Seeking Hardest Working Women in America

November 30, 2011

Doron Ofir Casting (Design Star, Military Wives, Jersey Shore, Nashville Star, Chefs vs. City, My Strange Addiction) announces the search for the hardest working women in America to celebrate the tough women who aren’t afraid of disgusting, terrifying, or even backbreaking labor. Women who are proud to be Wonder Women!

“Since the days of Rosie the Riveter, American women have rolled up their sleeves and proudly declared, ‘We Can Do It!’ and they did!“ says Doron Ofir, Executive Casting Director.

This is a nationwide search for women doing the most demanding jobs out there — mining, roofing, hanging from scaffolding, installing power lines, deep sea fishing, fighting fires, working in sewers, slaughterhouses, and any other job where female representation is under 10% of the national workforce. 

Women are encouraged to apply online a www.wonderwomencasting.com

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