2014 Election

Scott campaign uses O word one more time

November 4, 2014

Just got this email – old habits die hard

After months of waiting, President Barack Obama is back on the campaign trail for Charlie Crist. Today, he released a radio ad to support Charlie, according to reports by the Miami Herald.

We already know Barack Obama’s policies are on the ballot in this election because he told us that himself. But, his new ad for Charlie Crist today means Charlie Crist wants you to know that too.

If you haven’t voted – go vote now! President Obama and Charlie Crist want you to stay home. That is how they won the presidency two years ago.

Send them a message – we won’t stay home this Election Day! And we won’t turn back to the days of job losses and higher taxes under Charlie Crist and Barack Obama.

Thank you for all your support. I am asking for your vote.
Let’s Keep Working!

Governor Rick Scott

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