linda Moultrie and Keisha Evans, an executive assistant at the school. Nothing from Rev. Lutimothy May, chairman of the school’s board of trustees, who is the official spokesman for the school, has handled most of the negotiations with the school district and spoke on the school’s behalf at the school board meeting.

Moultrie’s supposed amendment, which the article discusses, was never made at the June 26 board meeting or the workshop the previous week. She talked about it but it never happened. Superintendent Malcolm Thomas made a recommendation instead that was approved by the board, 5-0.

The Pensacola Voice doesn’t mention any of the parents or ministers,such as Pastor Lonnie Wesley of Greater Little Rock Baptist Church, Dr. Joseph Marshall of St. John Divine Baptist and Dr. Tyler Hardeman of Antioch Missionary Baptist, who attended the board meeting, None of the people who spoke at the June 26 were quoted in the article.

It’s hard to write an article about A.A. Dixon without mentioning Rev. May, but the Pensacola Voice did. By doing so, they aren’t telling their readers the complete story.

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