Escambia County

Qualifying for County Commission can be expensive

April 10, 2012

Supervisor of Elections David Stafford advised us that for those county commission candidates that don’t meet the petition requirement the fee is $4,411.86. Other than Lumon May, only one candidate who has raised that much money is Hugh King. Unfortunately, King has already spent what he has raised.

Stafford pointed out that none of the candidates have yet qualified – that will happen during the week of June 4-8.

“You are correct in identifying candidates who have met the petition requirement to date,” said Stafford. “For those who do not meet the petition requirement, they must pay the relevant qualifying fee for the office they seek during the qualifying period.”

King has been trying to get petition signatures for over a year. I guess he’s hoping his front-page coverage in the daily newspaper, his press conferences and slam websites will attract supporters…and signatures.

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