Pensacola Politics

Pensacola Word of 2012: Disheveled

January 1, 2013

The Fraternal Order of Police introduced a new word to the lexicon of Pensacola politics– disheveled–when it tried to get the Pensacola City Council to investigate and publicly chastise Mayor Ashton Hayward over his confrontation with a Pensacola police officer at a Gallery Night in October.

Several rows worth of FOP members attended the council meeting, where FOP leader Rob Bell read a union letter to the council.

“The officer said that Mayor Hayward appeared to be disheveled, not as neat and proper as he has seen him in the past,” Bell read from the letter. “The officer said that Mayor Hayward asked him, ‘who’s in charge of this? Mayor Hayward was using a highly agitated voice, sometimes to the point of almost yelling.”

Although the city’s agreement with FOP gave the officer a formal grievance process to handler her complaint, FOP tried to use the press and council to reprimand the mayor. Oh, and they said it had nothing to do with the union’s contract negotiations with the mayor,which had reached impasse.

The council voted to issue subpoenas for the statements, but later backed off when it was determined that they might have have that power. Two months later, FOP signed a new contract with the city.

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