Santa Rosa To Sell All Of Its Glass

September 1, 2010

John Tonkin, executive director of the Santa Rosa County Clean Community System, Inc., tells IN that on Friday it will begin selling all of the  county’s recycled glass.

“One hundred percent of the glass collected in Santa Rosa County is processed by the (pulverizing) machine,” he says. “If the sale if successful we will be able to expand our operation to include more separating of single color glass. This will involve separating the glass at the point of collection.”

The program, known as “Santa Rosa Sunshine,” uses a Andela glass pulverizer to create glass pebbles and sand that can be used for lawn decorations, aquariums and more. The pulverizer was aquired through an Impact 100 grant, but the fees to operate the machinery are estimated to be $15,000 per year—a fee that county hopes to offset by charging for the glass.

Here are the prices listed for the glass:

—50 pounds mixed-glass pebbles, $15

—25 pounds mixed-glass pebbles, $10

—50 pounds mixed-glass sand, $7.50

—25 pounds mixed-glass sand, $5

Bulk mixes will also be available for $60 per yard of pebbles and $40 per yard of sand. You can buy the glass at the Green-Up Nursery, 6758 Park Ave., Milton.

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