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Petition drive against Dollar General now has over 680 signatures

November 21, 2013

This grassroots effort continues to gain momentum. A petition has been set up on and it has 686 signatures has of 7 a.m. this morning.

The text of the petition:

Dollar General wants to build a 9,000 SQF retail store at the intersection of Spanish Trail and Summit. This neighborhood is primarily residential. A high volume retail discount dollar store is incompatible with the character of Cordova Park. Hundreds of Pensacola residents have organized in a matter of days to oppose rezonning this neighborhood to prevent Dollar General from building. By signing this petition you send a message to the City Council and Dollar General that you do not want Cordova Park to be rezoned commercial for Dollar General or any other special interest group.

Here are few of the comments:

Elizabeth Massengill: The Cordova Park area is residential and should stay that way. Many residents have lived in the Cordova Park area for years, so why now rezone and possibly hurt property values for ever. What can be gained by rezoning will not offset what will be lost by these residents reduced property values.

Janette Calder:Leave the neighborhood a residential neighborhood, not an ugly commercial pitstop that will attract unwanted traffic.

Marsha Reeves:That location is not appropriate for a Dollar General! You can already find that kind of store within a couple of miles of that location in a business district!

Scott Hall: Can the already cash-stricken City of Pensacola really afford a reduction in the quality/value of one of the most important working middle-class neighborhoods? Not only will property values be reduced, but the charm of this neighborhood (comprised mostly of 25+ year old homes) will be lost and make prospective home buyers think twice about investing into these properties – further reducing the tax rolls and the community’s continuity.

To sign the petition, visit

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