Rev. May: Our work has just begun

December 22, 2009

Yesterday, Friendship Missionary Baptist Church reached an agreement to purchase the Brownsville Middle School. The church had an anonymous donor contribute $200,000 to met the asking price of Superintendent Malcolm Thomas of $1 million. The contribution prevented a possible confrontation between Thomas and the school board. Board member Linda Moultrie was prepared to make a motion to lower the price to $800,000, an amount that the church’s board believed was more manageable for them.

I spoke with Rev. May this morning. He reminded me that the acquisition of Brownsville Middle has really been a three-year process. He was encouraged by the community support for the project over the past week. He has been inundated with positive phone calls and e-mails.

“Our work has just begun,” Rev. May said. “We want to be known for our accomplishments. Acquiring the property isn’t really the most important step. It’s an important one, but it may be the easiest one.”

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  • Doctor Who II December 22, 2009 at 9:28 pm

    Scrooge Malcolm, congratulation, you just pulled off the biggest robbery since your moron idol George Bush balled out Bank America. Rev. Tim is one of the nicest people in Pensacola, however, he is also very young and naive, and he thinks everyone is sincere and honest. You Malcolm are neither sincere nor honest….. Shame on you
    Mac Scrooge……..