Save A.A. Dixon

February 21, 2012

Superintendent Malcolm Thomas has made it known that he plans to recommend in March that the school board issue A.A. Dixon Charter School of Excellence a 90-day notice of its intent to close the school. The school board can reject it, but, to date, they have been rubber stamps for whatever Thomas wants.

Thomas will say that he can later retract it, but his goal appears to be to intimidate and deflate the teachers, parents and students at the school before they take the FCAT and to scare off anyone else who might donate money to the school.

I find it so hard to understand why he and the school board want to hurt these people so badly. Republicans, especially conservative ones, love charter schools. This one has all the ingredients to succeed, except a supportive school district. The Florida Dept. of Education likes A.A. Dixon and the team that they have put together for this school year. Thomas demands a one-year turnaround of Dixon, even though his turnaround of Warrington Middle is in its third year without any signs of success.

It’s time the community take a stand on A.A. Dixon and once again show Thomas and the school board that the school has broad support. Superintendent Thomas and board members Patty Hightower and Bill Slayton are up for re-election. Claudia Brown Curry filed on Feb. 13 to run against Thomas. Hightower and Slayton are unopposed.

Email Thomas, Hightower and Slayton and tell them to save A.A. Dixon. A petition drive has started and I’ve heard talk of a class-action suit being filed over the overall failures of the school system to serve the minority community.

For Subject use “Save A.A. Dixon” – you don’t have to write anything else. They will get the message.

Superintendent Malcolm Thomas

School Board Chairman Bill Slayton

Board member Patty Hightower
Campaign email:

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