Racism of today is very different

March 25, 2013

Quote of the Day: “Times are changing, demographics are changing and cultural fear and xenophobia are driving public policy in this country and we cannot let this happen for the future of our children and our country.”

Dr. Henry Flores has written a viewpoint on “Invisible Racism” that caught my attention today. Read article.

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  • L.Laird March 25, 2013 at 5:10 pm

    Dr. Henry Flores article on GUNS ON CAMPUS “A couple of issues seem to rise to the surface. If you allow all students to carry guns, we have yet to talk about the size of the guns or ammunition on campus, then you have a situation where the faculty and administrators begin feeling intimidated. So, I think that our brilliant state legislature needs to add a rider to the legislation letting all faculty and staff to carry guns on campus as well. We need to have the right to protect ourselves from all the drug addled students who are amassing guns and ammunition in their dorm rooms and who come to campus drunk or very “loaded” on something or other almost daily.

    Oh! Another thought just hit me. If we are going to allow gun carrying on campus I would think that, particularly the more selective campuses, would have to insure that the students who matriculated were worthy of admission. So, we need to consider changing our admission’s standards and make marksmanship and gun care and maintenance part of the requirements. Now all admissions offices would have to open pistol ranges and create standards for shooting. ¡Valgame dios! We don’t just want to let any student carrying a gun into our campus. We want good shooters who can take out a crazed gunman (they all seem to be men anyway). If we really want to be selective we will have to give scholarships and additional student aid to the better shooters. Oops, I forgot about affirmative action. What of those students who cannot afford a gun do we give them grants? How about those that show promise? Do we create special summer shooting programs to develop their marksmanship and better their scores? Just thinking out load here!”