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Saenger Theatre now offers public Wi-Fi

April 13, 2017

The Saenger Theatre recently upgraded its amenities for patrons attending events at the city-owned building. Through a joint effort with the Technology Department of the City of Pensacola, patrons who attend events at the Saenger Theatre now have access to public Wi-Fi.

“In our world social media, patrons want to share their encounters through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,” said Doug Lee, General Manager of the Saenger Theatre. He continued “and by providing access to public Wi-Fi at the Saenger, it serves to enhance the theatre-going experience.”

Many shows at the Saenger require that cell phones be turned off during the performance as a matter of etiquette for the performers and the patrons surrounding them so it is encouraged that cell phone usage be limited to pre-show and intermission usage only. To use the public Wi-Fi, patrons will have to agree to, and accept the City of Pensacola’s usage policy.

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