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Monday November 30th 2015

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Presidential Debate Bingo

CafePress tracked the words used in last night’s debate between Vice President Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan. Both were aggressive, but it also had several notable phrases that had American voters buzzing – particularly “malarkey.”

Key buzzwords:

VP Debate
Jobs 19 (Ryan 13, Biden 6)
Middle Class 30 (Ryan 8, Biden 22)
Economy 11 (Ryan 7, Biden 4)
Obamacare 10 (Ryan 10, Biden 0)
Wall Street 2 (Ryan 0, Biden 2)
Freedom 4 (Ryan 4, Biden 0)
Taxes 23 (Ryan 16, Biden 7)
Trillion 17 (Ryan 7, Biden 10)
Budget 9 (Ryan 8, Biden 1)

1st Presidential Debate
Jobs: 36 (Romney 22, Obama 14)
Middle-Class: 22 (Romney 3, Obama 19)
Economy: 18 (Romney 14, Obama 4)
Obamacare: 17 (Romney 10, Obama 7)
Wall Street: 7 (Romney 1, Obama 6)
Freedom: 3 (Romney 1, Obama 2)
1 Percent: 1 (Romney 1, Obama 0)

During the debate, CafePress kept tally of how many times each buzzword was used by the candidates.

· It is interesting to note that in a survey we issued, nearly 50% of Americans thought “economy” would be the most used buzzword and yet it came in 3rd place in the 1st Presidential debate and fell to 5th place in the VP debate

· A emphasis on “jobs” also fell with “taxes” taking over for 2nd during the debate – Paul Ryan owned both of those conversations by far, just as Romney did during the first debate

· “Middle class” led the evening with Biden making most of the references, similar to President Obama’s focus last week

· Our new buzzwords were also a hit – “taxes” were 2nd, “trillion” was mentioned 17 times (fairly equitably between the candidates) and Ryan took over the “budget” focus