Romney supporter uses Chamber email

January 28, 2008

Got this email over the weekend:

——- Inquirers Information ——-
Company: citizen
Individual: Mr. Michael f. McCarthy
Address LN1: 22977 Palazzo del Kayla
Address LN2:
City, ST ZIP: Hayward CA 94541
Phone: 510-889-7488
———– Message Below ———–

The “powers that be” want Clinton and McCain. They’re the “come back kids” because voters don’t hear about their past or think about their future policies. Clinton will continue to manipulate “the media”, pander to the middle class and plead “peace at any price”; and, you know McCain will say anything to please “the media”, trade tax hikes for “his” spending cuts and bluster war-like to ease security concerns. They’ll give terrorists their “Rights” and punish our soldiers for being too diligent. They’re out to “save the planet” and “fight corporate power” so we’ll have new Energy regulation, taxation and litigation that increases government power. They’ll bring in with them majorities of like minded Senate, House and State Legislators who will implement their agenda; and, they’ll appoint activist judges so our livelihood, liberty and property rights will not be protected in the courts. McCain would govern, just as he legislates, pleasing the left and scorning the right. Even if McCain wins, limited government free market conservatives lose. Our real choice is not in November, it’s NOW ! We STOP McCAIN by voting for MITT ROMNEY. (

Not sure the Chamber approves of this use of their email system.