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RESTORE Committee Outlined

March 12, 2013

During this week’s Escambia County Commission Committee of the Whole, the board will discuss the RESTORE Act advisory committee’s purpose and role. The following is an informational sheet included in the agenda packet.

March 14, 2013 Committee of the Whole
Agenda Item #4
RESTORE Advisory Committee

Issue Sheet

Executive Summary:

On October 18, 2012, the Escambia Board of County Commissioners adopted a resolution
establishing a RESTORE Advisory Committee. The purpose of the Committee is to develop a
plan, take public input and set the final goals for Escambia County’s use of RESTORE funds.
The Committee will review projects and submit recommendations to the Board of County
Commissioners for consideration.


1. The Committee shall review projects submitted to the Board of County
Commissioners for consideration of funding pursuant to the RESTORE Act.

2. The Committee shall assign each project proposal into one of three categories:

Workforce development and job creation



3. A project may only be submitted for funding in one category.

4. At the Committee’s discretion, similar projects may be combined into a unified project
proposal. Projects with a total estimated cost lower than $500,000.00 will not be
considered for funding using RESTORE Act funds.

5. The Board of County Commissioners shall establish ranking criteria for the
Committee to use. The Committee shall rely solely on the ranking criteria established
by the Board of County Commissioners.

6. The Committee shall rank each project and compile aggregate ranked lists of the
projects submitted in each category.

7. The Committee shall then submit the lists to the Board of County Commissioners for
review and approval.

8. The Board of County Commissioners may adopt a timeline for the ranking and
approval process and any other deadlines it deems necessary. This timeline and
other deadlines shall be binding on the Committee.

Direction Desired:

1. Develop public input and visioning process
2. Establish ranking criteria
3. Adopt an approval process
4. Adopt a timeline for ranking
5. Set Committee schedule

a. Committee begin twice monthly meetings
i. Committee orientation: Sunshine, RESTORE background information
ii. Teambuilding and familiarization and process review
iii. Project Review
iv. Project combination
v. Project ranking
vi. Submittal to BOCC
b. Assign staff and Committee resources

6. Reconsider project categories whereby each project selection is weighted by the
criteria only.

7. Reconsider $500,000 minimum or establish small project criteria to “lump” into a
$500,000 program.

The COW begins at 9 a.m. Thursday at the county’s downtown complex.

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