Public Works Department April Storm Damage Recovery Update

July 7, 2014

Since the flooding event of April 29 and 30, the Escambia County Public Works Department have been working diligently to repair damaged infrastructure in the County, including roads, bridges, sidewalks and drainage systems.

The attached graph details the following information:

Total County infrastructure damage sites – 2,138
Damage sites completed or repaired – 1,627
Damage sites assigned for design or repair – 355
Remaining sites to be assigned – 156
If you would like to report a drainage problem in your neighborhood or report flood damage to your home, Escambia County wants to hear from you.

Residents are strongly urged to contact the Escambia County Engineering Department by this Friday, July 11, to identify all damages eligible for FEMA reimbursement funds.

Below is a document that can be completed on this website or mailed in. Once the County receives the information, this map will be revised to show an overall damage assessment from the flooding event.

Additionally, the completion of this very brief survey will assist in the process of ensuring Escambia County is aware of all damages to accurately file for FEMA reimbursement funds to better our community.

For more information, please contact the Escambia County Engineering Division at (850) 595-3440.



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