2012 Presidential Race

Red Alert: Tea Party claims Obama fix is in. See the proof.

October 25, 2012

I’m on the email lists of some of the extremists from both sides of the presidential election. Tea Party.org sent out a “Red Alert” claiming that it had found indisputable proof of a “serious clandestine operation” that was mistakenly transmitted on a CBS News affiliate in Arizona.

Note: As we all know, Arizona is where such an diabolical plan would be launched.

On Friday, October 19th, this dastardly television, CBS News affiliate KPHO in Phoenix, Arizona, ran a footer that showed Obama beating Romney for 17 seconds:

Obama (D)* 40,237,966 43%
Romney (R) 38,116,216 40%

TeaParty.org wrote about what they described as a “dry run gone bad”, “It seems the media bosses called the election won by none other than President Barack Obama – and their secret plan to fix the election got out by mistake.”

It was the Tea Party Research Team that discovered this evidence of the “secret cabals amassing to help shore up the now weakened Obamite clan.”

The email ended with a plea for donations to so that America will never be “Obamafied.”

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