School Drug Dogs: Hit or Bust?

February 16, 2011

Escambia County School Board Jeff Bergosh has posted the latest statistics on the daily drug dog searches of middle and high schools in the county. There have been 228 sweeps and 17 hits that “found drugs.” I put the “found drugs” in quotes because most often the hit is only traces of marijuana or empty baggies. One hit was over-the-counter medication.

Out of the 17 hits, only 7 involved actually drugs being found, meaning drugs are found (not traces or empty baggies) once every 35 sweeps, about once every 3 weeks.

According to Bergosh, who uses the 17 hits stat, “This equates to about a 7.5% hit rate, which assuming 2-3 campuses are searched daily, means on average the dogs are finding one location a week that has drugs.”

Next up, random drug testing of the students. Read Bergosh post.

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  • Hat McKenzie February 16, 2011 at 8:04 am

    Well, let’s consider the source, shall we? Godzilla was never big on presenting anything truthfully and has never been known for progressive thinking. I love the stat that only 7 of the so called hits were actually from drugs. Canine officers consider it a hit anytime their animals alert, although most times those are false positives. I also love the rationale that those false hits must be due to empty drug bags and residue. They can also be due to empty baggies that contained a ham sandwich.

    The truth is that only 3 per cent of the sweeps actually result in anything illicit being found, like a joint in a kid’s locker. How much is this idiocy costing us? 228 drug sweeps so far this year that have yielded only a handful of pot? Do we really want to terrorize our kids with armed deputies and trained attack dogs swooping down on them daily?

    When I was in high school the admin did old fashioned random locker searches which were just as effective as this nonsense. What’s next Godzilla, strip searches and boot camps? Are these raids being carried out in predominantly African American schools? I know Godzilla has had a problem with inner city kids in the past, like when he accused them of ruining his district’s FCAT scores.