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Reynolds’ Clarification, Cosson’s Reprimandation

March 5, 2013

City of Pensacola Administrator Bill Reynolds has made a statement pertaining to City Spokesman Derek Cosson’s anonymous commenting on local blogs, or rather the chain of command at city hall. The administrator previously stated that Cosson acted on the instruction of a superior who no longer worked for the city, without specifying who the superior was.

Following is Reynolds’ comment, received via email this morning along with a copy of Cosson’s Letter of Reprimand.

Reynolds: “At various times, Derek was under the supervision of Travis Peterson, who then left the organization, myself for a brief period of time (Oct-Nov of 2011) and then John Asmar who assumed control of all press matters and who has also left the organization.”

Letter of Reprimand:Cosson – Letter of Reprimand 2-28-13

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